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Best Family Moments in “The Umbrella Academy” Season 2

The Umbrella Academy revolves around a group of seven adopted children with superpowers. They’ve had their ups and downs, but in the end, all the Hargreeves love each other. This season gave us many endearing sibling interactions. Here are ten of the best family moments in The Umbrella Academy season 2. (Spoiler alert!)

1. When they all get in the car with Vanya.

Vanya asks her siblings to come with her to help Harlan, stating that she doesn’t want to do things alone anymore. They all tell her that they have bigger problems to face. However, Klaus joins her in the car, and the rest soon follow. They didn’t make the same mistake of disregarding Vanya like they did last season. This time, they make sure to support Vanya even though that means squishing into one car together.

2. Klaus, Vanya, and Allison at the salon.

Thinking the world is going to end, Vanya, Klaus, and Allison head to the salon for some much-needed bonding time. Allison does Klaus’s hair, they dance together, and they update one another on their love life. Klaus and Vanya also call Allison out for her weird romance with Luther. (Sorry Allison, but I agree. Once you start using the word “technically,” you know you are in trouble.)

3. The whole Team Zero thing.

Diego and Luther have a tense rivalry. However, in season 2, both mend fences. Luther says that he’s done acting self-important, and Diego gives up on trying to beat Luther. Diego tells Luther to screw being #1 and #2, and that the Umbrella Academy is team zero now. We loved seeing them work together and bicker over what Öga for Öga means.

4. Luther apologizing to Vanya

Many fans were frustrated by Luther last season, as he trapped Vanya when she needed help. His actions played a big part in causing the apocalypse. This season, I was thrilled to see Luther’s character’s growth. Luther plans to kill Vanya, but instead ends up giving her a long-awaited apology. He tells her that he was wrong, and the two of them end up having a fun dynamic for the rest of the season.

5. The reunion and family meeting.

All the siblings finally reunite in episode five. When Klaus sees everyone, he rightfully asks: “Did we all get sexier?” There’s also a great moment between Allison and Diego, where she makes him say hello to her. When they start the family meeting, they all begin to blame each other for changing the timeline. We’ve all blamed are siblings for things before, although it’s usually about spilling or breaking something instead of causing the apocalypse.

6. Loving dangerous people.

Diego falls for Lila, who ends up being an employee of the Commission. Five tells her that the Handler who she views as a mother ordered the murder of her parents. Diego also tells Lila that he understands what it’s like to love dangerous people. He looks at his family and smiles, saying the difference is that they love him back.

7. Whoever holds the conch.

The entire Umbrella Academy gets invited over to Reginald Hargreeves’s house for dinner. Vanya suggests that they take turns talking by holding a conch. They start to do this until Diego dramatically throws the conch against a wall. We also get some hilarious sibling moments at the dinner. Allison rumors Diego into punching himself in the face, and they all try to stop Vanya from displaying her powers, but she blows up a tray of fruit anyways.

8. “I’m the daddy here!”

Five and Luther work together this season to obtain Five’s old briefcase. This causes Five to go into paradox psychosis. Five summarizes the whole series by saying, “yet again, you are experiencing daddy issues.” Luther always listens to the oldest authority figure, and that in this case, it’s the current Five because he’s fourteen days older than the other one. So, Five shouts, “I’m the daddy here!” I couldn’t stop laughing at this amusing brotherly moment.

9. Allison and Klaus hugging in the pool.

Klaus and Allison reunite at the pool where Klaus lives. The two break out into smiles when they see each other. Allison jumps into the water fully dressed and they run through the water to hug each other. This moment was very sweet, and we loved seeing them catch up about their lives which are very different to say the least.

10. Ben’s goodbye.

When the FBI tortures Vanya, Ben manages to break through to her. He tells Vanya that she’s not a monster, and she’s his sister, who is no longer alone. Ben had a lot of cute scenes in season 2, like him hugging Diego and feeling the dirt when he possessed Klaus. But this broke and warmed my heart at the same time. He asks Vanya for a hug, and the two share a teary goodbye as Ben goes towards the light.

What were your favorite family moments in season 2? Tell us in the comments!

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