25+ Best Shoes For Nursing School

Finding the right pair of shoes for nursing school and for what is about to come as healthcare professionals, sometimes might be tedious and frustrating.

Do not stress out anymore!

As always, we are here to simplify your search and make you feel secure about your next shoe acquisition.

Your doubts will disappear once you read the complete scoop of the 25 Best Nursing School Shoes that we investigated and put together for you!

25+ Best Shoes For Nursing School

1. Snibbs Women’s Spacecloud Work Sneaker

First up is a great sneaker that’s sustainable, comfortable, and slip-resistant, the Snibbs Women’s Spacecloud Work Sneaker! Made from nearly 100% recycled materials, this sneaker is also vegan and built for all-day comfort. Custom formulated Ortholite® insoles provide long-lasting support, while robust materials and a slip-on design make this shoe both durable and easy to wear.

Plus, the adjustable lace option gives you the perfect fit every time. Whether you’re on your feet all day at work or exploring new trails on the weekend, the Snibbs Women’s Spacecloud Work Sneaker is sure to become your new go-to shoe.

2. Snibbs Men’s Spacecloud Work Sneaker

The Snibbs Men’s Spacecloud Work Sneaker is the perfect choice for those who want a versatile and sustainable sneaker. Made from nearly 100% recycled materials, this sneaker is 100% vegan and built for all-day comfort.

With a slip resistant and water resistant design, this sneaker is perfect for any work environment. The custom-formulated Ortholite insole provides long-lasting comfort, while the robust materials and slip-on design with adjustable lace option provide lasting durability. Guys will love these comfortable and stylish shoes!

3. Sketchers Arch fit

Skechers shoes are one of the most recognized brands within the work industry regardless of the field. This is why it is worth mentioning that they are also one of the most popular brands among nursing schools and professionals. 

Their prices are more accessible, and they meet the necessary requirements to perform an excellent job. 

The Skechers Arc fit is the perfect shoe for people with high arches. 

They also provide a variety of colors.

With stain-resistant finish technology, and they are easy to slip on because of their stretchy lace top straps.

4. HOKA ONE Women’s Bondi 7

HOKA is another brand accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association that recognizes products that are beneficial for overall healthy feet. 

The HOKA One Bondi 7 is the most cushioned shoe of their entire line.

This shoe gives plenty of support, has a breathable mesh upper construction, and memory foam insole for optimal comfort. 

These are excellent choices for medical students because they are very supportive.

You can also wear them on a daily basis based on their design and variety of fun colors. 

No doubt these are one of the best shoes for nursing school.

5. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Brooks shoes are one of the most highly rated on amazon stores. They are one of the best running shoes for 12-hour shifts. 

These shoes are lightweight with cushioning and great support technology that prevents knee injury and adds for a secure fit. 

Featuring a wide range of colors, prints, designs, and are high quality shoes at a very reasonable price. 

Perfect for nursing school and those who walk miles daily and don’t want to carry around a heavy uncomfortable shoe!

6. OrthoFeet Women’s Sneakers

The OrthoFeet shoe is onsidered to be one of the most stylish orthopedic shoe brands. It has an ergonomic design, specially made for plantar fasciitis, promotes great arch support, wide fit, and soft upper mesh.

The extra support foam padding is great for people with sensitive feet that suffer of heel pain, diabetes, and neuropathy. 

They are also recommended for flat feet and all those that have any health problems from standing on their feet for long hours. 

Moreover, they also come in different colors and could be one of the right shoes for you!

7. On-The-Clock Clog Crocs

Crocs shoes are a popular choice for healthcare professionals. They are comfortable, easy to clean, waterproof, and are easy to slip-on which is convenient for those busy days. 

The On-The-Clock crocs are the best white shoes for nurses because they have an upper wide design that ensures airflow on your toes. Plus great cushion which eases sore feet.

The best part is that they always range at very affordable prices.

8. ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

If you are looking for a running shoe design and comfort in mind the ASICS Gel-Venture 7 are the right pair for you. 

These shoes are perfect for people who run around all day in a clinical setting. The perfect all day wear shoe.

They have shock absorption soles provided by their GEL cushioning system, breathable fabric, durable rubber outsole, and super lightweight. 

The prices are reasonable for nursing students and is a very supportive shoe that offers this design in all black as well!

9. Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Training Shoe

The Fila Memory Workshift training shoes are one of the best options for work and male nurses because of its design. 

This versatile unisex shoe takes care of your safety without scarifying comfort and wallet at the same time. 

The soft leather upper part of the sneaker provides protection and durability, as well as slip resistance.

They are the right nursing shoe that gives you security during long hours of work.

