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75+ Best White Elephant Christmas Gifts Under $20

You’re hunting for the best white elephant Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank?

You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled a trendy, tech-savvy list of unique gifts, all under $20.

Get ready to steal the show at your next Christmas gathering with our selection of innovative, budget-friendly finds.

Dive in, and let’s make this year’s white elephant exchange the most memorable yet!

A group of friends sitting around a Christmas tree exchanging white elephant gifts.

75+ Best White Elephant Gift Ideas to Buy in 2023

As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation of festive gatherings and gift exchanges fills the air.

When it comes to the lighthearted tradition of White Elephant gift exchanges, the quest for the best and most amusing presents begins.

From funny white elephant gifts that elicit laughter to practical gifts that surprise and delight the giftee, the possibilities are as diverse as the participants themselves.

In the era of TikTok trends, the excitement around finding that perfect and memorable White Elephant gift is only heightened.

Get ready to navigate the world of hilarity and surprises as we delve into the realm of the best White Elephant Christmas gifts, where wit and charm take center stage.

White Elephant Gifts: An Overview

UV Light Sanitizer
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02/26/2024 06:05 am GMT

Often, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you need to buy a white elephant gift, and knowing what to choose can make all the difference.

Whether it’s for a white elephant gift exchange at work, a family gathering, or a friends’ party, you’re under the pressure to find the perfect white elephant gift that’s a blend of funny, unique, and affordable.

So, what’s the white elephant gift idea that’s on-trend, innovative, yet won’t break your bank? Think tech-savvy.

From smartphone sanitizers to quirky USB drives, the best white elephant Christmas gifts are ones that resonate with our digital age.

Remember, the best white elephant gift ideas aren’t just about laughs, but also usability and innovation.

Now, let’s dive into the white elephant exchange world.

Unearthing the White Elephant Origins

Before you dive into the hunt for the perfect white elephant gift, it’s intriguing to unearth the origins of this unique tradition, isn’t it?

The white elephant party is a modern iteration of a centuries-old gift exchange ritual.

Originating from the ancient kings of Siam (now Thailand), they gifted rare, burdensome white elephants to courtiers who displeased them.

Today, the concept has been reimagined into a fun, gag gift exchange. The best white elephant gifts, and indeed the best gifts in general, are those that elicit the biggest laughs.

The perfect gift for a white elephant party isn’t necessarily the most expensive or innovative, but it’s the one that’s most memorable.

So, as you sift through the best gift ideas, remember: the ideal white elephant gift is the one that gets the most chuckles.

White Elephant Exchange: Rules Simplified

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So, how exactly do you play this whimsical game of white elephant? It’s quite simple when you break it down.

This particular type of gift exchange starts with everyone bringing a wrapped gift.

Once everyone has gathered, you’ll draw numbers to decide who picks a gift first. You can either unwrap a new gift from the pile or steal an already opened gift from someone else.

Remember, a gift can be stolen only a certain number of times, so strategize wisely.

Opt for a gag gift to keep the game light, or perhaps you’ll prefer a secret Santa type of gift instead. Check our list of the best white elephant gifts under $20 for inspiration.

Enjoy the gift within this unique exchange!

Your Guide to Perfect Gift Selection

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook
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02/26/2024 06:10 am GMT

Choosing the right white elephant gift for your Christmas party doesn’t have to be a challenge, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

When it comes to gift ideas, being tech-savvy and trend-conscious is key. Uncommon goods are always a hit at a Yankee swap or Dirty Santa exchange.

A great white elephant gift under $20 might be an innovative gadget your coworker would appreciate, or perhaps a quirky holiday gift that’ll get everyone laughing.

Uncommon Goods for Gifting

6 Pcs Clear Crystal Ball Prism Sun Shine
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02/26/2024 06:13 am GMT

If you’re looking for a unique and affordable twist on Christmas gifting, we’ve got you covered with some unexpected, under-$20 treasures that’ll surely make the white elephant exchange more exciting.

