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30 Best DJ Movies And Club Documentaries To Watch

DJ movies bring the world of electronic music to the big screen, capturing the energy, creativity, and passion of DJs and their audiences.

The best DJ movies often explore themes such as self-discovery, artistic development, and the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

The art of DJing is a fascinating subject, as the DJ must not only master a broad range of technical skills but also possess a keen sense of adapting to the current atmosphere and keeping the audience engaged.

The best DJ movies often portray the protagonist’s journey in a highly stylized and entertaining way, showcasing both the allure and challenges of this high-energy career path.

History of Djing

dj focusing on creating music

Club culture has been around for decades, and over the years it has evolved to encompass a wide range of musical genres.

Secrets of electronic music can be found in the thrilling and often chaotic atmosphere of a rave party. In this noisy environment, DJs are able to connect with their audience by creating an intense experience through sound.

Through their expert use of samplers, drum machines, synthesizers, and other digital equipment, DJs are able to manipulate the energy and atmosphere in a way that is unique to electronic music.

The DJ scene has been an integral part of the dance culture for decades. From early pioneers like Grandmaster Flash, Crystal Method, and Kool Herc to more recent stars such as Skrillex and Diplo, DJs have pushed the boundaries of electronic music in exciting new directions.

One artist who stands out from this crowd is DJ Shadow, a veteran producer whose innovative approach to sampling and sound design has earned him critical acclaim worldwide.

Famous DJ’s

energetic club scene with purple lights

Paul van Dyk is one of the biggest names in the world of DJ music. He has had an incredible career, performing at some of the best clubs and festivals across Europe.

His style combines trance, progressive house, techno, and more genres to create unique sets that have makes him a fan favorite.

From techno to house music, DJs have become some of the most famous artists in the world. Names like David Guetta, Paul Oakenfold, and Tiesto are synonymous with dance music and club culture. But there are also countless other talented musicians who have made their mark on this scene.

Two of the most influential DJs in modern music are Martin Garrix and Richie Hawtin. Both have had an immense impact on the world of electronic dance music, pushing boundaries and creating innovative sounds that have captivated fans around the globe.

Martin Garrix has become one of the biggest names in EDM, producing hit tracks like ‘Animals’ and ‘Wizard’ while also collaborating with artists such as Avicii, Tiësto, Hardwell, Armand Van Helden, Urban Legend, Afrojack, Seth Troxler, James Reed, Usher, Zedd, and others.

Richie Hawtin is a pioneer in techno music who has released numerous albums under his own name as well as Plastikman. His DJ sets often combine elements from house music to progressive trance, making them highly entertaining and unexpected.

DJ Spooky is an urban myth in the world of dance culture. He has been credited with helping to popularize a wide range of genres, from hip hop and electronica to experimental jazz and dubstep.

DJ Music Making a Mark

woman djing at party

Fatboy Slim mixes samples with big beat music to create a unique sound that has earned him multiple awards. He is best known for his hits such as “Right Here Right Now” and “Praise You”.

Meanwhile, John Digweed is one of the pioneers of progressive house music. His releases have consistently topped charts around the world, making him one of the biggest names in EDM culture today.

A key figure in the DJ music world is Tony Wilson, founder of Factory Records. Created in Manchester in 1978, this record label became a powerhouse for growing dance culture and a cornerstone of British independent music.

One of the biggest names is Erick Morillo. He is known for his pioneering use of DJ equipment. He used the turntable as an instrument and has helped popularize the use of digital equipment such as samplers, drum machines, and synthesizers in modern DJ sets.

Daft Punk are renowned for their innovative use of electronic music and has released a series of critically acclaimed albums, including their latest double album, Random Access Memories.

The duo also popularized French house music around the globe and inspired other DJs to experiment with new sounds and styles. Their influence can be heard in many modern DJ sets today. Fans are expecting a new album soon.

Best DJ Movie Lists

From Grammy Awards to Golden Globe nominations, these films have been recognized for their innovative use of sound design and blending genres of music. In particular, the Golden Globe Awards have honored some of the best movies ever made.

Discover the top DJ movies and drama films that have captured the essence of the electronic music scene. Check out our list of the best films that showcase the talent, passion, and dedication of DJs and their craft.

