Best Love Matches For A Leo Man With Zodiac Signs

As a Leo lover man, you are most compatible with women who love to be the center of attention and want to be the center of your life. The most compatible signs are Libras, Sagittarius, and Aquarians. A good match will be drawn in by your magnetic personality and natural leadership skills. They will respect that you need the spotlight and will give it to you without question no matter your sun or moon signs.

Here is the scoop on the Leo man best matches for love!

How To Attract A Leo Man

The fiery Leo man likes to win, so you need to give him a challenge in order to obtain long-term relationships. Make him work on his own thing, to claim for your attention and love and be a Leo man best matches. If he is interested, he will find new ways to chase you until he proves that he is worthy of being your boyfriend or husband.

He will be relentless in his pursuit of you even though you may try to tease or test his devotion. Leo men are naturally flirtatious but once they find the right girl they settle down and become devoted, loyal partners who will provide protection and security for their families.

When To Meet Mr. Right

You might meet a Leo man at the gym as he works out with such determination he could make any girl (or guy) stop and stare! At work it’s likely that this Lion will take over the company one day but until his empire is built, he will bring a lot of good times and drama to your life. If you are the jealous type and need total commitment from a man, Leo might not be for you.

Leo men love to be in charge and when they find a girl that is willing to give them the undying devotion they want to settle down and create a family with her. You’re looking for Mr. Right when you date Leo man but remember that every relationship has its ups and downs so don’t let your true love walk all over you just because he enjoys giving out orders!

Zodiac Signs Compatibility

All sun signs should love equally but there are some who like each other more than others. Make sure you know which one is right for you before dating someone and create a strong foundation to make a loving relationship work. Here’s our list for Leo man best matches and love interest compatibility!

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

The Aries woman has the fire element sign like Leo, therefore you two can bond over being impetuous, wild risk-takers! You’ll both have so much fun together but remember that Leo people require complete loyalty from their partners.

Thus, don’t break his heart with a love affair or he may not get over it for a while. They can turn into a powerful couple because they tend to help each other with perseverance to achieve goals. Aries and Leos are a great match!

Compatibility Rating: 4/5

Taurus (20 April – 20 May)

Treat this girl right or face her wrath. The earth signs such as Taurus will not stand being cheated on, so if you want to play the field do it before you get a hard time with them. If she comes first in your life then Leos are generally very satisfied with Taureans even though they might overcome a little of hard work to obtain a great romantic relationship.

Compatibility Rating: 2/5

Gemini (21 May – 21 June)

This is an air sign, a perfect match to get along famously! You both love attention and will compete for it but this also makes for fiery hot make-up sessions after fights. These two signs are highly competitive which can be great fun or disastrous depending on how overblown egos become. 

Gemini is a good choice to be leo man best matches, they are adaptable enough to match beautifully to a Leo partner with such a little effort. People of this zodiac sign are great in communicating well and calming Leo personality down when needed. Compatible!

Compatibility Rating: 4/5

Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

Very compatible! The intuitive Cancer is one of the water signs that will support you in your need for attention. She may bore you a little bit because likes to keep a lower profile but this sign is very intuitive, best friend, and sensitive which goes with Leo’s needs.

The only thing is that like a typical female, she’ll also try to mother you at some stage. Don’t let it get that far or she’ll end up resenting you… be forewarned!

Compatibility Rating: 3/5

Leo (23 July – 23 August)

Typical Leo women can be too much of an ego trip sometimes. Leo couples have similar interests, similar personality traits, but have the element of fire which makes them have similar difficulties and differences.

However, when a Leo man and Leo woman get along, these two signs can make an excellent love compatibility if they both learn to share the attention. They can be very passionate, committed, and caring with one another because they really understand themselves. Definitely a very fun couple!

Compatibility Rating: 3/5

Virgo (24 August – 23 September)

You are both analytical signs, and one of the best matches. If you are compatible sexually, then these two can step into a common ground and make a very strong match. 

Sexually, Virgos are often submissive to the Leo’s dominant role in bed which is great for you! A Virgo woman will also balance your need for attention by giving you time away from her at times. Compatible!

Compatibility Rating: 4/5

Libra (24 September – 23 October)

The libra star signs are very compatible with Leos. They are meant to be the power couple! Libras adore bright, shining stars, and great loves. That is what Leo males represent to them, the symbol of love. Also physically they should be well-matched since both signs appreciate beauty. If this couple works out, it will be a very intense and romantic intimate relationship. Grab some popcorn!

Compatibility Rating: 5/5

Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

Another very compatible match is this fixed sign because of their creative energy. Scorpios love power and mystery just like Leos and both signs are highly intelligent making them an ideal partner for each other.

Both possess secretive natures so there won’t be any boredom in the bedroom department either if you catch my drift! The only warning is that these two don’t always communicate well, so take care not to hurt each other’s feelings or this may not end well.

Compatibility Rating: 4/5

Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

This pair of fire signs can work but not always since these two stubborn signs are casual about commitment and not always able to settle down.  At the end of the day, Leo and Sagittarius natives are both adventurous in the bedroom so compatibility will be high there but if you want something serious, don’t expect it.

Compatibility Rating: 3/5

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January)

These two signs are both ambitious, driven and determined. This can make for a very compatible match. Capricorns are often stubborn though, so Leo’s take center stage when they feel threatened by this sign’s aloof nature. Read between the lines with these two!

