35 Best Places to Visit in July in the USA (2024)

With its warm embrace and sunlit days, July is a great month to embark on an exploration and adventure. Here are the best places to visit in July in the United States!

From coast to coast, July invites travelers to explore a diverse array of destinations each with its unique charm and allure.

Whether you’re seeking sun-soaked beaches, lively festivals, or nature, the best places to visit in July promise an array of adventures.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Geyser basin, yellowstone national park, wyoming.

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park is a mesmerizing natural wonder that boasts geothermal features, diverse wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes.

As one of the oldest and most renowned national parks, Yellowstone offers outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts.

From wildlife viewing to hiking trails, the park is a paradise for adventure seekers.

Witness the awe-inspiring eruptions of geysers like Old Faithful, marvel at the vibrant colors of Grand Prismatic Spring, or camp along the banks of the Yellowstone River.

San Diego, California

San diego, california, california, california, califor.

San Diego, a lively coastal city in California, offers sunny weather, stunning beaches, and diverse cultural attractions.

Whether you’re seeking warm temperatures, beautiful beaches, or outdoor adventures, this city has something for everyone.

Here are some highlights for your visit:

  • Whale watching tours offer an exciting opportunity to see these majestic creatures up close.
  • The sunny weather makes it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking to hike, bike, or surf.
  • San Diego’s water sports scene is vibrant, with options like paddleboarding, kayaking, and sailing.
  • Families will enjoy a vacation here with attractions like the San Diego Zoo and LEGOLAND.
  • It’s truly one of the best places for a memorable family vacation or a getaway with friends.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

A pier with rocks on the beach at sunset.

Outer Banks is a barrier island known for its pristine beaches, perfect for a summer break under the sunny days.

The coastal beauty of this area is matchless. Offering a paradise for water sports enthusiasts with activities like fishing and surfing.

Discover the historic sites scattered throughout the island, including iconic lighthouses that have guided sailors for centuries.

Keep an eye out for sea turtles that nest along the shores, adding to the natural charm of Outer Banks.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

A sunset over a body of water and sand.

Discover the charming coastal beauty and quaint New England charm of Cape Cod. A popular destination known for its picturesque beaches and historic villages.

During the summer months, Cape Cod becomes a haven for vacationers seeking sun, sand, and relaxation.

Indulge in delicious fresh seafood, explore historic sites, and visit iconic lighthouses dotting miles of coastline.

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Fresh seafood
  • Rich maritime history
  • Quaint villages
  • Whale watching opportunities

New York, New York

New york city skyline at sunset — stock videos & royalty-free footage.

Nestled in the heart of the Empire State, New York beckons with its vibrant energy and iconic landmarks that define the essence of urban sophistication and cultural diversity.

July in New York offers a mix of experiences for your vacation.

Central Park is a must-visit, providing a lush oasis in the midst of the bustling city.

Explore the vibrant neighborhoods, indulge in diverse cuisine from food trucks, and immerse yourself in cultural festivals and live performances.

The warm weather sets the perfect backdrop for your adventures in one of the world’s most exciting big cities.

Whether you’re strolling through Central Park, enjoying a Broadway show, or simply people-watching, New York is a beautiful place that promises a first-rate July vacation.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

A view of lake tahoe at sunset.

With its crystal-clear waters and stunning mountain backdrop, Lake Tahoe invites visitors to experience a perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure.

If you’re looking for the best summer vacation spots, Lake Tahoe has it all. Here are some highlights of what you can enjoy during your visit:

Be sure to visit Lake Tahoe as one of the best places to visit in July United States!

Traverse City, Michigan

An aerial view of a town near the ocean.

Nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, Traverse City in July is a captivating destination that hits its prime time. Inviting visitors to experience the magic of summer.

Renowned for its National Cherry Festival, the city becomes a vibrant celebration of this succulent fruit, with streets adorned in red and a plethora of cherry-themed events.