Consider a new gift, a solar-powered rainbow maker. It’s a fun holiday gift that transforms sunlight into a dazzling array of colors, brightening up any room.

Want to give the gift without breaking the bank? How about a reusable shopping bag that folds into a tiny pouch? It’s a thoughtful gift that’s practical and eco-friendly.

A smart, affordable phone stand could be a great gift for anyone, offering a hands-free solution for video calls, movie watching, or recipe reading.

These are just a few gift ideas of uncommon goodies that’ll bring both surprise and delight.

Top Gifts: Popcorn Maker, Throw Blankets, Adult Coloring Books and Card Games

Waffle Funny Blanket
$18.39 $16.89
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02/26/2024 05:35 am GMT

Diving into our collection of 75 hilarious white elephant presents, you’ll find a multitude of laugh-inducing, yet budget-friendly gifts that continue the theme of surprise and delight from our uncommon goodies section.

You’re sure to find the best waffle-shaped throw blanket that doubles as a cozy conversation starter.

Or maybe a mug that morphs when heated, revealing a cheeky message to kick start your day.

For the gadget lovers, you can’t pass up the lightsaber chopsticks for an epic sushi night. Fancy some popcorn?

A unique gift set featuring a popcorn maker in the form of a retro cinema machine will certainly induce laughs.

For the creatives, an adult coloring book filled with absurdly hilarious scenes is perfect. Don’t forget a card game that guarantees belly-aching laughter.

Creative White Elephant Gifts: Chopsabers Lightsaber Chopsticks 

Lightsaber Chopsticks
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02/26/2024 05:39 am GMT

Continuing your search for the perfect white elephant gift, you’ll be amazed by the uniquely creative options available under $20.

Here are four innovative choices sure to brighten your giftee’s day and make you the first player in the exchange:

  1. Chopsabers Lightsaber Chopsticks: This set comes with two pairs. Be the recipient of this gift, and you’ll feel like you’re in a galaxy far, far away at dinner time.
  2. LED Word Clock: A gift like no other, it tells time in words, not numbers.
  3. Mini USB Fridge: Keeps your drink chilled right at your desk.
  4. Smartphone Projector: Turn your phone into a big screen.

If you purchase through our links, we may earn a commission. So, when she’s not writing, she’s curating uniquely creative white elephant gifts for you.

Tech Gadgets for White Elephant

Looking for a tech-savvy steal? You’ll be blown away by the range of budget-friendly tech gadgets for white elephant you can pick up for under $20.

One top pick is a compact Bluetooth speaker that comes in four different colors. It’s TikTok-approved, and the recipient can use it to amplify their favorite tunes or podcasts.

Plus, the set includes five dishwasher-safe silicone covers for easy cleaning and style-switching.

This tech gadget may earn you the title of ‘Best White Elephant Gift Giver’.

If the speaker isn’t enough, the set comes with five additional tech goodies, all under $20 and certain to delight any tech enthusiast.

Kitchen Gifts: Hot Chocolate Mug Kit, Mini Waffle Maker and More

You’ll be amazed at the array of  white elephant gifts you can buy for under $20. If you’re looking for something tech-savvy and trend-conscious, consider these innovative options:

  1. Mini Waffle Maker: This won’t take up too much space, and it’s small enough to fit in a stocking. Plus, the set comes with different color options.
  2. Chopstick Set: An elegant chopstick set includes a carrying case. It’s a sophisticated gift that’s also practical.
  3. Adult Coloring Book: These aren’t just for kids. Adult coloring books can be a great stress-reliever and creative outlet.
  4. Homemade Hot Chocolate Kit: This DIY set includes cocoa powder, marshmallows, and mugs. It’s a cozy gift that feels personal and thoughtful.

Each of these items offers a blend of uniqueness, utility, and affordability.

Thoughtful Gift Sets: Storm Cloud, Wine Popper and Sushi Kits

Storm Glass Weather Predictor
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02/26/2024 06:14 am GMT

If you’re seeking to make a deeper impression, consider these thoughtful white elephant gift sets that not only fit your budget but also carry a personal touch.

