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“Big Time Rush” Just Tweeted a Re-recorded Social Distanced Video of Their Song “Worldwide” and We’re Emotional

The Nickelodeon boyband and television show, Big Time Rush, was beloved by many kids and teens- especially those people that are squished somewhere between Millennials and Gen Z. People on Twitter often talk about the boyband and their collective desire for a reunion. Well, apparently they were listening! The band’s official Twitter dropped a video of the four boys (who are now men), re-recording one of their most popular singles, “Worldwide”.

The four fun-loving guys are each pursuing their own careers, but have managed to keep in touch (something we wish One Direction would take notes on)! Carlos, Kendall, James and Logan- we adore you. You still sound like angels.

Big Time Rush on Twitter

The video was accompanied by two other tweets explaining the guys’ desire to keep in touch with each other through these weird times as well as bring joy to the otherwise bad news world we are living in at present. Based on the thousands of emotional responses and the #BigTimeRush trending on Twitter, we think that the beloved boyband did exactly what they wanted to do!

Thank you big time

Big Time Rush created some undeniably catchy bops and a hilarious television show that had an impressive four-year run on Nickelodeon! The kids’ show is now on HULU and the band’s songs still do quite well on Spotify/Apple Music. Everyone needs a bit of nostalgia to comfort them right now, seeing as we’ve been living in “unprecedented times” for nearly 6 months. This was the perfect bit of childhood for a quarantine Tuesday. On behalf of all of us, thank you Big Time Rush, for this gift.

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Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Big Time Rush big fan meet you guys I'm fan feel happy to special for me to hamdiya

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