The festival is a testament to Traverse City’s status as the Cherry Capital of the World.

Beyond the festival, this northern Michigan gem boasts amazing places to explore, from the scenic shores of Lake Michigan to the picturesque landscapes of the Traverse City State Park.

Traverse City is also known for its wine festival, showcasing the region’s finest wines. The area is dotted with small towns that add to its quaint charm.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The great smoky mountains in autumn.

Nestled within the Appalachian Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers a captivating blend of biodiversity and natural beauty.

Visiting in July is the best time to enjoy cooler temperatures at the higher elevations.

The park boasts miles of trails, perfect for hiking or horseback riding. Allowing you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

Keep an eye out for wildlife like grizzly bears roaming through the lush forests.

It’s an ideal place for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Lake Michigan

The sun is setting over the ocean at dusk.

Nestled along the shores of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan beckons with its stunning vistas and recreational opportunities for visitors seeking an invigorating escape in July.

The lake offers a perfect blend of city life and natural beauty, with Chicago’s iconic skyline framing its shoreline.

Enjoy sandy beaches like those in Michigan City and indulge in various water activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

Navy Pier is a must-visit for the best places to visit in July United States. It has entertainment and dining, offering a vibrant atmosphere.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier national park in montana.

Discover the rugged beauty and pristine wilderness of Glacier National Park. Where towering peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and abundant wildlife await your journey in July.

Set off on a road trip through the majestic Rocky Mountains and witness the park’s natural wonders at their peak during this optimal time.

Enjoy average temperatures perfect for hiking, camping, or simply marveling at the incredible landscapes.

  • Majestic Rocky Mountains
  • Crystal-clear Lakes
  • Abundant Wildlife
  • Breathtaking Vistas
  • Diverse Wildlife

San Juan Islands, Washington

A sunset over a body of water and mountains.

Explore the enchanting archipelago of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington.

Where serene landscapes, charming villages, and abundant marine wildlife beckon travelers seeking a peaceful island getaway in July.

You can engage in a variety of outdoor activities such as kayaking along the pristine shores, marveling at majestic orca whales on a thrilling whale-watching tour.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Friday Harbor, the main hub of the islands, offering a quaint atmosphere and delicious seafood options.

Make the most of your summer vacation with memorable ferry rides between the islands. Ceating an unforgettable experience in the San Juan Islands.

Bar Harbor, Maine

A sunset with sailboats in the water.

Amidst the rugged coastal beauty of Maine lies the charming town of Bar Harbor, a picturesque destination known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant maritime atmosphere.

Bar Harbor is a popular destination, especially in July, offering visitors the perfect time to explore its wonders.

Here are some highlights of what makes Bar Harbor a great place to visit:

  • Acadia National Park nearby
  • Special events happening throughout the month
  • Exploring unique tide pools along the rocky coast
  • Enjoying live music performances in town
  • Experiencing traditional lobster fishing activities

Rhode Island

An aerial view of a house on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Nestled along the scenic New England coastline, Rhode Island offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty waiting to be explored. Whether you’re coming from nearby Cape Cod or a bit further like New York, Rhode Islan

d’s charm is sure to captivate you.

Enjoy the picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean, take a stroll along the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach, or explore the historic streets filled with colonial architecture.

In July, the state celebrates Independence Day with festivities across the region, making it an exciting time to visit.

Acadia National Park, Maine

A view of a lake and mountains with fall foliage.

As you journey from the coastal charm of Rhode Island, Acadia National Park beckons with its rugged coastline, lush forests, and breathtaking mountain views.

Maine’s gem, Acadia National Park, offers an array of experiences for nature lovers.

Explore the picturesque town of Bar Harbor before venturing into the park’s wonders. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in delicious lobster rolls while taking in the coastal beauty.

Acadia National Park guarantees an unforgettable summer adventure.

Sequoia National Park, California

Three giant sequoia trees in yosemite national park.