1. Pulp Fiction

Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction (1994)
Credit: Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction is a 1994 crime-comedy classic directed by Quentin Tarantino. The movie stars John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, and Bruce Willis in an iconic story about drug dealers, two hitmen, a boxer on the run from gangsters, and a gangster’s wife who seeks revenge.

What makes this movie extra special for DJs is the iconic dance scene at Jack Rabbit Slim’s featuring Travolta and Thurman.

Not only does it feature some classic early ’90s music, but it provides a snapshot into the era of dance culture that was popular at the time. The movie also has since become an inspiration to many aspiring DJs who dream of becoming the next Travolta or Thurman.

2. Human Traffic

Human Traffic is a 1999 British comedy-drama film by Justin Kerrigan. The movie follows five friends in South Wales as they spend a weekend “on the razz” at a variety of clubs, pubs, and raves around Cardiff.

The film features an upbeat soundtrack of popular dance music hits from the 1990s, along with some lesser-known tracks to elevate the dance club scenes. Human Traffic is an enjoyable and energizing look at dance culture in the United Kingdom during the decade.

3. Berlin Calling

Berlin Calling is a 2008 German musical drama film by Hannes Stöhr. The movie follows Paul Kalkbrenner, an up-and-coming DJ trying to make it in the Berlin club scene.

As his career takes off, he is on the verge of a drug overdose in a psychiatric clinic that could cost him his music and career.

In addition to its compelling story, the film boasts an amazing soundtrack of classic electronic music that perfectly captures the feel of the Berlin club scene. From techno to electro-funk, Berlin Calling is sure to please all lovers of dance music.

4. We Are Your Friends

We Are Your Friends is a 2015 American musical drama film by Max Joseph featuring Zac Efron playing the early role of Cole. Young Cole Carter dreams of making it big in the world of dance music.

On his quest for success, he meets James, an established DJ, and producer with a wealth of experience in the industry. With his help, Cole begins to develop his own unique sound and eventually makes it big.

The soundtrack is full of classic EDM tracks from some of the biggest names in the world, making this a must-watch for any fan of dance music.

5. It’s All Gone Pete Tong

Paul Kaye in It's All Gone Pete Tong (2004)
Credit: It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004)

It’s All Gone Pete Tong, a 2004 British comedy film directed by Michael Dowse. This movie tells the story of Frankie Wilde, a legendary DJ on Ibiza’s nightlife scene.

Despite his success, he gradually becomes deaf due to years of loud music. In order to overcome this obstacle, Frankie has to learn how to mix and produce music while completely deaf.

The deaf DJ movie follows him as he struggles against the odds to make it back to the top of the DJ world.

6. Pitch Perfect 3

Pitch Perfect 3

The entertaining and upbeat musical comedy, Pitch Perfect 3, is a worthwhile watch for those who enjoy DJ movies, captivating performances, and catchy tunes.

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow effortlessly bring their characters to life, resulting in unforgettable performances, and a plot filled with twists and turns that keep viewers on their toes.

Moreover, the music in Pitch Perfect 3 is undoubtedly among its biggest strengths, featuring an impressive soundtrack that showcases the vocal talents of the cast and guarantees that audiences will be humming along.

7. Ibiza Best Friends Tripping

Ibiza Best Friends Tripping is an award-winning club documentary film directed by Andorra Pavlov. This movie follows a group of friends on their journey to the legendary party island of Ibiza in 2017.

Along the way, the trio experiences a wild and carefree summer filled with partying, travel, and self-discovery. The film also features some of the best DJs in the industry, including DJ Snake, Skrillex, and Marshmello.

With its captivating story and high energy soundtrack, Ibiza Best Friends Tripping is one of the best documentary films and a must-watch for any fan of electronic music and dance culture.

8. The Art of the DJ

A documentary sharing the life of Steve Lawler, The Art of the DJ focuses on inspiring the audience with Steve Lawler’s rise to fame in the DJ music scene. This great movie not only explores the DJ culture but follows Steve’s journey as an underground DJ for over two decades with archival footage.

9. Spin (Disney)

A young girl finds herself drawn to the DJ music scene in the inspiring movie, Spin. Rhea is an Indian-American who discovers her passion for blending music from her South Asian roots as well as the rest of the world.

