Best Weight Watchers Popcorn Options with Points

Popcorn is one of the best naturally low-calorie snacks. Like many other snacks, can range in nutritional health. If you’re on weight watchers this Weight Watchers Popcorn Point Guide has points for Blue, Green, and Purple plans.

From traditional brands like Pop-Secret to low-calorie options like Skinny Pop, we have it listed for you. For those of you who are simply looking for low-calorie treats, you’ll love our list of Low-Calorie Snacks that Taste AMAZING!

Weight Watchers Popcorn Options with Points

There’s a huge variety that allows everyone to find something that works for them.

If you have ever wondered how many weight watchers points are in popcorn? Continue reading for the scoop on weight watchers popcorn points.


2-3 Points

4-5 Points


2-3 Points

4-5 Points


2-3 Points

4-5 Points

Check out all of our Weight Watchers tips. With these guides and determination, there’s no doubt about you reaching your goals.

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