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The Best Five Shows to Marathon-Watch on Netflix

Dead to Me, show on Netflix
Dead to Me, Courtesy of Netflix

These days, Netflix has so many TV shows to watch, it’s impossible to choose. From original shows to fan favorites, you have a lot of decisions to make. Do you want reality or fiction? One season or six? Something new or an oldie (but a goodie)? Eventually, you end up running out of time and don’t watch anything at all!

So, to help with this common problem, here are our picks of the five best shows to watch on Netflix:

1. “Dead to Me”

If you’re looking for a quick watch that gives you plenty of laughs and cries, “Dead to Me” is perfect for you. Starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, the show follows two women who meet at a grief support group. However, things begin getting weird when secrets are slowly revealed and danger becomes prominent.

“Dead to Me” has two seasons filled with 30-minute episodes.

2. “Love on the Spectrum”

Looking for a reality show instead? Well, “Love on the Spectrummight be just the right fit for you! This short docuseries follows various young adults with autism who are looking for love. While being short and sweet, this series also highlights some important themes about autism and dating.

“Love on the Spectrum” has one season with only five episodes.

3. “The Umbrella Academy”

Now, here’s a show that’s unique and a bit different! Based on the comic books, “The Umbrella Academy” tells the story of seven children who were adopted by an eccentric billionaire to become a crew of superheroes. Sounds weird, right? Well, this show definitely hits the mark for being interesting and unexpected. If superheroes and dark comedy are your thing, definitely check out “The Umbrella Academy!”

There are two seasons, each with 10 episodes.

4. “The Last Dance”

Back on the reality side of the things, we have “The Last Dance”,” a docuseries showing the stunning 1997-98 season of the Chicago Bulls basketball team. Plus, the series includes a lot of background on basketball legend, Michael Jordan, and his whirlwind career. Even if you’re not a sports fan, this series will surely pull you into the magic of the game!

“The Last Dance” has one seasone with 10 episodes.

5. “New Girl”

If you’re a TV fanatic, you’ve probably gone through many popular comedies. However, one series that we consider to be highly underrated is “New Girl.” This sitcom follows a quirky girl named Jess who moves into an apartment with three single guys after her harsh breakup. “New Girl” definitely brings the funny to an awkward situation and includes a variety of great gags and bits that run through the show.

“New Girl” has 7 seasons with 30-minute episodes. (So if you’re looking for a commitment, this series fits!)

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With so many options, we have plenty of trouble picking what’s best to watch. However, we hope this list gave you some exciting Netflix series to add to your to-watch list. Hopefully, you’ll find your next favorite show!

Let us know in the comments now which Netflix series you would pick!

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