For the sushi lover in your life, a sushi making kit complete with a resistant to fraying bamboo mat and a guide book will be a hit.

This book, whose author’s work has been published internationally, is tech-savvy and trend-conscious.

For wine lovers, a wine bottle popper set paired with a storm cloud decanter can be an innovative and thoughtful gift.

The popper is designed with cutting-edge technology to preserve the wine’s quality. Lastly, an exquisite set of Bonne Maman preserves can sweeten the deal.

These thoughtful gift sets will surely elevate your white elephant game.

Hosting a Memorable White Elephant Gift Exchange

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While you’re busy selecting these thoughtful gifts, let’s not forget the importance of hosting a memorable gift exchange.

  1. Create a trendy, tech-savvy atmosphere. Use a smart speaker to play your favorite tunes, setting the tone for fun and camaraderie.
  2. Make it interactive. Use a digital spinning wheel app for selecting gift order – just like something you’d see on a game show!
  3. Make your space festive. Project a digital fireplace onto your TV; just a few inches can transform your living room into a cozy winter wonderland.
  4. Need even more ideas? Use an app to generate fun exchange rules, keeping guests on their toes and the energy high.

Party Planning for White Elephant

Echo Glow
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02/26/2024 06:19 am GMT

With the excitement of the gift exchange still fresh, let’s dive into the heart of your White Elephant party planning. You’re not just throwing a party; you’re creating an experience.

Use a digital platform like Evite or Paperless Post to send out trendy, eco-friendly invitations. Consider a theme that matches your chosen gifts, creating a cohesive atmosphere.

Use a smart speaker to set up a festive playlist that will run seamlessly throughout your event.

To keep the gift exchange fair and fun, use an online random number generator to determine the order in which guests choose their gifts.

Thematic Ideas for Funny White Elephant Gifts

Gourmet Popcorn Sampler Variety Pack
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02/26/2024 01:59 pm GMT

Thinking about throwing a themed White Elephant party, you’re in luck because there are countless creative ideas you can explore.

  1. Retro Tech: Encourage guests to bring gadgets from the past, like a Walkman or a Polaroid camera. It’s a fun way to relive the tech advancements of yesteryears.
  2. DIY Masterpieces: Challenge your friends’ creativity by asking them to make a gift. It could be anything from a knitted scarf to a homemade candle.
  3. Eco-friendly Approach: Ask your guests to bring presents that are sustainable or upcycled. It’s trendy and helps the planet too!
  4. Foodie Delight: Make it about unique, quirky, or gourmet food items. Who wouldn’t love a hot sauce sampler or a fancy popcorn seasoning set?

You’re not just planning a party, you’re curating an experience.

Fun Activities for Gift Exchange

Now, let’s dive into five exciting activities you can incorporate into your White Elephant gift exchange to make it even more enjoyable and memorable.

First, try ‘Gift Swap Trivia’, where you answer trendy pop-culture questions to claim a gift.

Second, ‘Steal-or-Deal’, a fun twist on the traditional swap, where you can either steal a gift or deal a surprise task.

Third, for tech-lovers, ‘QR Code Mystery’, where each gift comes with a QR code revealing its fate.

Fourth, ‘Gift Auction’, where you’ll bid on wrapped gifts using poker chips.

Lastly, ‘Dice Decide‘, where the roll of a digital dice determines what happens to your gift.

These innovative activities will surely make your gift exchange an unforgettable experience.

Setting the Stage: Exchange Rules

Games White Elephant Card Set
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After choosing one of these engaging activities for your White Elephant gift exchange, it’s crucial to clearly establish the rules of the game to ensure everyone has a fair and fun experience.

Here’s a tech-savvy, modern approach to traditional rules:

  • Digital Draw: Use a tech-savvy app to randomize the gift selection order. It’s innovative, fair, and adds a layer of excitement.
  • Gift Reveal: Unwrap gifts in the order of the digital draw. Make sure everyone can see the reveal, maybe even livestream it!
  • Steal or Swap: Opting for a steal? Once per round is the trendy rule. No hurt feelings and keeps things lively.
  • Round Robin: After the final gift is opened, the first player gets a chance to swap. This finale adds a fun twist.

