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25 Best Lifting Shoes for Weightlifting and Training (2024)

We’ve scoured the market to bring you the top 25 best lifting shoes for weightlifting and training.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect fit in our comprehensive list.

We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to. Let’s dive in and find that perfect pair that’ll boost your performance and keep your feet comfy, no matter how heavy the lift.

Get ready to elevate your training game!

Reebok Legacy Lifter II

Why haven’t we discussed the Reebok Legacy Lifter II yet, one of the top-rated lifting shoes on the market?

It’s among the best lifting shoes for heavy lifting and strength training.

Reebok Legacy Lifter II
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02/23/2024 02:26 pm GMT

We’re talking about a shoe designed with a solid sole, providing a stable base and extra stability.

This is crucial for maintaining balance during heavy lifts.

The heel height is optimal, facilitating proper squat form and reducing strain on your lower back.

The wide toe box ensures comfort and flexibility, allowing your toes to spread naturally.

Moreover, the Reebok Legacy Lifter II features top-notch ankle support to prevent injuries.

It’s an all-rounder, making it a top pick in the lifting community.

Nike Romaleos 4

Moving on from the Reebok Legacy Lifter II, we can’t ignore the Nike Romaleos 4, another standout in the realm of lifting shoes.

These rank among the best weightlifting shoes due to their elevated heel, providing excellent support for heavy lifts.

Nike Romaleos 4
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02/23/2024 02:31 pm GMT

We’ve found that they’re particularly suitable for individuals with wide feet, as they’ve a secure fit that helps maintain proper form during weight training.

The Nike Romaleos 4 boast a unique design that ensures stability when lifting heavy weights, making them ideal for Olympic lifts.

Their sturdy build promotes better balance and control, reducing the risk of injury.

In our opinion, if you’re serious about your weightlifting journey, these shoes should definitely be on your radar.

Inov-8 FastLift 360

Switching our focus to the Inov-8 FastLift 360, we’re looking at a shoe that’s renowned in the weightlifting community for its incredible stability and comfort.

This good lifting shoe provides a solid base for weightlifting and training. Offering a strong foundation when lifting a heavy barbell.

inov-8 FastLift 360
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02/23/2024 02:36 pm GMT

The wide base of the Inov-8 FastLift 360 is what gives you that sturdy support, ensuring you’re always grounded.

More so, it’s designed with adjustable straps to provide a snug fit for any foot size.

This feature guarantees that your feet won’t slide around during your lifts, maintaining balance and stability.

In essence, the Inov-8 FastLift 360 stands as one of the best lifting shoes due to its blend of comfort, stability, and fit.

Adidas Powerlift 4

Next on our list is the Adidas Powerlift 4, a top contender in the realm of weightlifting shoes that’s loved by many for its exceptional features.

A go-to in the weight room, these squat shoes are designed specifically for Olympic lifting. Providing the stability needed to handle heavy loads.

adidas Powerlift 4
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02/23/2024 09:18 am GMT

The Adidas Powerlift 4 has a flat outsole and rigid midsole, delivering a solid base for lifting. While also providing a comfortable fit that makes it a joy to put on.

It’s the best option for those looking for a hard-wearing training shoe capable of supporting the heaviest of lifts.

Whether you’re a seasoned weightlifter or just starting out, this shoe can help you hit your squat PRs with confidence and style.

Under Armour TriBase Reign 2

Diving into the world of Under Armour, we’ve got the TriBase Reign 2, a powerhouse in the sphere of lifting shoes.

This model is a top pick among a personal trainer and physical therapist alike for its superior injury prevention qualities.

The Under Armour TriBase Reign 2 is designed with a rubber outsole that provides excellent ground contact, vital for secure weightlifting and training.

This shoe’s unique construction supports natural foot flexibility, promoting safe movement.

The breathable material ensures comfort during intense workouts. While the men’s sizes offer a good shoe fit for various foot shapes.

