Best Tweets About Hamilton Coming to Disney+

July 3rd. A day that will live in infamy as the day that Hamilton was released on Disney+! Let it be known, that when the OBC cast album was released, fifteen-year-old me did not know what to do with herself. I have stifled memories of my theatre class singing “My Shot” in the dressing room have resurfaced. And let me just say, that was a low for me. However, with this new release, we can all have our nerdy moment from the comfort of our living rooms, while scrolling through a plethora of Hamilton tweets!

While even five years after its’ release, Hamilton may be already behind the times, the show opened doors for BIPOC on stage. Broadway still has a lot of work to do without a doubt. However, public access to the musical allows the chance for many to be exposed to theatre in a way they never have.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite tweets about Hamilton!

The hours leading up to the release were KILLER.

This is my formal thank you to the Hamilton Documentary on PBS for getting me to this day.

I have to say, snuggling up with my five pillows, a bowl of popcorn, and the heat of my laptop is the way to do it!

Theatre from the comfort of your own home is a very fun experience. And the tweets about Hamilton only make it better.

My tears over this are unsurprising considering I cried when the trailer dropped.

As a twenty-year-old woman, I feel connected to these 30-year-old women.

People who have seen it before are preparing to get hurt once again. That is the power of theatre, kid.

If you aren’t feeling all the emotions after listening to “It’s Quiet Uptown” I am worried for you.

“It is about the founding fathers…and it is hip-hop…but it is a musical. But no, I swear it is really good”

A sentence 15-year old me said a lot.

It took a certain kind of strength to stay up until the release time. But these tweets from Hamilton fans show that it was worth it.

Shout out to those on the east coast for waiting until 3 a.m.

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Ah yes, who could forget the lack of accessibility to the theatre.

Not going to lie, this one hit a little too close to home.

Why yes, I did sing under my breath so my neighbors wouldn’t hear me. How’d you know?

And finally, succumbing to giving a large corporation money because of this show!

Get the Scoop!

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