10. Dr. Scholl’s Slip On Shoes

These slip-on shoes from Dr Scholl’s are among the favorites of many healthcare workers. They are flexible, comfortable, lightweight, and look very professional. 

They do not absorb fluids. Its design is especially clean, sleek, with smooth finish touch which is a feature that describes their high-quality materials.

In addition, these shoes on the inside provide softness because of the faux leather texture and padding cushion that adapts to the foot.

It giives more responsive support, deliver proteccion and shock absorbance thanks to their non-slip rubber outsoles.

11. Nurse Mates Velocity Medical Professional shoe

If you are looking to walk on clouds this is the best shoe option for you! 

These are a sneaker style shoe perfect for nursing students. This versatile look has definitely become a favorite pair of shoes for people who work for hours on their feet. 

One of the most important factors of these shoes is that they are made out of full-grain premium leather upper and rubber soles to deliver extra protection. 

In addition, they give excellent support thanks to its cushioned insole and adjustable laces that adapt to the foot. The price is moderate, but they are high-quality shoes with a variety of colors.

12. Nurse Mates Dorin Slip-Ons

The perfect white nursing shoe could not be other than this one! 

If you are one of the people who prefer the classic but safe new pair of nurse shoes, then the best option are these Nurse Mates Dorin Slip-Ons

A few of the qualities of these shoes are that they also offer multi-lateral corrective orthopedic support with a padded collar for optimal comfort.

They are stain-resistant, have stability from shock-absorbing feature, and the inside lining mesh promotes breathability.

They look so clean and professional! 

Plus, they come in 4 neutral colors plus one floral print design.

13. Nike Air Zoom Pulse 

Sometimes people rely on brands that are better known or that they have already tried before and liked their performance. 

For instance, the Nike brand developed this great pair of shoes especially thinking in the needs of a healthcare professional. 

The line Nike Air Zoom Pulse presents the best tennis shoes tested by nurses coming in 4 different colors.

They offer soft cushioning for superior comfort, slip-on design for easy on and off, water-resistant synthetic material, washing machine convenience, and flexible rubber sole ensuring natural step movement.

14. Nike Adapt Auto Max

If you are one of those who love gadgets and modern styles of shoes. Nike developed this particular unisex pair of futuristic sneakers that are great shoes with personalized fit. 

The Nike Adapt Auto Max shoes have a particular technology that molds to every curve of the foot in order to provide plenty of support and comfort. 

They are extremely light, have breathable stretchy mesh upper, padded instep collar, a midsole that connects with the heel and gives more stability, and more that makes them a good pair of shoes to wear in the medical field.

15. LaForst Rachel Clogs

LaForst Rachel Clogs are one of the best nursing shoes that are available on Amazon as affordable and comfortable as they could be. 

Featuring durable shoes with a rubber sole, leather upper for protection and breathability, easy slip on, roomy toe box, memory foam cushion insole, and they are slip and fluid resistant. 

They come in more than 35 different colors and fun prints, costing no more than $60 dollars!

16. New Balance Walking Shoe

With almost a FIVE STAR rating on Amazon and more than 11,000 reviews, the New Balance classic white sneakers are one of preferred nursing shoes.

 These walking shoes provide an amount of support and comfort needed for those that happen to be on their feet for long days. 

They are such a reliable everyday good shoe with soft lining, cushioned insoles, excellent support, durable outsoles, made out of premium leather and airy mesh material in order to maintain feet comfortable and secure. 

They might last you through all the practices at nursing school and what is about to come in your healthcare future.

17. Nurse Mates Dove White Leather

Nurse Mates are a popular choice among medical professionals, and they usually have the best white shoes that are mostly acclaimed in the field of nursing.

For example, these Nurse Mates Dove are made out of premium leather to resist long wear, have removable footbeds, tempered steel shanks that give lateral support, lightweight flexible material, rubber outsoles, and are easy to clean. 

They are also available at Walmart where you can find them at a great price and see more styles and colors.

18. Cherokee Infinity footwear

Infinity by Cherokee is an athletic inspired brand for healthcare professionals. 

Not only do they have amazing performance clothing for the operating room but carry great shoes as well. 

The Flow Athletic shoes give knowledgeable comfort and support because they have innovative molded EVA and Orthopedic midsoles.

As well as oil and slip-resistant outsole, genuine leather upper, removable insoles for easy cleaning and customization, moisture wicking, and claims to diminish the production of bacteria. 

They are mostly available at stores such as Scrubs & Beyond and Uniform City. Take a look at the other styles and colors they handle! 

19. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

These are a very versatile pair of sneakers that look great either at the gym or running labs on hospital floors. 