In our journey to discover the best lifting shoes, the Under Armour TriBase Reign 2 certainly stands out for its impressive features and performance.


Why wouldn’t we discuss the NOBULL Lifter, another remarkable choice in the realm of lifting shoes?

This good pair is a favorite among Olympic weightlifters. Designed to assist with weightlifting and training, the NOBULL Lifter can significantly enhance your performance.

NOBULL Lifter shoe
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02/23/2024 02:53 pm GMT

Its flat heel supports upright posture, ideal for deep squats while the toe drop feature aids ankle mobility. Allowing for better control and stability.

By offering a solid foundation, these lifting shoes enable you to focus on form and technique.

The NOBULL lifter impresses with its blend of functionality and comfort. Making it an ideal choice for those serious about their training.

Undoubtedly, this is a pair you’d want to consider when stepping up your lifting game.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

So, how could we forget about the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star in our quest for the best lifting shoes?

This pair of shoes is a popular choice for many lifters, particularly for its minimalist shoe design.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
$85.05 $79.00
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02/23/2024 02:56 pm GMT

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star features a flat sole, making it a good choice for weightlifting.

If it’s your first time investing in lifting shoes or you’re on a budget, these shoes offer a reasonable price point.

They may not be the best shoes on the market for heavy weightlifting, but they’re a reliable right pair for beginners.

New Balance Minimus Prevail

Moving on from the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, we’ve got the New Balance Minimus Prevail as another solid option for lifting shoes.

These best lifting shoes are designed specifically for weightlifting and training.

New Balance Minimus Prevail
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02/23/2024 03:02 pm GMT

Unlike high tops, these flat shoes offer a better range of motion, making them a good option for those engaged in olympic weightlifting.

The New Balance Minimus Prevail has a unique feature that supports those with plantar fasciitis. Making them comfortable for the long run.

So, if you’re looking for a shoe that combines comfort, functionality, and style, these may be a fitting choice.

These shoes don’t compromise on either design or performance. Making them one of the top contenders in the market for lifting shoes.

Pendlay Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes

Next on our list, we’ve got the Pendlay Do-Win Weightlifting Shoes, renowned for their sturdy construction and superior stability.

These shoes offer a raised heel, similar to the Adidas Adipower and Nike Romaleos.

Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes
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02/23/2024 03:07 pm GMT

Providing olympic lifters with a higher heel for improved posture and lift mechanics.

However, the Pendlay Do-Win stands out with its wider toe box, accommodating those with wider feet, a feature not commonly found in other top-tier lifting shoes like the Adidas Powerlift.

Furthermore, the Pendlay Do-Win weightlifting shoes boast a stacked leather heel, which not only adds to their durability but also enhances stability—a crucial factor in weightlifting.

In essence, these shoes are a solid choice for lifters seeking a blend of comfort, stability, and durability.

Asics Lift Master Lite

We’ve found the Asics Lift Master Lite to be a game-changer in the weightlifting shoe market, with its remarkable blend of functionality and design.

Like the previous version, it features a slight heel lift, similar to the nike metcon and nike savaleos, that aids in achieving deeper squats.

ASICS Lift Master
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02/23/2024 03:18 pm GMT

It’s a great option alongside other top picks like the reebok nano x and nobull trainer.

The Lift Master Lite has been in the market for a long time, constantly evolving to provide different options for all types of weightlifters.

Its durability and comfort make it stand out among other lifting shoes.

Otomix Stingray Escape

While you mightn’t have heard of the Otomix Stingray Escape, it’s a shoe we can’t overlook in our review of top lifting shoes.

Designed with a focus on balance and stability, these low tops are a good fit for those with narrow feet.

The upper portion is snug yet flexible, making them a good idea for anyone needing half size adjustments.

Unlike a running shoe, there’s not much cushion, which is a good thing for weightlifting.

