265+ Best Hashtags for Valentines Day (2024)

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and this special day is around the corner, allowing brands and small businesses to create Valentines Day content with the best hashtags that resonates with their audience.

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Best Valentines Day Hashtags for Instagram and TikTok 

As social media continues to play a significant role in modern communication, hashtags have become a crucial tool for enhancing visibility and engagement during this romantic season.

Whether brands decide to come out with a new fragrance or accessory, you can almost guarantee that they will use Valentine’s Day hashtags to get their products in front of new eyes.

Here’s the scoop on the best Valentines Day hashtags as well as additional tips to use them for social media growth.

What are Hashtags and Why are They Important for Valentine’s Day?

Hashtags are keywords or phrases used to categorize content and make it more discoverable.

Especially for Valentine’s Day, hashtags enable users to connect with individuals, brands, and communities sharing similar sentiments. 

Their importance lies in their ability to unite people under common topics and spark conversations around love, relationships, and gift ideas.

But be aware that some hashtags are banned, which may result in little to no reach if you use banned hashtags.

To find out which hashtags are banned, click on the hashtag and if you’re unable to view other posts, this generally means the hashtag is unavailable.

You can also use online testers to check the hashtags you are using to see if they are working.

Understanding the Purpose of Hashtags

Hashtags serve the purpose of organizing content, making it easier to find and explore related posts.

By incorporating hashtags, individuals and businesses can amplify their reach, increase visibility, and engage with a broader audience.

The strategic use of hashtags enhances content discoverability, enabling users to navigate vast amounts of information and find topics of interest. 

Utilizing trending hashtags results in increased visibility for posts, enabling them to reach a broader audience. Engaging with popular hashtags can lead to higher user interactions, including likes, comments, and shares.

This not only encourages community building but also allows content creators to connect with a targeted audience that shares common interests.

Brands and individuals can create branded hashtags to encourage their audience to contribute content, generating a sense of participation and community.

Moreover, this interactive approach not only boosts engagement but also expands the reach of the content through shared experiences.

Choosing the Right Hashtags for Valentine’s Day Campaigns

For brands and businesses, selecting the right hashtags is crucial for successful marketing campaigns. It’s essential to research and use trending hashtags to effectively connect with target audiences and convey specific messaging.

The more specific your hashtags are for your reels and carousel posts on your Instagram account, the better as Instagram and other social media platforms will see your content as useful and not spammy.

Valentine’s Day Instagram Hashtags

A man and woman holding a red heart.

Instagram, as one of the leading social media platforms, offers immense opportunities for utilizing hashtags to maximize engagement during Valentine’s Day.

Although hashtags are not at the forefront of Instagram growth anymore, they still play a key role in exposure of your content, including reels.

Here are some hashtags to use in your Instagram posts for Valentine’s Day:

  1. happyvalentinesday
  2. valentinesday
  3. bemyvalentine
  4. bemine
  5. couplegoals
  6. vday
  7. valentinesdate
  8. giftideas
  9. happyvalentine
  10. valentinesgifts
  11. smallbusiness
  12. valentinesdinner
  13. valentinesweek
  14. valentineday
  15. valentinesgift
  16. valentinescard
  17. valentinesvibes
  18. pinkandredaesthetic
  19. valentinesmood
  20. sprinkledwithlove
  21. cupidshotme
  22. staycationlove
  23. adventureswithyou
  24. valentinesbouquet
  25. chocolatelover
  26. diyvalentines
  27. giftoflove
  28. valentinesootd
  29. reddressseason
  30. heartshapedsunglasses
  31. veganvalentines
  32. bookdatenight
  33. candlelitbath
  34. personalizedgift
  35. loveyourcurves
  36. xoxoforever
  37. fallingforyou
  38. sweetheartsurprise
  39. cherishyourheart
  40. happilyeverafter
  41. foreverwithyou
  42. valentinesdayvibes
  43. cupidstrikesagain
  44. romanticvalentine
  45. willyoubemyvalentine
  46. singlesday
  47. thatslove
  48. candyhearts
  49. hugsandkisses
  50. whoneedsvalentine
  51. handmade
  52. bae
  53. red
  54. pink
  55. wedding

Valentine Hashtags for TikTok

Close up of a woman's eye with heart shaped lashes.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and TikTok enthusiasts are gearing up to infuse their feeds with love and creativity.