Gift Wrapping Tips for White Elephant

The art of gift wrapping can turn your White Elephant present into a mysterious and exciting parcel, so here are some top tips to make your gift stand out.

  • Opt for tech-inspired wrapping paper that’s got a digital or futuristic print. You’re catering to a crowd that appreciates innovation.
  • Next, ditch traditional bows for 3D-printed ornaments. You can download designs online and print them at home if you’ve got a 3D printer. If not, local libraries or tech shops often offer this service.
  • Lastly, consider adding a QR code tag. It’s not only trendy but also interactive. The recipient can scan it to reveal a fun message or clue about the gift.

With these tips, you’ll have the coolest wrapped gift at the party.

Etiquette for White Elephant Gifting

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02/26/2024 06:22 am GMT

So, how should you approach gifting etiquette when you’re attending a White Elephant Christmas party? Here’s a tech-savvy, trend-conscious guide:

  1. Respect the Budget: Keep to the agreed budget to ensure fair play. There are plenty of innovative gifts under $20. Try tech gadgets like portable chargers or trendy succulent plants.
  2. Keep It General: Choose a gift that’s unisex and age-appropriate for all attendees. A quirky coffee mug or a fun desk gadget is always a hit.
  3. No Personal Gifts: White Elephant is about fun, not personal sentiments. Avoid personalized items.
  4. Wrap It Well: A well-wrapped gift adds to the anticipation. Use eco-friendly wrapping paper to stay current with sustainability trends.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be the star of your next White Elephant party.

Age-Appropriate White Elephant Gifts

DIY Robotics Stem Toys
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Choosing the right White Elephant gift can be tricky, especially when you’re considering different age groups, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

For kids, consider tech-forward, age-appropriate toys that spark creativity. Think along the lines of a DIY robot kit that’s not only fun but also educational.

For teens, trendy accessories or eco-friendly gadgets are a hit. A solar-powered phone charger, perhaps? It’s innovative and useful.

Adults might appreciate a smart wine opener or a portable espresso maker. These are practical, yet sophisticated.

For the elderly, think comfort with a modern twist, like a heated blanket with a digital control.

Managing Unwanted White Elephant Gifts

While you can’t always prevent receiving a less-than-ideal White Elephant gift, there are ways you can manage and even make the most out of these unwanted surprises. Here’s how:

  1. Re-gift It: It’s tech-savvy and eco-conscious. Use a gift tracking app to ensure you don’t re-gift to the original giver.
  2. Swap It: There’s a growing trend of online platforms where you can trade unwanted gifts. It’s innovative and frugal.
  3. Donate It: Many charities welcome new items. You’re not only decluttering but also contributing to a good cause.
  4. Sell It: Use an online marketplace. You can convert that quirky gift into cash.

Office White Elephant Exchange Gift Ideas

Mini Stress Balls
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02/26/2024 06:26 am GMT

You’ll find countless ideas for an enjoyable office White Elephant exchange, but here are five that won’t break the bank and will surely get a few laughs.

Consider a quirky USB flash drive, like one shaped like a piece of sushi or a superhero. It’s practical, fun, and guaranteed to be a hit.

Alternatively, try a wireless phone charger with a funky design, both tech-forward and convenient.

A mini desktop vacuum is perfect for the neat freaks, sucking up crumbs from those office snacks with ease.

A desk-friendly plant like a succulent would brighten any workspace.

Finally, a stress relief ball in an unusual shape or pattern could provide some much-needed relaxation and a giggle.

Keep your office gift exchange innovative, affordable, and entertaining with these ideas.

Family-Friendly White Elephant Gifts: Bluetooth Speakers and Puzzles

DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle
$19.99 $17.99
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02/26/2024 06:29 am GMT

Just like your office gift exchange, your family’s White Elephant event can be packed with affordable, entertaining presents that appease both adults and kids.