You need a solid base and these shoes provide just that. Some might feel they’re too flat, but for flat feet, they’re a perfect match.

Do-Win Gong Lu 3

Moving on to the Do-Win Gong Lu 3, we’ll find that it’s a solid choice for lifters who require a mix of comfort and stability.

This shoe features a double-strapped design that provides a secure fit, ensuring firm footing during heavy lifts.

Do-Win Gong Lu 3 lifting shoe
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02/23/2024 03:28 pm GMT

The shoe’s wide toe box allows for ample foot spread, a critical aspect for achieving balance and power. While its elevated heel aids in squat depth.

We’ll also appreciate the shoe’s durable synthetic upper and robust sole.

These components withstand the rigors of weightlifting, offering longevity for your investment.

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe

Turning to the VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe, we’re looking at a shoe specifically designed for heavy lifting, offering superior support and stability.

They’re not just about aesthetics; they’re built for function.

VS ATHLETICS Weightlifting Shoe
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02/23/2024 03:35 pm GMT

With a solid base and a high, stiff heel, they ensure you’re grounded during those challenging lifts.

Their double straps provide a firm hold, keeping your foot secure throughout your entire workout.

The raised heel aids in squat depth and posture, enhancing your lifting technique. Plus, they’re durable, constructed to withstand the rigors of intense training.

However, they’re not as flexible as some other shoes. Which might be a drawback for those who want a more versatile shoe.

But for pure weightlifting, they’re a strong contender.

Reebok Lifter PR II

Switching gears to the Reebok Lifter PR II, we’re dealing with a shoe that’s known for its perfect balance between flexibility and stability.

The shoe’s flexibility is a major advantage for lifters, allowing for a wide range of movements.

Reebok Men's Lifter PR
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02/23/2024 03:37 pm GMT

The stability, on the other hand, comes from its solid base and heel. Providing us with the necessary support when lifting heavy weights.

The Reebok Lifter PR II also features a full-grain leather toe for comfort and fit, and a dual rubber outsole for traction and durability.

We’re impressed by its anti-friction lining that reduces moisture and heat buildup.

Lastly, the adjustable hook-and-loop instep strap provides a secure and custom fit, ensuring that we’re always comfortable and safe.

Adidas Leistung 16 II

Diving right into the Adidas Leistung 16 II, we’re looking at a shoe that’s built to endure even the toughest of lifting sessions.

The shoe features Adidas’ patented BOA lacing system, providing a secure fit that’s easy to adjust.

adidas Men's Leistung.16
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02/23/2024 03:41 pm GMT

The raised heel, which measures 1 inch, offers optimal stability and posture, essential for heavy lifting.

We’re impressed with the shoe’s durable synthetic upper material.

Which not only ensures longevity but also assists in delivering maximum power from your feet to the floor.

The Leistung 16 II also includes a flat, solid base to increase ground contact, improving balance during squats and deadlifts.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned lifter, we believe this shoe has the potential to enhance your performance.

Nike Metcon 5

While we’ve been awed by the Adidas Leistung 16 II, we can’t ignore the immense popularity of the Nike Metcon 5 in the weightlifting community.

This shoe’s reputation stems from its exceptional stability, durability, and versatility—factors we all crave in a lifting shoe.

Nike Metcon 5
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02/23/2024 03:42 pm GMT

The Metcon 5 boasts a hyperlift insert, which is adjustable and enhances stability for squats, wall balls and thrusters.

It’s also got a durable haptic chain-link pattern on the upper material, providing extra strength during high-intensity workouts.

Its dual-density midsole gives a balance of cushioning and firmness, essential for lifts.

And let’s not forget, the wide heel enhances stability, providing a secure base for lifting.

We believe the Nike Metcon 5 is a solid bet for anyone serious about their training.

Inov-8 Fastlift 335

Next on our list, we’ve got the Inov-8 Fastlift 335, a lifting shoe that’s earned a reputation for its remarkable balance of flexibility and stability.