Healthcare workers recommend these shoes because they are long lasting, have slip-on design with adjustable stretchy laces, rubber outsoles, breathable mesh upper,  and extra cloudfoam cushioning in order to hug the foot and give superior comfort. 

These are good shoes that are reliable, have more than 30 colors to pick from, and are an excellent choice for nursing school.

20. Timberland PRO Renova Slip-On

Timberland is a brand recognized for its excellent performance in heavy-duty jobs.

Therefore, if we consider that working in the medical field is also a demanding job, I do not see why we couldn’t trust the reliable Timberland shoes

This clog style shoe by Timberland was introduced for nurses that expect advanced protection and comfort. 

They are characterized for their genuine leather construction, rubber durable sole, and anti-microbial technology.

There high arch support, ample toe room, comfortable design, easy to clean and slide-on convenience,make it one of the most comfortable shoes.

21. Saucony ProGrid Integrity Walking shoe

Saucony ProGrid Integrity Walking shoe is another white nurse sneaker made out of 100% full-grain leather.

It promotes durable construction to last a long time. 

Indeed, they are the perfect white shoes with cushion upper collar, breathable mesh interior, rubber material outsoles with grip tread traction, lightweight design, molded compression for optimal support and comfort. 

These are one of the best shoes for nursing school because of the simplicity and durability of their style they can be worn on a daily basis.

22. KLOGS Mission Closed-back Nursing Clog

Another fun Clog style Nursing shoe that has several colors and prints options to choose from.

You’ll no longer have to sacrifice comfort on the hard surfaces of hospital floors. 

These styles of shoes come in handy when you have an important event and what to look professional or simply what to be dressier without punishing your pocket. 

They are constructed of high-quality leather upper in oiled or regular textures, synthetic materials for the sole, cushioned removable insoles, arch support, slip-resistant, and are available on Amazon in 30 different colors.

23. Reebook Work N Cushion 4.0

The Reebook Work N Cushion 4.0 sneakers are the basic white shoes needed for the medical field when you are a nursing student. 

They are reliable, classic, affordable and incredibly comfortable. 

These shoes are designed with wide fit so it prevents blisters and calluses obtained from friction.

They have cushioned memory foam midsoles that support the heels in every step, rubber outsole, and oil resistant leather and synthetic materials. 

These are good pairs of shoes that will last through the transition from nursing student to working with patients.

24. Avia Avi-Union 

The AVIA Avi-Union sneakers gives the right amount of protection to healthcare workers because of their oil and slip-resistant outsole.

They are water resistant, have removable vinyl acetate insoles, shock-absorbing midsole, and superior cushioning to adjust to your feet correctly. 

Made out of 100% high-quality synthetic materials they are one of the favorites for many in the medical field.

25. S Sport by Skechers Kamaryn Arch Comfort Performance Sneakers

If you are looking for shoes that are comfy, flexible, and breathable then take a look at these S Sport by Sneakers available at Target stores! 

These shoes are the perfect accompaniment in your path to become a registered nurse.

They have a modern style look and can be worn with medical uniforms or your favorite pair of jeans. 

Moreover, they count with an arch comfort feature to hold on the feet for long hours and have rubber soles giving slip-resistance. 

Their knit mesh upper fabric provides air flow and lightness, helping battling feet pain. And last but not least, they can be machine washed which is a convenient time saver for nursing students.

26. Sock Sneakers

These mesh slip on sock sneakers are lightweight, comfortable, and flexible just like a sock.

These shoes are perfect for long shifts and standing. With its preforated arch for ventilation and breathability this shoe is suitable for just about anything.

Specififcally designed for nurses in mind these are a great option and the perfect work shoes!

The great thing is they also come in 30 other colors, the best sneakers for nurses.

27.  Dansko Clogs Shoes

Dansko shoes are loved by many medical professionals, not only because of their great variety of colors and designs. 

They are considered one of the most comfortable shoes in the healthcare industry.

They are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

The Dansko Professional clog shoes feature a wide toe box providing ample space for your toes.

They will fit comfortably, the soles are durable, and they are also genuine leather shoes.

Nursing School Shoes

Regardless of the style or color of shoes, you are looking to wear, it is essential that you take into account comfort and protection.

When it comes to making a decision to buy the right pair of shoes for nursing you have to shop carefully.

Healthcare professionals recommend wearing shoes that have an enclosed design to safeguard your feet from oils, water, bodily fluids and even from sharp objects that could hurt the skin.

Also, the shoes have to be cushioned, lightweight, and durable to avoid slipping caused by different substances on hospital floors, so you can work efficiently or run errands while in nursing school. 

You’ll want to find the best comfortable nursing shoes for you and these are on the market today!

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