It’s all about finding items that are innovative, yet family-friendly. Here are a few ideas:

  1. 3D Puzzle Sets: They’re fun, engaging, and promote problem-solving skills. Plus, they’re a hit among kids and adults alike.
  2. LED Light Gloves: These tech-savvy gloves aren’t just warm, they light up too! Perfect for those late-night walks during the holiday season.
  3. Mini Bluetooth Speakers: Compact and portable, these speakers are a cool way to enjoy music on the go.
  4. Eco-friendly Reusable Bags: These trendy, sustainable bags are a great way to promote environmental consciousness while shopping.

Comparing White Elephant and Secret Santa

After picking out the perfect family-friendly gifts for your White Elephant event, you might be wondering how this tradition stacks up against the popular Secret Santa.

In White Elephant, you’re not just buying a gift for one person, you’re contributing to a communal pot of presents.

It’s a more unpredictable, often humorous, gift exchange that encourages interaction as people ‘steal’ gifts.

On the other hand, Secret Santa is more personal and direct. You’re assigned a specific person and gift based on their preferences.

This requires a bit more thought and research. But thanks to the internet, finding tailored gifts is now a breeze.

Both traditions have their charm, but it’s the tech advancements that make the process smoother and more fun.

Picking Gifts: White Elephant VS Secret Santa

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Choosing between White Elephant and Secret Santa gifts can seem like a holiday conundrum, but it’s easier than you might think. Here’s a quick guide to help:

  1. Understand the Rules: With White Elephant, you’re aiming for a fun, often quirky gift that anyone could enjoy. Secret Santa, on the other hand, requires a more personalized approach for a specific person.
  2. Budget: Both games usually have a set price limit. Make sure you stick to it.
  3. Innovation: Seek out unique, trendy gifts. Perhaps a tech gadget or an eco-friendly item.
  4. Online Shopping: Utilize online platforms to find the best deals and widest variety.

Benefits of White Elephant VS Secret Santa

Penguin Christmas Mug
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02/26/2024 06:35 am GMT

With White Elephant and Secret Santa, you’re not only ensuring holiday fun, but also reaping unique benefits each game offers.

White Elephant, with its focus on quirky, unexpected gifts, fuels creativity, and sparks lively conversation.

It’s like a social networking app in a physical form, encouraging interaction and laughter.

Secret Santa, on the other hand, promotes thoughtfulness and personal connection. It’s comparable to a bespoke tech gadget or app, designed for an individual’s unique needs.

You’re challenged to find that perfect gift under $20, catering to your recipient’s specific tastes and interests.

Both games, embracing modern trends and tech-inspired elements, make the holiday season not just enjoyable, but also innovative and memorable.

White Elephant and Secret Santa Best Gift Ideas 2023

Glass Water Tumble with Straw and Lid
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02/26/2024 06:39 am GMT

When it comes to White Elephant gifts under $20, the options are plentiful and diverse, ensuring a mix of amusement and practicality.

Consider quirky and humorous items like a funny mug, a whimsical desk toy, or a novelty kitchen gadget that will bring laughter to the gift exchange. 

Alternatively, practical and useful gifts such as a stylish reusable water bottle, a cozy blanket, or a set of unique coasters can be both budget-friendly and appreciated by the recipient.

For those who enjoy a touch of nostalgia, a retro-themed item or a classic board game can evoke fond memories and add a playful twist to the gift exchange.

With creativity and a dash of humor, finding the perfect White Elephant gift under $20 becomes a delightful opportunity to bring joy and amusement to the gathering.

Choosing the Best White Elephant Gifts for Anyone 2023

So, you’re all set for this year’s White Elephant or Secret Santa exchange. You’ve got the rules down pat, know the history, and have a line-up of quirky, budget-friendly gifts.

Remember, it’s about the fun and camaraderie, not the price tag. Whether you’re going classic White Elephant or opting for Secret Santa, you’re sure to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Enjoy the festive spirit, and happy gifting!

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