Explore the towering sequoia trees and stunning natural beauty of Sequoia National Park, where awe-inspiring landscapes and outdoor adventures await.

Sequoia National Park, located in California, is home to the famous General Sherman Tree, one of the largest trees on earth.

The park offers a variety of activities such as hiking, camping, and wildlife spotting.

With average highs ranging from 70-90°F in July, it’s the perfect time to explore the park’s diverse ecosystem.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Grand teton national park, wyoming.

With its towering peaks, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife, Grand Teton National Park offers visitors a breathtaking natural playground to explore and enjoy.

The park, located in Wyoming, is known for its majestic mountains and the picturesque Snake River cutting through the valley.

Here are some highlights of what you can experience during your visit:

  • Photography: Capture stunning shots of the rugged mountains and reflective lakes.
  • Backpacking Trails: Explore a variety of trails catering to different skill levels and lengths.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Keep an eye out for bears, moose, elk, and other wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Summer Activities: Enjoy activities like hiking, fishing, boating, and camping.
  • National Park Lodges: Stay in cozy lodges within the park for an immersive experience.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky mountain national park, colorado.

Nestled amidst the towering peaks of the Colorado Rockies, Rocky Mountain National Park beckons adventurers with its rugged terrain and diverse ecosystems.

The park offers a plethora of activities such as hiking trails that lead to breathtaking alpine lakes, perfect for an invigorating dip on a summer day.

Wildlife viewing is exceptional, with chances to spot elk, bighorn sheep, and maybe even a moose.

Don’t miss the scenic drive along Trail Ridge Road, where you can witness the park’s beauty from the comfort of your car.

San Francisco, California

San francisco skyline at sunset.

Discover the vibrant city of San Francisco, where iconic landmarks, diverse neighborhoods, and a rich cultural scene await you.

Whether you’re exploring the historic streets or admiring the views from Twin Peaks, there’s something for everyone in this bustling city.

Here are some must-do activities during your visit:

  • Visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge
  • Explore the lively neighborhoods like Chinatown and the Mission District
  • Indulge in fresh seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Take a stroll through the vibrant Ferry Building Marketplace
  • Catch a glimpse of the sea lions at Pier 39

Finger Lakes, New York

A river surrounded by colorful fall foliage.

Explore the picturesque Finger Lakes region in upstate New York, where stunning landscapes and world-class wineries await your discovery.

The Finger Lakes, with its eleven long, narrow lakes, offer the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts and wine lovers alike.

Take a leisurely drive along the scenic routes, stopping at charming small towns like Skaneateles and Geneva.

Enjoy a boat cruise on one of the serene lakes or go hiking in the lush green surroundings of Watkins Glen State Park.

Olympic National Park, Washington

A moss covered tree in a foggy forest.

With its diverse ecosystems and stunning natural beauty, Olympic National Park in Washington offers a unique and immersive outdoor experience for visitors.

The park boasts lush rainforests, rugged coastline, and majestic mountains all in one place.

Here are five reasons why Olympic National Park is one of the the best places to visit in July United States:

Denali National Park, Alaska

A large mountain with snow capped peaks in the background.

Denali, home to the tallest peak in North America, offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Imagine hiking through tundra, keeping an eye out for grizzly bears, caribou, and Dall sheep.

The park’s six million acres are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with activities like camping, backpacking, and wildlife viewing at every turn.

The chance to see the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky adds a touch of magic to your summer visit.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the untamed beauty of Denali National Park this July.

Central Park, New York

Central park in new york city.

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, Central Park beckons visitors with its lush greenery, iconic landmarks, and vibrant atmosphere.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this urban oasis:

  • Bethesda Terrace and Fountain: A picturesque spot for photos and people-watching.
  • Central Park Zoo: Home to a variety of animals and fun for all ages.
  • The Mall and Literary Walk: A tree-lined promenade with statues of famous literary figures.
  • Boat rides on the lake: Relaxing pedal boat or gondola rides with stunning views.
  • Conservatory Garden: A peaceful escape with beautifully manicured flowers and plants.