10. Cinderela Pop

Kiria Malheiros and Letícia Faria Pedro in dj cinderella
DJ Cinderella (2019)

A musical romantic comedy based in Brazil, Cinderela Pop is a charming story involving a heartbroken teen girl who is set on creating her own path in the DJ music scene.

When she begins a new chapter in life after her parent’s divorce, she finds herself in love when a handsome singer takes a liking to her music.

11. Eden

Eden is a music documentary that follows the rise of the French Touch, a form of electronic dance music.

Directed by Mia Hansen-Løve, the film captures the life of Paul, a teenage boy who discovers the vibrant nightlife of Paris in the early 1990s and ultimately becomes part of its DJ culture as he plunges into music, sex, and drugs.

12. Stark Raving Mad

Stark Raving Mad (2002) is a cult classic that follows the journey of Adam, a small-town DJ who leaves his hometown in search of fame and fortune. After moving to Los Angeles, he finds himself immersed in the underground dance scene.

Along the way, he experiences intense highs and lows as he finds his place in the chaotic world of music and nightlife.

13. Groove

Groove (2000) is a cult classic that dives into the underground dance scene of San Francisco in the late 1990s. Directed by Greg Harrison, the film follows a diverse group of young adults who come together to share their love of music and culture to start an illegal rave scene.

Led by protagonist Leyla, they take over the city’s warehouses and empty buildings to create an electric atmosphere of unity and raw talent.

14. What We Started

What We Started (2017) is a documentary film that focuses on the history of the world’s most influential and celebrated DJs. From their humble beginnings to the troubled life of a superstar DJ, this movie looks at their influences, struggles, and triumphs.

The film features interviews with some of the most iconic DJs in the dance music industry such as Carl Cox, Skrillex, and Diplo.

15. Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Steve Aoki in I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2016)
I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (2016)

Steve Aoki: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (2016) is an electrifying documentary that follows the life and career of the main character, DJ Steve Aoki. The film takes a deep dive into his personal story, from his early days as a punk rocker to becoming one of music’s most successful DJs.

The movie chronicles Aoki’s journey as he embarks on a marathon tour schedule while also struggling to meet the demands of his creative output. Despite being an independent artist, Aoki has achieved massive success in the world of EDM and continues to break boundaries with his unique style.

16. Scratch

Scratch (2001) is an award-winning documentary about the rise of turntablism and its impact on modern music. The film follows DJ Shadow, Mix Master Mike, Babu, Rob Swift, and other pioneering DJs as they take to the stage with their cutting-edge techniques and inventive soundtracks.

From San Francisco’s underground rave scene to Hollywood disc jockey and the South Bronx, Scratch provides an in-depth look at the art form as it continues to evolve.

17. Raving Iran

Raving Iran (2016) is a powerful documentary that follows two Iranian DJs on their mission to bring house and techno music to Tehran. The definitive film captures the vibrant underground scene with amazing visuals.

The film also explores the difficulties these artists face from an oppressive regime toward their dream life.

With exclusive access to banned parties in Tehran, the filmmakers expose the struggles of everyday citizens as they try to express themselves through music.

18. Electric Daisy Carnival Experience

Electric Daisy Carnival Experience (2011) documents the titular festival, which has become one of the most famous EDM events in the world. The film captures some of the top DJs in action as they perform at this massive outdoor event.

The music festival movie also features interviews with many fans and artists who have been drawn to its culture. It also provides different perspectives on the relationship between those who make music and those who dance to it.

20. Bravetown

Laura Dern and Lucas Till in Bravetown (2015)
Photo by Dean Buscher – © 2015 – eOne Entertainment

Bravetown (2015) is a drama that follows the story of Josh, a troubled teen from New York City who finds himself in the small town of Bravetown. After being sent to the town as punishment for his behavior, Josh discovers a passion for DJing and has an unexpected impact on the local music scene.

With the help of his mentor and a local DJ, he learns the importance of self-expression through music by the end of the movie.

21. Beats

Beats (2019) is a musical drama that follows the story of August, an aspiring rapper, and producer in Chicago. After being expelled from school for a fight, he is sent to live with his estranged father who runs a small sound system business.

