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Top 10 Instagram Worthy Photo Walls At Disney World

Walt Disney World is famous for having some of the most recognizable photo spots in the world. Between pictures in front of the castle, shots on main street or photos with Mickey Mouse, there is no shortage of Instagram-worthy posts.

Park-goers have been enamored with photographs in front of famous Disney walls. We love Disney stories and capturing the magic, so it only seemed right to capture these stunning photo ops around the parks. Here are some of the most famous and most beloved walls in Disney!

Magic Kingdom –

  • Rapunzel Wall. You would never guess a Disney restroom would be one of the best places for a photoshoot. These bathrooms, however, are made for a princess! The entire Tangled area of Magic Kingdom is breathtaking, and Disney made sure to include even the bathrooms in the beauty. There are famous Tangled Disney Walls in multiple places along the buildings. Fans should be ready to flower, gleam, and… go? Oh, that’s right, glow.

Location: Magic Kingdom, the Tangled restrooms
Hashtag: #tangledwall 1,442 posts
  • Purple Wall. Tomorrowland’s purple wall is arguably the most famous of them all. This wall was first a solid purple background. After it’s popularity, however, Disney added the shapes. It is now even more adored!
Location: Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland
Hashtag: #purplewall 61,098 posts

Epcot –

  • Bubblegum Wall. This might be the wall that started it all! The Bubblegum Wall became so popular that Disney decided to design a pair of ears after it. Talk about a successful hashtag!

Location: Epcot, outside Spaceship Earth
Hashtag: #bubblegumwall 25,915 posts
  • Toothpaste Wall. Quirky and dearly loved, this wall is a breath of fresh air! Some Disney fans have dubbed this photo spot as the ‘wave wall’ as well as the ‘ocean wall’, but the toothpaste wall is what stuck. You can find it right outside of the Finding Nemo ride.

Location: Epcot, outside Finding Nemo ride
Hashtag: #toothpastewall 2,030 posts

Animal Kingdom –

  • Moss Wall. As the Na’vi would say, Sivako! Guests can find this beautiful moss wall inside the captivating world of Pandora.

Location: Animal Kingdom, Pandora
Hashtag: #mosswall #mosswallphotos 36,328 posts
  • You Are Most Beautiful Wall. This wall was originally made near a cast member gateway in Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Village. Guests loved it and continually posted photos on social media. As a result, it became one of the most famous photo spots in Disney. There are amazing pictures spots all over Harambe Village. Guests can relax, take in the beauty of Animal Kingdom and get inspired by soulful words.

Location: Animal Kingdom, Harambe Village
Hashtag: #youaremostbeautifulwall #youaremostbeautiful 1,732 posts
  • Fichwa! Fellow Wall. Fichwa! In Swahili means ‘hidden’. This wall is a play on the popular phrase ‘hidden Mickey’! You can find hidden Mickey’s all over Disney World, and this wall celebrates that tradition beautifully.

Location: Animal Kingdom, Harambe Village
Hashtag: #fichwafellow 1,690

Hollywood Studios –

  • Incredible Wall. If you have an INCREDIBLE family, you won’t want to miss this wall! Pixar Place is littered with multiple places for family photo ops, because in Disney, every family is a super family!
Location: Hollywood Studios, Pixar Place
Hashtag: #incrediblewall 154 posts
  • Jack Jack Wall. Leave it to Jack Jack for getting into mischief. Most noteworthy, however, he left a beautiful sit down wall perfect for snapping a unique shot. Maybe Edna Mode is right – Jack Jack’s powers are sure incredible.
Location: Hollywood Studios, Pixar Place
Hashtag: #jackjackwall 244 posts

Disney Resorts –

  • Neon Mickey Wall. Disney’s Contemporary Resort is a ten minute walk from Magic Kingdom. The resort is a wonderful way to wind down from the parks, not to mention explore another side of Disney. The Neon Mickey wall is one of the hotspots in exploring this resort.
Location: Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Hashtag: #neonmickeywall 475 posts

Fans should go and find their favorite wall and snap a quick photo! Disney walls will always be around, but with construction and progress constantly making its way through the parks, you never know which wall might move aside to make way for a new. What we can be sure of, though, is these walls will go down in Disney history for capturing the best stories of all – our own.

Make sure you look your best at the Disney walls, and get your ears before you go!

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