Central Park offers a perfect mix of nature and culture right in the middle of the bustling city.

Millennium Park, Chicago

Cloud gate, chicago, illinois.

Discover the vibrant heart of Chicago at Millennium Park, a bustling urban oasis filled with iconic landmarks and cultural attractions.

Marvel at the famous Cloud Gate sculpture, affectionately known as ‘The Bean,’ where you can snap unique photos reflecting the city’s skyline.

Stroll through Lurie Garden, a peaceful haven bursting with colorful blooms and native plants.

Don’t miss the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, an architectural masterpiece hosting free outdoor concerts in the summer.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Grand teton national park, wyoming.

Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Jackson Hole, a picturesque valley nestled in the heart of Wyoming known for its breathtaking mountain vistas and outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or seeking a peaceful retreat, Jackson Hole offers something for everyone.

Be sure to visit the charming town of Jackson, where you can shop for unique souvenirs and dine at delicious local restaurants.

  • Explore Grand Teton National Park
  • Whitewater rafting on Snake River
  • Hiking through alpine meadows
  • Wildlife spotting opportunities
  • Visit the town of Jackson

Salt Lake City, Utah

Photograph - salt lake city sunset fine art print.

Located in the heart of Utah, Salt Lake City beckons visitors with its unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and rich history.

In July, the city comes alive with a variety of outdoor activities. Explore the stunning landscapes at Antelope Island State Park or take a scenic drive up to Big Cottonwood Canyon for some hiking or mountain biking.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the iconic Temple Square or catch a performance at the renowned Utah Symphony.

Charlotte, North Carolina

The skyline of charlotte, north carolina at sunset.

In the month of July, Charlotte comes alive with the vibrant spirit of summer.

The Queen City, nestled in the heart of the state, experiences warm temperatures and an abundance of outdoor activities during this time.

Residents and visitors alike can explore the lush green spaces of Freedom Park or take a leisurely stroll through the iconic Romare Bearden Park.

July brings a sense of celebration to Charlotte, with various events and festivals offering a taste of the city’s rich culture and diverse community.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las vegas at night with the eiffel tower.

Las Vegas unfolds as a sizzling spectacle in the heart of the desert.

Known for its scorching temperatures, the city embraces the heat with an energy that’s uniquely Las Vegas.

The iconic Strip shimmers under the summer sun, and the city’s legendary entertainment scene heats up with world-class shows, concerts, and performances.

July also brings patriotic fervor with Independence Day celebrations, including spectacular firework displays illuminating the desert sky.

Charleston, South Carolina

An aerial view of charleston, south carolina at sunset.

Seeing Charleston in July unveils the city’s southern charm under the warm embrace of summer.

Known for its historic cobblestone streets and antebellum architecture, Charleston becomes a picturesque haven during this month.

The vibrant greenery of its lush gardens, such as the iconic Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, provides a serene backdrop for leisurely strolls and historical exploration.

July also brings a lively atmosphere to the city with events such as the Spoleto Festival USA, showcasing a rich tapestry of arts and culture.

Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia city hall, philadelphia, pennsylvania.

In the month of July, Philadelphia, awakens with a patriotic fervor, echoing the spirit of American independence.

The iconic Liberty Bell, housed in Independence National Historical Park, stands as a timeless symbol of freedom and resilience.

Early morning in Philadelphia during July unveils a quiet grace as the city prepares for a day of historic exploration.

As the sun rises, casting a golden glow on the city’s historic landmarks, visitors and locals alike can immerse themselves in the rich history that permeates the air.

This makes for one of the best places to visit in July United States!

Seattle, Washington

A view of the seattle skyline from atop a hill.

Seattle in July comes alive with a vibrant energy, and the iconic Pike Place Market stands at the heart of the city’s summer buzz.

As the sun graces the Pacific Northwest, the market becomes a lively spectacle of colors and aromas.