With the help of his father and mentor, August discovers the power of music as self-expression while navigating through the city’s vibrant dance culture. Through interviews with local DJs and fans, Beats highlights how music can be used to create meaningful connections between people and their communities.

The film also showcases some of Chicago’s most talented up-and-coming rappers in the Hip Hop scene as they showcase their skills on stage. As August learns more about himself through music, he finds freedom in creating something new out of old sounds.

22. Sympathy for Delicious

Sympathy for Delicious (2011) is a powerful and moving story about the importance of music in our lives. The movie follows DJ Delicious (Mark Ruffalo), a paralyzed DJ who discovers that people can be healed with music.

Through his journey, he learns to harness the power of sound to overcome physical limitations and bring joy to the people around him.

23. Music of the Roofs

Music of the Roofs (2021) is an uplifting music drama and cautionary tale that focuses on mental health and relationships. The movie follows a girl named Masha who is at the edge of her rope.

Her last wish is to hear her favorite song. DJ Alex and Masha begin to form a tight bond through the radio that could save her life. They discover the power of music to bring people together, heal broken relationships, and create unforgettable memories.

24. Northern Soul

Northern Soul (2014) is a heartwarming and inspiring British musical drama directed by Elaine Constantine. The movie follows two young men, John and Matt, as they discover the Northern Soul music scene of the 1970s in Lancashire.

While exploring the subculture of this era, they come to realize that this genre has the power to unite people from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, or social class.

25. DJ Hound Dog

Cat (Tina Leiu) is ready to pounce on Hound (Jon Jacobs)
Credit: DJ Hound Dog (2003)

DJ Hound Dog (2003) is a dance music movie that follows the story of an aspiring DJ, Hound Dog, who tries to find success in the music world.

While navigating the DJ life, he is confronted by four headstrong women who make his life a chaotic mess. Expect to see an all star cast of the greatest DJ’s.

26. Kevin and Perry: Go Large

Kevin and Perry: Go Large (2000) is a classic movie for music fans. This British comedy follows the misadventures of two teenage boys, Kevin and Perry, as they take a vacation to Ibiza in search of their dream girl.

Along the way, they get caught up in a world of hard partying and DJ culture. This movie will have you laughing from beginning to end.

27. One Perfect Day

One Perfect Day (2004) follows the story of aspiring DJ, Adam, as he struggles to make his mark in the world of dance music. After finding out that his cousin is a successful international DJ, Adam is determined to follow in his footsteps and become a star himself.

He soon discovers the underground scene of clubbing and raves where he finds his true calling. This uplifting movie is a great reminder of the power of following your dreams.

28. Weekender

Weekender (2011) follows two friends, Matt and Dylan, as they embark on an epic weekend of partying across the UK. The movie is set in the underground world of electronic dance music and shines a light on the vibrant culture surrounding it.

As they travel around, Matt and Tom explore the different clubs, raves, and festivals that make up the scene. Full of great music and a heartwarming story, this movie is unmissable for any DJ fan.

29. The Chemical Generation

The Chemical Generation (2000) is a DJ documentary directed by Paul Morrison that dives into the underground world of electronic dance music. It takes viewers on an exploration through raves, warehouses, and clubs in the UK to examine the culture and music that make up this vibrant scene.

Featuring interviews with DJs, promoters, and ravers, this movie captures the essence of the scene that took off in the late 90s.

30. Secondhand Sureshots

Daedelus in Secondhand Sureshots (2008)
Credit: Secondhand Sureshots (2008)

Secondhand Sureshots (2008) is a documentary film directed by Mark McNeill and Bryan Younce that explores sound recycling with four LA-based beatmakers. The mission is to think outside of the box and create musical magic with old records from thrift stores.

Best DJ Movies Guide

Good DJ movies have been increasing in popularity over the last decade. They provide a great opportunity to explore the evolution of dance music with entertaining and true stories.

From classic films such as It’s All Gone Pete Tong to more recent releases like We Are Your Friends, DJ movies take viewers on an exciting journey through different styles including house, techno, and trance.

In the world of DJ culture, making it big time is a difficult journey full of ups and downs. For some, that journey can even lead to a psychiatric hospital in search of help to cope with the pressures of fame and life in general.

Despite these setbacks, DJs have persevered and gone on to achieve great success.

best dj movies to watch

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