Big Brother’s JoJo Spatafora Gives All Star Predictions

The Sarah Scoop Show had the chance to chat with JoJo Spatafora from season 14 of CBS’ Big Brother. She told us all about her time in the house eight years ago, and what it was like being on camera 24/7. JoJo shared some secrets about how producers create the cast, and what she why she does not think they would ask her to return. She even told us her opinions on the current season of all stars!

Catch up on all the details from the full video interview below:

Life in the Big Brother house

Big Brother is truly an experience unlike any other. JoJo told us some pretty honest opinions about just how demanding a reality television production team can be, and how the final product of the show is much different than the reality of what goes down. She explained how the producers view the houseguests as “walking dollar signs.” Once in the diary room, they would try to mess with the houseguests heads to try and get them to do things. JoJo now looks back to view the show completely different, with a lack of trust.

ic: CBS

“Big Brother is unlike any other show because it is live 24/7 You can’t get away with anything, it airs three nights a week, and you are closed off from the outside world.”

-JoJo Spatafora

Life After Eviction

JoJo’s time in the house may have been short lived, but that did not kill her spark. After leaving the house she was surprised to see all of the attention she was gaining. Her audience began to grow as she created Youtube videos, telling her fans about the secrets that go on behind the scenes. She explained how she still keeps in touch with some houseguests from her season, but also a lot from other seasons that she has met through the BB community. Currently, JoJo can be found modeling and working on building a social media empire.

ic: @ jojospatafora on Instagram
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