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25 Best Snowboarding Movies and Documentaries

Let’s take it back to the winter season as we get ready to warm up with the start of summer with the best snowboarding and ski films. For all of our winter sports fans, here’s the scoop on the best snowboarding movies and documentaries! 

These action-packed films take the audiences on a thrilling road trip and other adventures around the world featuring unique and beautiful terrains.

Best Snowboarding Movies

person snowboarding down slope

1. Jeremy Jones’ Further – Teton Gravity Research (2012)

This fascinating documentary from Teton Gravity Research explores the most remote mountains around the world. Moreover, Jeremy Jones pushes the limits of human endurance in an unridden mountain country.

It’s no doubt that this is one of the most amazing snowboard DVDs to have in your collection.

2. Art of Flight (2011)

Taking the second spot on this list is a Curt Morgan directed movie that follows professional snowboarder Travis Rice as well as John Jackson and Mark Landvik in the mountain terrains of British Columbia. Art of Flight pushes the limits of what can be achieved in the snow.

The film provides different perspectives than normal sports documentaries to offer an edge that makes it one of the best snowboarding documentaries. 

3. Full Moon (2017)

Watch a full female snowboarding cast in this 45 minute documentary. Full Moon features some big names in the sport that are known around North America such as Leanne Pelosi and Robin Van Gyn.

Aside from the rushing go-pro style footage in the North Pacific, the film also discusses the impact these women have had on the landscape of snowboarding and the future of the sport.

The film challenges viewers to have open minds when thinking of the great snowboarders. 

4. The Crash Reel (2013)

Kevin Pearce in The Crash Reel (2013)
 © Dean Blotto Gray Blotto Photto

Here is a documentary that explores the highs, and the lowest depths of extreme sports. It explores the journey of Kevin Pearce, a highly touted Olympian who is known for pushing boundaries with his rival, Shaun White.

In preparation for a chance at taking home gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics, he suffers a traumatic brain injury that would bring his snowboarding career to a halt. 

5. Chalet Girl (2011)

Felicity Jones stars in this romantic comedy where she plays the role of a talented skateboarder. After the death of her mom, her focus shifts towards supporting her dad by working a job at a ski resort where she learns to snowboard.

In doing so, feelings start to emerge between her and her boss leading to a romantic relationship. 

6. Out Cold (2001)

For a lighthearted movie, take a look at the 2001 comedy, Out Cold. This movie is about laid back staff at a ski resort finding out their owner is selling the resort.

The movie stars Zach Galifianakis, Lee Majors, and Jason London. Furthermore, the group not only faces carefree memories but also the possibility of losing the fun ski resort in their small mountain town. 

7. Let it Ride – Craig Kelly Story (2008)

A documentary covering the life of free riding legend Craig Kelly. Let It Ride showcases a number of achievements in his career including earning 4 world championships.

The film is dedicated to the legacy he built for himself before an avalanche accident would take his life on the fateful night of January 20, 2003.

8. The Fourth Phase (2016)

The Fourth Phase (2016) official poster
The Fourth Phase (2016)

Go on another new journey with Travis Rice through multiple years of footage covering the iconic snowboarder once again. This film also features accomplished athletes like Mark Landvik and Bryan Iguchi and Victor De Le Rue.

This is one of the best snowboard videos with the best part of the film showcasing beautiful shots in 4K resolution and innovative angles.

They visit a variety of landscapes, such as New Zealand, Germany, the U.S., and many more. 

9. That’s it That’s all (2008)

Director Curt Morgan earns another entry on the list for the directorial debut of his first full film, with appearances from Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, and Jake Blauvelt.

The crew is on the hunt for new tricks and thrills and it’s hard not to put this on the list as two of the best snowboarders of all time put their talent on display. 

10. The Future of Yesterday (2018)

If you want a wild and raw look at snowboarding, this short documentary with the best riders is filled with entertainment.

The film captures the feeling of speeding down the snow pikes and shows the rush and excitement these extreme athletes get. It’s impressive how fun they make such a difficult task look. 

11. Winter Break (2003)

A group of best friends who just graduated college tries to figure out what their next step is going to be in their life.

Living in Aspen, the decision was easy for them to take a break from the stress of career hunting to ski and snowboard while pursuing hot older women and romantic relationships.

This movie follows in the footsteps of many titles with the booming trend of dating cougars. 

12. BOOM – Nitro Snowboard (2016)

The Nitro Snowboard group sets out to show the fun times and new opportunities that arise when traveling around to snowboard. It takes a step away from the normal spectacle of a snowboarding film to appreciate all the things in between.

Nitro Snowboards is all about going against the norms of society. They’ve grown into a full brand that prides itself on respect for the sport, the fans, and the environment. 

13. First Descent (2005)

This is a full movie documentary that represents 3 different generations of snowboarders to show the progression of snowboarding from the 80s to the 2000s.