This love match is easy to start but hard to keep going smoothly since both have their off days where tempers flare up easily. They have to find the right amount of mutual respect to be one of Leo man best matches!    

Comp Rating: 3/5

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)

This is another highly compatible match! Aquarians are the only zodiac compatibility sign you can think of who will understand your need for adoration because of their strong emotional connection. 

Be careful though if your Leo partner doesn’t know how to reign in his ego’s. Even though they are opposite signs, and both have strong personalities, these two signs can be a train wreck! Aquarius people are great Leo man best matches!

Compatibility Rating: 4/5

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Both are very emotional signs with similar views but Pisces are more submissive than Leos want their women to be. She’ll try and tame him at some stage which won’t normally end well. If they work it out though then this match can end up being. The only warning is that Pisces tend to be unstable emotionally which can lead to you getting bored after a while… watch out for this!

Compatibility Rating: 3/5

Things To Remember When Romantically Involved With A Leo Man:

If you don’t want to be mothered, find different ways to let him know early on in the relationship. 

When you are a Leo man compatibility sign, he’ll try to treat you like a queen! Therefore, take it as a compliment but don’t harbor expectations that he will call every day or surprise you with gifts. Another of the Leo traits is that he’s not really touchy-feely either so if this is what you’re used to then steer clear of Leos because they just aren’t into it that much.

It is a good idea to remember not to demand his attention all the time unless he asks for that. Having unattainable expectations will only lead to drama down the line, since Leo men are big picture kind of people, very practical in most cases.

Leo Men Have A Soft Heart

Remember that behind his protective shield lies a soft heart though! This means he’ll always put you first if you need him to, but he simply doesn’t like to be told what to do.

This is a sign that needs lots of love and attention from the first date, so give it to them or they’ll leave faster than you can say ‘I want my freedom’. Leo’s are basically big kids in adult bodies, don’t expect anything serious until after the fourth date at least! 

He will be too busy playing games with you which is just his way of showing affection. This may sound childish now but once he falls for you it’s all worth it… promise!

Where to Meet a Leo Man

They don’t normally go to a different place that you would expect them to, but if there’s a room full of people, then your Leo man will be at the center of it. He likes to charm everyone with his presence in places of common interests. 

His sense of humor is something that draws people in, so expect him to be the soul and life of the party!

If you want to find Leo man best matches or meet one, make sure you go out with plenty of energy otherwise they’ll tire of you easily. These guys need someone with lots of pizazz!

How To Keep A Leo Man Interested

On the top of the list, this sign loves attention, so make sure he never gets bored! A good idea is to try new things like traveling or daring adventures together. Leos love to have leadership roles often, luxury, and opulence so take them shopping or plan extravagant dates to keep them interested for sure. Fulfill Leo’s passion for an amazing love story is key!

If you stay yourself and don’t try too hard to impress him he’ll be very happy with the effort you put in to make things work out between you!

How To Get A Leo Man Back

Leo men don’t like giving up, so if they’re not fully invested in a relationship they will just move on, without taking a look at the Leo compatibility chart. If it’s your man who has done the dumping and he wasn’t ready for something serious then there is hope, but only if you play your cards right.

First of all, never beg or apologize unless it’s absolutely necessary because this sign does everything on its own terms, and bowing down is definitely not part of his agenda. Make time for him, and create new experiences even though he probably won’t ask you to. 

Acknowledge that what happened wasn’t right but don’t get angry about it because this will only push him away more. The most important thing is just to be yourself!

If you’re patient and wait for the right time then your Leo man may come back although you’ll probably have to go through another few weeks of playing games with him. Also, make time for him, and create new experiences even though he probably won’t ask you to until he realizes that he’s ready again. Patience is key when achieving love with this sign!

When To Run For The Hills

If there are signs that he isn’t ready to commit for a long time or if he starts playing games then run! You can even get away with being your quirky little self around him because he loves the energy, but if they ask you to do so. 

Acknowledge signs of bad intentions then you’ll have to let this one go. He’s just not ready for anyone to have that kind of power over him yet!

Leo men are usually very confident so don’t be fooled by their charm. If they’re not interested in anything serious then say goodbye! And If on the other hand, you think you can handle a Leo man and still want to date them then read on, we’ve got some things for you to look out for in future.

If You Are In Love With a Leo Man Just Remember…

Good news! Leo men are absolutely fantastic in relationships no matter the status quo. However, on the go of things they just want to be adored. If you’re the kind of woman who wants to take control then he’ll never really commit. This will only result in disappointment on both sides. He thinks that if someone is too clingy or too needy, then they simply aren’t right for him. Don’t worry about what other people say because it’s your relationship and no one else’s!

Just remember, Leo men need their space. Thus, be prepared for this or they’ll get bored of you fast. It’s not that Leo is fickle with its affections; it simply has a big heart, strong desire, and needs lots of attention like any other guy. They are very protective so expect him to make that extra effort to be by your side through thick and thin, just accept that he needs his own space sometimes!

There is a lot to consider when looking for love and the Leo man best matches, but just remember to listen to your heart!

If you’re not the type of woman to get jealous then don’t worry about it because Leo men would much prefer an independent woman over clingy types. Show them enough attention and a good reason to love them, and they will adore you forever!

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