Top 10 Pairs of Sneakers Everyone Should Own

Sneaker culture has greatly increased in popularity around the world in recent years. Also, on the ascend are the price tags, the variety of styles available, the designer collaborations, the colors and of course the hype surrounding the shoes.

In order to keep up with the large demand for new and unique sneakers, companies such as Nike are releasing many versions of popular shoes and are combining them with other best-selling shoes.

A prime example of this is the recent release of the Nike Odyssey React Flyknit 2. This shoe quickly became a fan favorite due to its comfort and style, leading the buzz-worthy release of the Nike React Element 55 Premium and the Nike React Presto, which perfectly meshes the comfort of the React with the unique look of the timeless Presto.

The rise of streetwear fashion has aided in the popularity of tennis shoes. The knowledge of which shoes are worth the price and prestige has also increased. This helps to avoid purchasing the shoes that are flops.

These 10 lifestyle sneakers are a must-have in shoe collections and will greatly increase any wardrobe.

1. Nike Air Force 1

Sharing the same name as the airplane that carries the President of the United States, this shoe is also quite presidential. Debuting in 1982, the Air Force 1 has remained a staple in any sneaker collection.

The leather exterior and minimalistic design allow this shoe to be dressed up or down. It seamlessly pairs with any outfit. While there are many colors and patterns available, the style remains virtually unchanged. The comfort of the Air Force 1 is unmatched by other sneakers on the market. The AF1’s sleek look also helps maintain its good reputation.

2. Nike Zoom 2K

This modern yet futuristic shoe features details that are both stylish and unique. The style of the Zoom 2K is unlike any other shoe, creating its own identity in the shoe world. Wearers of this shoe can easily express their personality through the different materials and colors used throughout the changing fabrics, text detailing and Zoom Air cushioning.

The functionality of the rubber wings serves as added support and is one of the most notable features on the Zoom 2K. This comfortable shoe with a snug, hug-like fit, features a design that is both eccentric and subtle at the same time, creating a polarizing and timeless piece.

3. Nike M2K Tekno

The Nike M2K Tekno supports the increasingly popular dad shoe trend. Although the somewhat chunky shoe may look heavy and bulky, it is actually quite the opposite.

The rubber outsole and cushioning foam create a very comfortable and supportive ride for all day wear. Available colors range from neon oranges to neutral whites and tans to perfectly mesh into any wardrobe.

4. Nike Air Max 270

The combination of materials with the biggest heel Air unit ever made by Nike creates a striking visual that is both stylish and comfortable. This shoe is ideal for all day wear as it includes stretchy sleeves for a snug, yet flexible fit, and rubber soles that provide both traction and foot support. The breathable mesh and plethora of patterns, colors and materials available only add to the perfection of this shoe.

5. Nike Air Max 720

The Nike Air Max 720 exudes comfort with the tallest Air unit made by Nike. The combination of vibrant colors and wavelike design allows the wearer to make a fashion statement and show off a bright personality. This head-turning shoe is a favorite amongst sneakerheads.

6. Nike Air Max 97

The Nike Air Max 97 is another popular member of the famous Air Max family. With a wide range of patterns and colors available, this stylish shoe lends itself to a variety of tastes as there are very extreme and subtle versions of this shoe. The wavy lines and Max Air cushioning that extends across the bottom of the shoe ensure that the fashionability of the 97 doesn’t take away from comfort.

7. Nike Cortez

Released in 1972, this is one of Nike’s most famous and important sneakers of the brand. Originally designed as running shoes by Nike co-founder and track and field coach, Bill Bowerman, the shoe has evolved into a legendary lifestyle shoe and a staple in the sneaker culture. Bowerman was unhappy with the quality of running shoes available, which led him to obsessively work on finding a way to improve tennis shoes, thus creating the Cortez. The classic design with minimal details and leather outer has kept this shoe amongst the most notable shoes in the world for decades.

8. Adidas EQT Support ADV

The unique style and detailing of this shoe sets it apart from the rest. This eye-catching shoe not only livens up virtually any outfit, but it is also somewhat of an art form with its rubber cage detailing and the signature three stripes.

The many colorways available allow the wearer to choose how much of a statement this shoe will make in an outfit. The Adidas EQT Support ADV features stretchy materials that creates a fit that is both snug and supportive, making it perfect for all day wear.

9. Nike Huarache

The Nike Huarache is designed to mold to one’s foot. The elastic heel strap and mesh-like fabric stretch with every step while creating a snug and supportive feel. The combination of materials and textures used throughout the shoe along with the rubber cage and a variety of colors available create a visually striking piece.

The thick rubber outsole and Nike Air cushioning translate to all-day comfort. Different textiles and patterns are offered by Nike, along with many versions of the shoe such as Air Trainer Huarache, Air Huarache City Move, and Huarache E.D.G.E. TXT along with several others to help any sneaker-lover find one that is perfect for his or her collection.

10. Adidas Superstar

This shoe has remained a classic since 1969 with its iconic three-stripe trademark. Its simple yet elegant design allows the shoe to be worn with a variety of outfits from sundresses to leggings.

While the black and white colorway is the most popular style, other patterns and colors are available to fit anyone’s style and ensure this staple shoe will remain a favorite amongst many. The modern shoe has somewhat of a retro feel, prompting many generations to have a particular fondness for it.

These ten sneakers received high marks for all the qualities that make a good shoe according to Bill Bowerman. He said: “A shoe must be three things: It must be light, comfortable and it’s got to go the distance.”

These shoes have done just that, landing them a spot on this top ten list and allowing them to remain classics during the changing times. The long history of these shoes prove they will not go out of style, making them a wise sneaker purchase.

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