This makes it one of the best snowboard movies for lovers of the sport who are into different perspectives. The film includes Shaun White, Travis Rice, and Shawn Farmer, along with other accomplished riders. 

14. Higher The Final Chapter (2010)

Jeremy Jones' Higher (2014) official poster
Jeremy Jones’ Higher (2014)

A documentary of recognition for one of the most impactful free riders to grace the snow is sure to keep you engaged. It’s a heartwarming affair that acts as a passing of the torch to the newcomers of the time.

Jeremy Jones has dominated big mountains and is commonly recognized as the best snowboarder to ride at Lake Tahoe ski resorts. He goes back to where it all started for him in Jackson Hole bringing everything full circle. 

15. Dear Rider (2019)

This is an essential watch if you need a refresher on the history of snowboarding. The special film covers the life of the late Jake Carpenter who is responsible for creating the snowboards that are used today.

His impact goes without saying, and his legacy lives through his family business. A great telling of a story that is inspiring to watch for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

16. The Spark Within (2021)

Get immersed in a full length documentary about one of the best female snowboarders in recent history. Anna Gasser has made so many strides for the sport leading to international recognition.

Learn about what has driven her thus far, despite picking up the snowboard later than other professionals who have been in the sport since high school. 

17. Day Maker (2022)

Released just last year, the annual installment of director Warren Miller’s snowboarding catalog follows a number of skiers to vast and various mountains. From Olympic mountains in Greece, and Switzerland, all the way to Canada.

The new film also visits the national brotherhood of Skiers and explores one of the biggest events of the winter season. 

18. Beacon (2018)

Let’s take a break from the legacy snowboarders, and look at one of the new up and coming snowboarders. The French Canadian, Louif Paradis is quickly becoming a respected snowboarder amongst his peers.

Spend one hour learning the mindset behind a representative of the new wave of snowboarders. 

19. Horgasm: A True Love Story (2012)

The passion and connection that a professional has with the thrills of snowboarding is an interesting concept. Can the adrenaline and rush of it all be damaging?

The journey for Tortstein Horgmo has been quite unique, through battling setbacks and obstacles, he still finds love for the sport. 

20. As the Crow Flies (2018)

A star cast in the realm of snowboarding graces the screens to take you on a journey to find the best and most unique snow locations.

Gigi Rüf, Elias Elhardt, and Kazuhiro Kokubo all take off on a fun and rushing journey through unknown places around the globe. 

21. Days of My Youth (2014)

The idea of self discovery is heavily explored in this Matchstick Production. As mentioned in the title, the joys that bring out the child-like reactions in free riders around the globe are the big takeaway from the film.

A good way to describe this great snowboarding movie is a community project reaching snowboarders of different levels and places. 

22. Afterbang (2016)

A true pioneer for the best ski and snowboarding movies, this Robot Food Production debut film is a fan favorite snowboarding movie that changed the way documentaries and the best snowboarding videos are filmed today.

Free rider Travis Parker is a big reason for the success of the film and the trilogy to be, showcasing moves that take a step away from the usual ‘big air’ death defying tricks that viewers find familiar.

This creative choice ultimately led to a trilogy of one of the best movie showcases. Robot Food created an atmosphere for people to go out and pick up snowboarding themselves.

23. K2 (1991)

Jake Meyer in K2 (1991)
© K2 siren of the Himalayas

Based on a true story, a crew of U.S. mountain climbers aim to do the impossible. They prepare to climb the second largest mountain in the world, K2.

The mountain is known to have taken the lives of multiple climbers, standing as one of the hardest mountains to summit due to its height and massive winter storm.

The movie stars Michael Biehn as the lead in the portrayal of the first Americans to climb the monstrous mountain. If you’ve kept up with snowboarding, K2 is visited by many snowboarder’s now, one notable name is Mark Wilson. 

24. The Ultimate Ride (2008)

Olympic gold medalist Shaun White takes you through the slopes of Japan as he tours around the country. His goal is to get away from all the media attention in his rise to notoriety.

In one magic hour, this classic film takes you back to his roots as a young man at only 21 years old. On his way to becoming the next best thing. 

25. Johnny Tsunami (1999)

In the popular late 90s to early 2000s Disney original movie era, this movie can be underappreciated when stacked up against so many iconic Disney films.

This classic snowboard film shows the challenges of a talented Hawaiian teenage surfer, Johnny Kapahala, switching terrains from water to snow in order to fit in with the Ski crowd in Vermont. 

Best Snowboarding Movies Guide

We hope you had a blast going through our list of the best snowboarding movies. Maybe it will inspire you to descend onto the snow slopes sometime!

For more on snowboarding and skiing, Red Bull TV is home to a variety of short films covering exciting athletes and extreme sports. Watch Matchstick Productions In Deep and Silver Wolf which involves an old nephew and a snowboarding accident.

You can also watch We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding for another true story.

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