  1. Valentinesdaygift
  2. Giftsforhim
  3. Valentinesdaymakeup
  4. Valentinescookies
  5. Giftsforher
  6. Valentinesnails
  7. Valentinesdaygifts
  8. Valentinesmakeup
  9. Valentinegifts
  10. Valentinegift
  11. LoveOnTikTok
  12. HeartfeltMoments
  13. CupidChallenge
  14. SweetheartDance
  15. RomanticVibes
  16. ValentineDuets
  17. KissAndTell
  18. LoveStruck
  19. TikTokRomance
  20. ValentineCrush
  21. AdoreYouChallenge
  22. LoveInMotion
  23. ValentineGlowUp
  24. CuteCoupleChallenge
  25. DateNightIdeas
  26. LoveNotes
  27. RomComMoments
  28. HeartEyesChallenge
A man and woman sitting in the back seat of a car.

From romantic getaways to heartfelt moments, this collection spans the wide array of expressions associated with the day of love. 

  1. valentinesweekend
  2. valentinespecial
  3. iloveyou
  4. lovequotes
  5. homedecor
  6. instagood
  7. valentinedecor
  8. valentinecheers
  9. lovestory
  10. adoreyou
  11. redroses
  12. chocolatesandlove
  13. valentinecrafts
  14. heartseverywhere
  15. February14
  16. loveLanguage
  17. heartfeltgifts
  18. loveIsintheair
  19. romanticgetaway
  20. valentinesbows
  21. valentinesdayiscoming
  22. valentinesart
  23. valentinesforkids
  24. valentinesworkout
  25. valentinesdaysucks
  26. valentinesmemes
  27. valentinesbirthday
  28. valentineshopping
  29. valentinesforhim
  30. valentinescosplay
  31. valentinesrecipes
  32. formyvalentine
  33. valentinesgay
  34. valentinesyoga
  35. valentinescat
  36. valentineslashes
  37. valentinesbaking
  38. valentinesedition
  39. valentinesinspo
  40. valentinesjewelry
  41. valentinesleggings
  42. valentinesminisession
  43. valentineswedding
  44. valentinesfun
  45. valentinestattoo
  46. valentinesfollowtrain
  47. valentinesathome
  48. valentinesgoodies
  49. valentinesdayquotes
  50. valentinesmenu

Funny Hashtags for Valentines Day

A woman holding a cat.

Step into the lighter side of love with these hilarious Valentine’s Day hashtags!

  1. ilikeyouawafflelot
  2. datewithmycat
  3. flowersdeadalready
  4. cringepoetry
  5. iloveyoualatte
  6. allthefoodispink
  7. oohshiny
  8. igetallthewine
  9. romcommarathon
  10. whaleyoubemine
  11. guessedyoursizewrong
  12. heartshapedsteak
  13. cupidneedsbetteraim
  14. ohcoolyourewearingcologne
  15. carefulwiththeclasp
  16. dokidsstillsaybling
  17. galentinesdaybetterthanvalentinesday
  18. yourepurrrrfect
  19. iloveyoualmostasmuchascoffee
  20. aretheybreakingup
  21. chocolatefountainaccident
  22. myhoroscopesayswaitwhyareyouleaving
  23. rosesareredapoetsnotyou
  24. ambiancemeansdark
  25. youlldo
  26. youretheanntomyleslie
  27. whatswrongwithyellowflowers
  28. valentinesdayfail
  29. loveislikewifi
  30. couplestherapyinabox
  31. loveisblindbutgiftsarent
  32. singleandreadyfortakeout
  33. chocolatewasted
  34. valentinesdaysurvivalguide
  35. cupidfails
  36. pizzaismyvalentine
  37. glitterglueandheartbreak
  38. singleandslaying
  39. furbabiesforever
  40. brokebuthappy
  41. socksandcandlesdontmix
  42. netflixandchillsquad
  43. cupidshotmewrong
  44. cupidneedsglasses
  45. loveisoverratedbutchocolateisnt
  46. romancelevelexpert
  47. valentinesdayexpectationsvsreality
  48. cupidisonvacation
  49. relationshipstatusinemoji
  50. mylovelifeinfivewords

Best Valentines Day Hashtags for Galentines Day

Two women in pink robes blowing kisses on a bed.