This shoe’s power-truss heel technology ensures a solid base for lifting. While the meta-flex system in the forefoot provides flexibility for agility-based workouts.

Inov-8 Fastlift 335
$150.00 $129.99
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02/23/2024 01:52 am GMT

With a snug fit and secure strap, it guarantees a locked-in feel for confident lifts.

The shoe’s lightweight design doesn’t compromise on its durability, proving to be a reliable companion for your heavy lifting sessions.

Inov-8 Fastlift 335’s versatility is its biggest strength, making it an ideal choice whether you’re going for a personal record in the gym or engaging in high-intensity interval training.

Under Armour Project Rock 3

Moving on from the Inov-8 Fastlift 335, we’re now focusing on the Under Armour Project Rock 3, another top contender in the field of weightlifting shoes.

Designed in collaboration with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, these shoes embody strength and resilience.

Under Armour Project Rock 3
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02/23/2024 03:43 pm GMT

They’re equipped with UA HOVR™ technology, which provides a ‘zero gravity feel’ to maintain energy return, helping to eliminate impact.

The TriBase in the outsole maximizes ground contact where your foot needs it the most, allowing for superior upward flexibility to promote natural motion, and downward flexibility to grip the ground during lifts.

The comfort and stability they offer are unmatched. These shoes also have a sock-like ‘burrito tongue’ construction for a precise, sleek fit.

In short, the Under Armour Project Rock 3 is a solid choice for serious lifters.

Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0

Often, we’re asked about shoes that offer a barefoot-like experience during lifting, and we believe the Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0 is a top contender in this category.

These shoes are specifically designed for gym workouts, offering unparalleled flexibility, grip, and balance.

Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0
$129.95 $99.99
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02/23/2024 03:47 pm GMT

They feature a unique five-toe design, which encourages natural foot movement, improves strength, and increases balance.

The XS Trek outsoles provide a great mix of traction and durability, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor workouts.

Furthermore, the fast lacing system ensures a secure, custom fit.

While they may look unconventional, they’re incredibly comfortable and supportive, offering a ‘second skin’ feel.

If you’re after a minimalist shoe that doesn’t compromise on performance, the Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0 should be on your radar.

York Athletics The Henry Mid

Switching from the unconventional design of the Vibram FiveFingers, we’re now looking at the York Athletics The Henry Mid, a more traditional-looking lifting shoe with its own impressive features.

This shoe offers a sleek, minimalist design, but don’t let its simplicity fool you – it’s packed with features aimed at enhancing your lifts.

YORK Athletics The Henry Mid
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02/23/2024 03:48 pm GMT

The Henry Mid is built with a durable, breathable mesh upper and a supportive midsole, ensuring your feet stay comfortable during intense workout sessions.

The rubber outsole provides excellent grip on various surfaces, making it a great choice not only for weightlifting but also for cross-training.

What’s more, it has a snug fit, ensuring stability and control when lifting heavy weights.

In short, the York Athletics The Henry Mid is a versatile, reliable choice for any fitness enthusiast.

Position USA P2.1 Weightlifting Shoes

Next up, we’ve got the Position USA P2.1 Weightlifting Shoes, a pair that truly stands out in the world of weightlifting footwear.

These shoes are designed with a high-density heel, which aids in providing stability during heavy lifts.

The leather upper offers durability and a snug fit, while the dual strap closure ensures secure foot positioning. They’re also crafted with a wider toe box for extra comfort.

The unique feature of these shoes is their wooden heel, which not only provides effective shock absorption but also adds a touch of classic style.

The Position USA P2.1 shoes are a solid investment for serious weightlifters, offering a blend of performance, comfort, and style.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 9

Moving on from the classic design of Position USA P2.1, we’re now diving into the modern innovation found in the Reebok CrossFit Nano 9.

This model, a standout in the CrossFit community, incorporates a Flexweave upper for breathability and durability.

