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35 Funny College Flags to Hang in Your Dorm Room

Are you looking for the best dorm flags to hang on your dorm wall? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you college students covered. 

best dorm flags college students laughing in dorm room

Whether you’re shopping for a flag to cover up those annoying dormitory windows or if you’re just looking for something to add to the walls of your dorm room. 

Check out our list of the best dorm flags! These flags are bound to give you and your friends a good laugh and make your dorm room feel more like home. 

1. Custom Outdoor Flag

This custom flag is a great addition to your dorm room. With the customization you can even tailor the flag based on your current dorm decor! 

You can add a photo, logo and custom words. 

This flag is a great way to display silly inside phrases you and your friend group would want on display. 

2. Dibs On The Cowboy Flag

This cheeky flag would look amazing in any college girls room. The flag has brass grommets, so if you happen to be a gold girl, this flag is for you!

This flag is great for college girls or really anyone looking for one of the best dorm room flags. 

Plus, if you have Amazon Prime you could get free shipping!

3. Rainbow Pennant Banner Multicolor Felt

This flag banner is a unique way to spice up the walls of your dorm room. 

You can hang it all around the perimeter of the ceiling to make the space feel more like home

This 8 FT flag is perfect if you’re looking to add some color to your dorm room!

4. Mclovin ID Flag 

If you’ve seen the movie Superbad then this is one of the best funny flags for you! 

This novelty flag showcases the iconic McLovin from Hawaii on his ID. 

5. Big Ten Conference College Pennant Set

This Amazon seller has the set in any conference, from Ivy League to the SEC. Showcase your school with this flag.

If you’re looking for one of the best college flags, this pennant set is for you.

6. American Flag

Show off your patriotism with this classic American flag. 

The size of the flag is a standard 3×5 ft, so it will fit great on the walls of your dorm. 

This USA flag will be a great centerpiece if you have an American themed dorm room.

7. Arrow Quote Flag

Along with a positive message, this flag has both left and right arrows. 

You can hang this flag above your desk for some inspiration while studying. 

It will inspire you to work hard everyday towards your goals.

8. Great White Shark Flag Banner

Some sharks live in cold water, and this flag is cool as ice. 

This flag is perfect for ocean enthusiasts and shark lovers. 

Or if you just think it looks pretty cool, that works too!

9. Chicken Flag

This funny chicken meme flag is the perfect funny addition to your dorm room walls. 

With this chickens relaxed surfing vibe, who wouldn’t want this on their walls?

10. Rock Chalk KU University Flag

Rock Chalk

University flags are great dorm room decor to show off school spirit. 

If this is where your college selection results led you then rock that red and blue with this fun college flag!

11. Borat Very Nice! Flag

This Borat movie poster flag is in fact very nice! 

red borat very nice flag with borat laying across

Whether you’re shopping on your laptop or mobile device, add this funny flag to your cart ASAP.

12. Historic Map of The United States

USA flags are perfect for any history buffs. 

This map flag is also for students who love traveling and exploring the world.

13. Natural Light Flag

A lot of guys will love this beer flag for their rooms. 

It ties together two things lots of guys love, beer and golf

14. City of Chicago Flag

Get a flag of your hometown to make your dorm feel like home. 

College can be lonely, but this Chicago flag is a great way to bring home to you.

15. Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss Flag

We are obsessed with this Taylor Swift themed flag. 

Celebrate the Eras Tour from your college room with this fun flag.

16. Student Athlete Beer Pong Flag

College students are known for games like beer pong

Show everyone you’re the best at it with this novelty flag

17. Pink Smiley Face Flag

This preppy flag is perfect for your dorm wall. 

We love this wall art, and it would look amazing in any college girls room!

18. Babe Cave Flag

This flag is a great way to make your dorm inviting for the girls. 

It creates such a fun vibe for your wall hangings.

19. Crank That Soulja Boy Flag

Check out this funny flag

This Soulja Boy flag showcases a funny tweet.

Get it with free shipping and speedy delivery times from Amazon Prime!

20. Miller Flag Astronaut Meme Flag

This flag is perfect for a college dorm room. 

While you’re toughing it out writing paper after paper, take a pause from hitting that space key and transport yourself into outer space with this creative astronaut flag.  

Such cool decor!

21. This Is My Swamp Now Flag Banner

Hang this flag on your dorm room walls for a good laugh. 

Shrek will always be funny! Grab this for your dorm wall today.

22. 5 O’Clock Somewhere Flag Novelty Party Flag

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! This flag is so cute and fun. 

But while you’re hanging it up it’s a good idea to hang  it with adhesive strips so it doesn’t fall down.

23. You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take Michael Scott Flag

Calling all Office lovers! This is one of the best dorm room flags on Amazon. 

Imagine seeing this flag first thing every morning. Motivational and funny. What more could you ask for?

24. No Weenies Allowed Flag

Spongebob is so nostalgic! 

I love this flag for some silly college dorm room decor. 

25. Guy Fieri Flavortown Flag

Keep this flag away from fire hazards because it’s burning up! 

This funny college dorm flag is great wall art for any dorm. Welcome to Flavortown!

26. Smiley Face and Howdy Tapestry

Calling all pink lovers! We’re obsessed with this flag duo.

This is a great option because there are two different designs and two different colorways, all for reasonable prices.

Choose to feature a smiley face or if you’re feeling more country you can display the howdy option. 

27. Barstool Sports Saturdays are for The Boys Official Flag

This Saturdays are for the boys flag from Barstool is such an easy way to decorate a guy’s dorm room. 

This is definitely not something you’ll find in the pottery barn teens section. 

So if you’re all about the guys on the weekend, be sure to add this to your cart. 

28. Take It Easy Tapestry

This 12×16 inch flag is a cheap way (only $6!) to spruce up any extra space. It also comes in five different designs!

Plus, it will remind you to stay relaxed all semester long.

29. Looking Hot and Causing Problems Flag

First things first, this flag is perfect for any college girls room.

If looking hot and causing problems is what you do then this is one of the best dorm flags for you. 

This hot pink wall flag also comes in four designs! 

30. Mr. Worldwide Live Laugh Love Flag Banner

We live laugh love this flag. 

Get that dorm room feel with Mr. 305 hanging on your dormitory windows. 

live laugh love mr. worldwide dorm flag
shop here

This is one of the most funny dorm wall flags from this full page of ideas. Grab this silly flag today. 

31. Study Hard Party Harder Flag Pink

This flag would pair so well with other room decor like string lights, lava lamps, LED light strips, or extra seating.  

It’s also a great reminder to study hard and party even harder. 

32. University of Your Dad Pink College/Dorm Room Flag

This pink flag with brass grommets is hilarious. It would look great in any college dorm. 

This funny joke is great if you’re wanting something funny on your dorm room walls. 

33. Be Kind Flag 3×5 feet banner

This flag has a great message!

 Always be kind. A motto that is great to see on your walls everyday. 

And we love the colors and font!

34. Plastered Flag

This take on the Masters logo is so funny. 

This flag would be a great addition to any beer and golf lover’s wall. 

35. The Only Rule Is Don’t Be Boring Girls Party Flag

Last but not least is this iconic Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton flag. 

Make sure your college experience is far from boring with this dorm flag!

Find the Best Funny Dorm Flag For You

So you have the throw pillows, the movie posters and the dorm bedding. Now’s the time to add a dorm flag into the mix! 

From custom flags to novelty flags there’s sure to be a flag perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? There’s so many funny college dorm flags on this list. 

Pick your favorite and mix it in with your already existing great dorm room decor!

35 funny flags to hang in your dorm room

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