The famous fish-throwing vendors add an element of entertainment to the lively atmosphere.

With the Market’s stalls overflowing with seasonal delights, from juicy berries to artisanal cheeses, July becomes a perfect time to explore and savor the diverse flavors of the region.

Big Sur, California

Big sur, california.

Visiting Big Sur, California, unveils its rugged coastal beauty in full splendor.

Nestled between the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this iconic stretch of coastline becomes a captivating haven for nature enthusiasts.

The weather is mild, with a gentle breeze sweeping through the towering redwoods that frame the scenic landscape.

It offers an ideal time to explore the numerous hiking trails, admire the breathtaking vistas from McWay Falls, and bask in the tranquility of Pfeiffer Beach.

Portland, Oregon

An aerial view of the portland skyline with mt hood in the background.

Portland awakens to the embrace of long, sunlit days and a bustling energy that characterizes the Pacific Northwest summer.

Known for its vibrant cultural scene and lush greenery, the City of Roses becomes a lively hub of outdoor activities and eclectic events during this time.

The waterfront comes alive with festivals, food markets, and live performances, creating a dynamic atmosphere along the Willamette River.

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion national park, zion national park, zion national park, zion national park, zion national park, zion national park,.

Zion National Park in Utah is a stunning beauty beneath the warm sun and clear skies.

Known for its towering red sandstone cliffs, slot canyons, and diverse landscapes, Zion transforms into a mesmerizing playground for outdoor enthusiasts during this time.

The Virgin River flows gently through the canyon, offering a refreshing respite for those seeking to cool off in the midst of the summer heat.

July’s warm temperatures make it an ideal month for exploring the park’s natural wonders, from the emerald pools to the majestic Zion Canyon.

Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

A waterfall surrounded by yellow leaves and trees.

In the month of July, Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota transforms into a mesmerizing landscape of natural beauty and outdoor adventures.

Known for its stunning rock formations, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls, the canyon becomes a haven for nature enthusiasts during the summer season.

The warm July sun bathes the canyon in a golden glow, enhancing the vibrant greenery and creating an inviting atmosphere for exploration.

Visitors can hike along the scenic trails, discovering hidden gems like Bridal Veil Falls and Roughlock Falls, where the cool mountain waters provide a refreshing escape.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A city skyline at sunset with a bridge over a river.

In the lively month of July, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, embraces the warmth of summer with a vibrant energy that resonates throughout the city.

Nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee becomes a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and culture seekers alike.

The city’s iconic lakefront comes alive with festivals, live music, and waterfront activities, creating a dynamic atmosphere for locals and visitors to enjoy.

From the bustling Milwaukee Riverwalk to the historic Third Ward, the city’s diverse neighborhoods offer a blend of art, culinary delights, and rich history.

Grand Canyon National Park

red rocks in grand canyon

Grand Canyon National Park transforms into a mesmerizing landscape of natural wonders and awe-inspiring vistas.

The canyon, carved by the mighty Colorado River, basks in the summer sun, casting a warm glow over its rugged cliffs and majestic rock formations.

While the temperatures can be warm during the day, the clear skies and extended daylight hours create an ideal setting for exploration.

Hiking enthusiasts can venture into the canyon on well-maintained trails, such as the Bright Angel Trail, to experience the unique ecosystems and geological wonders up close.

Final Thoughts: Best Places to Visit in July United States

July in the United States invites travelers to embrace a great time exploring the top places for the best summer vacations.

From lush golf courses to iconic landmarks, the diverse experiences cater to every taste.

Whether reveling in the best things each destination has to offer or simply savoring the vibrant summer ambiance, July becomes a tapestry of unforgettable moments.

These handpicked destinations ensure a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, making every visit a unique and cherished experience.

So, seize the summer spirit, embark on a journey to discover the top places in the USA, and create memories that will linger long after the warm July days have passed.

Best places to visit in july in the usa.

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