“Big Brother” Star Rachel Swindler Talks This Season of All Stars

The Sarah Scoop Show chatted with Big Brother season 20 star Rachel Swindler on her wild experience living in isolation. Rachel even gave us the scoop on her new podcast titled Outside The House, where she dishes her thoughts on what goes on inside the house. Additionally, she was sure to tell us all about her All Stars predictions!

See which Big Brother star Swindler thinks will make it to half a million dollars by watching the full interview down below:

Living in the House

The pandemic may have put all of us into a state of isolation, but Big Brother contestants are already familiar with that experience. Rachel Swindler talked about how she prepared for this odd life style. She even included how she packed to be in front of hundreds of hidden cameras.

I was excited to get away. I was ready to ditch the cellphone and be gone. So I didn’t miss much”

-Rachel Swindler

Life after Reality

With the fast pace of social media in 2020, reality stars suddenly become minor celebrities once leaving TV. Swindler talked not only about how her life changed post-eviction, but how her relationships with her Big Brother housemates have changed. After a dramatic exit with no goodbye hugs, there has to be broken friendships.

I have been given more notoriety, been reached out to for more opportunities, and been given a platform to show off my talents

-Rachel Swindler

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