Reebok Nano 9 Cross Trainer
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02/23/2024 03:53 pm GMT

It offers supreme comfort and stability, crucial for heavy lifts, thanks to a midsole cushioning and a minimal drop outsole.

The wide toe box ensures a solid plant for power cleans and snatches, while the high abrasion rubber outsole provides excellent traction.

We’ve found the Nano 9 to be a versatile shoe, adept at handling both weightlifting and high-intensity workouts.

It’s a worthy investment for those seeking a shoe that can handle the demands of varied training regimens.

Adidas CrazyPower TR

Diving into our next pick, we’ve got the Adidas CrazyPower TR, a shoe that’s made quite an impression on us with its robust features tailored for weightlifting and training.

These shoes are designed with a wide forefoot and reinforced heel, providing a stable platform for heavy lifts.

Adidas CrazyPower TR

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02/23/2024 03:56 pm GMT

The TRAXION™ outsole increases grip, ensuring you won’t slip during workouts.

They’re also equipped with a comfortable textile lining and a low-to-the-ground design for quick direction changes.

The shoe’s robust nature doesn’t compromise on comfort, as the cushioned midsole absorbs impact.

We’ve found the CrazyPower TR to be a sturdy, reliable option, well suited to both novice and seasoned lifters.

With its blend of stability, comfort, and grip, it’s a worthwhile addition to any fitness regimen.

Altra HIIT XT 2

Switching gears, we’ve got the Altra HIIT XT 2 on our radar, a shoe that’s making waves in the weightlifting and training community.

This shoe is known for its balance of comfort and stability, key attributes for any lifting shoe.

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02/23/2024 04:01 pm GMT

It offers a wide toe box design, providing extra space for your toes to spread out and grip the ground for heavy lifts.

It’s also zero-drop, meaning the heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground, promoting a more natural foot position.

The Altra HIIT XT 2 has a durable rubber sole, ensuring longevity and grip. Its mesh upper offers breathability, while the EVA midsole delivers responsive cushioning.

With these features, the Altra HIIT XT 2 is a worthy contender in the lifting shoe market.

Ryderwear D-Mak II

Next on our list, we’ve got the Ryderwear D-Mak II, another top pick for those serious about their weightlifting and training.

Known for their high-top design, these shoes provide excellent ankle support, crucial for heavy lifting.

Ryderwear D-Mak
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02/23/2024 04:03 pm GMT

The soles are flat and flexible, offering a firm grip and enhancing stability during squats and deadlifts.

We’re particularly impressed with the shoe’s premium leather construction, ensuring durability even under extreme conditions.

They’re also quite breathable, thanks to the perforated toe area.

While they’re a bit pricier than some other options, we believe the quality justifies the cost.

If you’re looking for a premium lifting shoe that provides outstanding support, grip, and durability, the Ryderwear D-Mak II may just be your ideal fit.

Tips to Remember About Best Lifting Shoes

The quest for the best lifting shoes is a journey that involves considerations from personal trainers and physical therapists alike.

The nuanced selection process often leads individuals to explore specialized options, such as Olympic weightlifting shoes, designed to optimize performance and safety during weightlifting activities.

While personal preference plays a significant role in the choice of lifting shoes, the guidance of fitness professionals, including personal trainers and physical therapists, provides valuable insights to ensure that the selected footwear aligns with individual biomechanics and workout goals.

Whether aiming for stability, support, or specific features, the best lifting shoes stand as a crucial component in enhancing the lifting experience and overall athletic performance.

From the Reebok Legacy Lifter II and Nike Romaleos 4, to the Adidas CrazyPower TR and Altra HIIT XT 2, we’ve tried and tested them all.

Ultimately, these selections represent the finest in design, support, and comfort on the market.

Whether you’re an avid weightlifter or just starting your fitness journey, there’s a perfect pair here for everyone.

Best lifting shoes for weightlifting and training.

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