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Best Health Hacks to Feel and Look Your Best

We love those leafy greens!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress, coffee, repeat lifestyle so much of society has adopted in today’s world. It’s important to remember, however, that taking care of ourselves doesn’t always mean ice cream and Nicholas Sparks movies. Sometimes, taking care of ourselves means going to bed early, reaching for the healthy snack and taking breaks from our work life. Making those tough decisions is what will ultimately lead to our happiness and trust within ourselves. Here’s some easy health hacks to begin taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

#1 Stretch in the morning

Get your blood flowing with some light stretches on a yoga mat first thing in the morning! This will boost your energy throughout the day, increase flexibility and help wake you up. It’s also a wonderful time to take a moment to breath and daydream about your goals for the day. If you love yoga or meditation, these are also great, healthy activities to do in the morning too.

#2 Sneak in those leafy greens

Greens like spinach, kale, chard, collard greens and arugula are packed with vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body. Everyone should consume greens daily, but for some, they are harder to stomach. These are a an essential staple in our diet to feel nourished and healthy. Here are some health hacks to sneak them into your diet with minimal effort:

  •  Smoothies: Perhaps the easiest and tastiest way to consume greens is by sneaking them into fruity smoothies. You won’t even taste them!
  • Sandwiches: Veggie sandwiches are delicious and a great way to incorporate greens, where other flavors overpower their mild taste.
  • Green Juice: This might not taste the best, but green juice is a fast and easy way to flood your body with the nutrients it needs. Add apples, mangos or pineapple to your green juice if you’re having a hard time drinking it.
  • Stir Fry: add greens to your stir fry for some versatile, healthy ingredients!
  • Salads: And of course, we can’t forget salads! Next time you stir up some romaine or iceberg lettuce with some croutons, don’t forget to add the mineral packed greens like spinach and kale!

#3 Get your seeds

Seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds are an easy way to incorporate much needed healthy fats into your diet! They also contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They can reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Seeds are all around fantastic!

  • Smoothies: Add seeds to your smoothies for a tasteless hack towards a balanced, healthy diet. For an extra boost of healthy fats, add some fresh coconut meat to your smoothies as well.
  • Melons: Sprinkle your seeds over a bowl of melon such as cantaloupe, watermelon or honeydew.

#4 Drink more H2O

Every time you reach for your water, take more sips than you think you need. Water flushes out toxins, improves your complexion and has dozens of other benefits. Keep hydrated with these tips:

Mornings are the best time to chug some extra H2O. This will help alleviate the groggy feeling you have when you wake up!

Another great time to drink up is before a meal, as this will help you properly determine how hungry you are. Your body will take in extra food to make up for thirst, so don’t let this happen!

If you’re anything like me, something as simple as having a cute water bottle helps me stay motivated to keep water around. Check out my favorite ones here:

#5 Park far away

Walking more is such an easy way to get in some effortless daily exercise! One great health hack is to park on the far side of the parking lot to increase your everyday walk time. Super easy and there’ll always be lots of spots available. This is definitely one of the simplest health hacks that can seriously impact your life.

#6 Limit screen time

Our bodies are constantly surrounded by the blue light and the imbalanced positive ions of our technology. Here are a few tips to use technology in a healthy way.

A great way to combat positive ions is by surrounding your home with plants, salt lamps and powering down electronics for a while. This will allow negative ions to come and balance your space. You can also invest in some protective glasses to guard your eyes from blue light.

There are many apps that track your screen time and limit the use of certain apps, which are great tools so that you won’t waste hours on your phone! You can also set timers when scrolling on social media to keep track of how long you’re spending online. Overall, try and cut down on screen time as much as possible. Read more books, spend time outdoors and bring your body and mind back into balance.

You health is the most important thing you have— physical, mental and emotional. Taking care of your health will spread a kind of joy to your life that you might not know is possible! We can’t be perfect, but we can make an effort to do our best to take care of our health. Hopefully this gave some helpful insight on some easy ways to do that!

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