Whether you’re planning a Galentine’s Day gathering, cherishing moments with your ride-or-die pals, or simply reveling in the sisterhood, these hashtags are your go-to for capturing and sharing the spirit of Galentine’s Day.

  1. Galentinesday
  2. GalPals
  3. GirlsNightIn
  4. SquadGoals
  5. Besties
  6. GirlGang
  7. LadiesCelebratingLadies
  8. FierceFriends
  9. EmpowerWomen
  10. FriendshipGoals
  11. SistersBeforeMisters
  12. CheersToGalentines
  13. BFFs
  14. ChickFlickNight
  15. LoveMyGirls
  16. bemygalentine
  17. belatedgalentinesday
  18. galentinesgiveaway
  19. womensupportingwomen
  20. parksandrec
  21. galentinesbrunch
  22. shopsmall
  23. galentineteachersday
  24. galentinesdaycookies
  25. galentinesnight
  26. galentineparty
  27. mygalentine
  28. galentinesdaysale
  29. galentinesdayideas
  30. selflove
  31. bookstagramgalentinesday
  32. makeupgeekgalentine
  33. evagalentines
  34. shoplocal
  35. creepyvalentinecards
  36. knope
  37. happygalentinesday
  38. galentinegift
  39. galeninesdaygifts
  40. galentinesweekend
  41. winenotboyfriends
  42. girlstripgetaway
  43. diygalentinesgift
  44. wanderlustwomen
  45. lovemygirls
  46. mybesties
  47. spadaywithbesties
  48. galentinesgoodies
  49. treatyoselfday
  50. girlpowersquad

Single Valentine’s Day Hashtags

A woman in a pink robe holding a glass of pomegranate.

Embrace the unfiltered joy of flying solo this Valentine’s Day with this collection of Single Valentine’s Day Hashtags!

  1. antivalentine
  2. fakeholiday
  3. whoruntheworld
  4. singleladies
  5. shakeitoff
  6. bestieverhad
  7. bhfyp
  8. antivalentinesday
  9. singlereadytomingle
  10. antivalentines
  11. solovibes
  12. novalentinenoproblem
  13. lovememyway
  14. tableforone
  15. independentheart
  16. dateyourself
  17. loveyourowncompany
  18. valentinesdayescape
  19. solovalentine
  20. singleandthriving
  21. selflovecelebration
  22. valentinesdayalone
  23. singlelifejoy
  24. singleAF
  25. selfloveovercupid
  26. galentinessoloedition
  27. soloadventure

Branded Hashtags for Valentines Themed Content

Using a branded hashtag provides an opportunity for businesses to gain more exposure to their products and services through the Instagram app and other social media platforms.

Some of the common brands that have used this strategy include Disney, Calvin Klein, and Coke.

A number of influencers that have created their own products also joined in on branded hashtags, incorporating them in their short form content and long form content like YouTube videos.

Here are examples of branded hashtags to inspire you:

  1. dateinabox (Heineken)
  2. firstlovels (Cadbury Silks)
  3. sliceofjustice (Cheesecake Factory)
  4. iloveyoulike (Evian)
  5. likeagirl (Always)

Final Thoughts: Best Hashtags to Use for TikTok and Instagram

Instead of trying to go in and check to see if a given hashtag will be useful in your Instagram marketing or TikTok strategy, consider looking into pro hashtag data that helps you come up with trending hashtags for a variety of topics.

Gone are the days of the followforfollowback method, people are wanting authentic connections and engaging content that will be inspiring or entertaining in some way. This is where content creators like you come in.

Use these hashtags wisely and stay consistent with your social media strategy to gain new followers and grow your business. For optimal growth, find hashtags that align the most with your brand and also create branded hashtags for newly launched products.

While these top hashtags can help you grow your Instagram and TikTok, don’t forget to include other strategies as a way to increase follower count and engagement.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A hand holding a white hashtag sign with the best hashtags for valentines day written in a bold font.

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