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“Big Brother” Season 21 Star Jessica Milagros Talks Body Positivity

The Sarah Scoop Show talked with Jessica Milagros from the long running reality show Big Brother. She gave some inside scoop on her life and how she keeps up with body positivity. Watch the full interview below:

Joining the Show

She was a fan before joining the show and actually planned on auditioning to join. once she was contacted, she knew it was meant to be.

“It was something I never knew I wanted.”

“I was actually creating a video for Big Brother on the day I got contacted, for myself and one of my best friends…and then I got a DM… [then] I had that inkling that this was it”

– Jessica Milagros

Body Positivity and Confidence

Jessica is big on body positivity and being confident about how you look and who you are. She spoke a lot about what women are conditioned to think, what is wrong with those thoughts, and how to deal with it all.

“We are all very much conditioned to think that a before and after is fat and now skinny…and it’s like no you look amazing just the way you are, and I feel that women don’t understand that quite enough because we have been conditioned to think otherwise.”

“Fat is not a negative thing it is something that belongs on everybody’s body. Everybody has a certain amount of fat on them. We’ve taken this word and we’ve made it into such a negative phrase.”

“Even if you are fat, you can be fat and overweight, given the BMI, and still be healthy and active, and still have love, and be married, and still run marathons. You deserve the clothes, fashion, and everything that a woman deserves.”

“Who says that fat and beautiful don’t go together. I consider myself to be a fat and beautiful woman.”

– Jessica Milagros

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