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125 Best ‘Black Mirror’ Quotes from Season 6

Black Mirror is a Netflix sci-fi series that tests the moral and technological limits of television while leaving the viewer bewildered. Each episode contains humorous quotes, different storylines, and unique characters.

The show’s airing back in 2011 struck popularity and has not failed in making sure that its viewers come back for the next season.

Season 6 has been a great addition to the series, and I am sure seasons after will follow.

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from Black Mirror!

1. “Give me five. I need to, like, psych up.” 

aaron paul in astronaut suit

2. “Coward. You’re a coward Joan.”  

3. “I feel like I’m not the main character in my own life story.” 

4. “Like an unflushed turd.” 

5. “New drama. Joan is Awful.” 

6. “Oh my God. Is that what I sound like?” 

7. “Even his cooking is bland.” 

8. “That’s not my hair.” 

9. “Oh my God. It’s TV. It’s not real.” 

10. “Sayonara, Queen.” 

Kate Mara, Aaron Paul
Nick Wall/Netflix

11. “But the show is using my life. It’s… it’s my name, my career. It’s me.” 

12. “No. Technically, the show deploys a digital likeness of Miss Hayek.”

13. “It’s generated by some kind of super-advanced, deep fake, quantum computer mumbo jumbo.”

14. “How they even know what I’m doing it’s the same day?” 

15. “It makes me look worse than I really am. So… defamation.” 

16. “I would’ve known I’d signed something I didn’t read. Who has time to read that?” 

17. “But I didn’t agree to be a public figure.” 

18. “Joan, I always said you gotta read the terms and conditions.” 

19. “Just wait till episode four. I hear it’s gonna be a blast.”

20. “Well, technically that’s the Joan character, not you.” 

Rory Culkin in black mirror

21. “I am a dyslexic, talented actress with questionable English.” 

22. “No, they’re sticking his head on a Thomas the Tank Engine reboot.” 

23. “Take it off they’re gonna think you’re kidnapping me.” 

24. “The aim here is to launch unique, tailored content to each individual in our database, all 800 million of them, created on the fly by our system.”

25. “Uh, why awful? Why is it all so negative?”

26. “You’re not the original Joan. That’s source Joan.”

27. “Look familiar? Schitt’s Creek. No? Great show.”

28. “The fact that I’m standing here right now means that source Joan already stood here in reality.” 

29. “Pretty wee thing you’ve captured.” 

30. “Is it creepy if I say he looks good in that cap?”

woman with english newspaper

31. “So, that’s what your documentary’s about? This egg collector from Rum?”

32. “He guards rare eggs against collectors who want to steal them.”

33. “Maybe if someone who looked like me were stealing the eggs.” 

34. “It’s like something from a painting.”

35. “This place is amazing I can’t believe it’s so empty.”

36. “He thinks they’re gonna name it after him someday.”

37. “Who is Iain Adair?”

38. “I haven’t got your storytelling instincts.”

39. “Total wipeout.”

40. “And as you can imagine it doesn’t look great on TripAdvisor.”

joan is awful episode

41. “Can we go see where it happened?”

42. “This is what our film should be about.”

43. “Quaint little village, but for years, this Hannibal Lecter dude has been operating a death den?”

44. “It’s kinda like plain pasta in a pinch.”

45. “Moms stone age VCR.”

46. “We were happy before he broke it all. Ruined it all.”

47. “Last time would’ve been that old one your dad had. But your dad never had all this stuff… can you imagine?”

48. “Aye, I’ll put the crowbar on whisper mode.”

49. “Feel like I’ve had spiders crawling over my brain.”

50. “Come spend the night in the dungeon.”

small tile with symbol in hand

51. “And Bergerac returns at the same time next week on UK Gold.”

52. “Ken gave me that. We had such fun together.”

53. “Made me think that Iain Adair hadn’t acted alone.”

54. “Why do I have to be here? It’s Ricky’s birthday.”

55. “Is that all you do Mr. Potts? Invent things.”

56. “Uh, I apologize for the intrusion, but you’re David Ross?”

57. “So up there, are you like sleeping right now?”

58. “But… there is a crack in the solar coating.”

59. “Henry liking the country air?”

60. “Cape Ann gonna be cosmopolitan enough for her?”

Black Mirror. (L to R) Anjana Vasan as Nida, Janie Booth as Sweet Gran, Paapa Essiedu as Gaap in Red Book.
Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2023.

61. “I only met her once, but she struck me as quite the butterfly.”

62. “Oh, we’ve met the machine man.”

63. “I’m Kappa. This is Sigma, Theta, and that’s Epsilon.”

64. “That might disrupt your frequency.”

65. “You are nothing natural, my friend.”

66. “We just wanna find out who else is a machine, Mr. Bunny.”

67. “I’m sorry to report that’s immaterial, sugar.”

68. “A man sleeps in the sky. While his mechanical image walks the earth.”

69. “That means the whole time I am down here, he’s just alone up there.”

70. “What if you let him use your link?”

Black Mirror. Aaron Paul as Cliff
Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2023.

71. “Time enough to let him walk in the woods, feel… feel the breeze on his face.”

72. “The air is so clear. I’d forgotten.”

73. “You did this from memory?”

74. “It’s fun but, my goodness it’s trashy.”

75. “It’s fine. You make a mess, I can paint right over it.”

76. “Work your way into my home wearing my husband like a suit.”

77. “You know Henry can be a terror.”

78. “My wife. Mine.”

79. “You have no idea what it’s like to be me.”

80. “You have got it all and you don’t even care.”

Kate Mara

81. “All the time that you’re here I’m lonely.”

82. “I can pay. For those pictures. Five hundred dollars?”

83. “He was on that VH1 thing.”

84. “I got paid. It’s a new toy. Can you believe how small it is?”

85. “But I have really delicate sinuses and when you fry garlic and ginger, it just makes the whole apartment a little acrid.”

86. “Sorry. Did someone force him to become an actor?”

87. “Can’t handle the consequences don’t enter the game.

88. “There’s a treat in the pocket from Stephan.”

89. “A man?”

90. “I’m not good at confrontation so my therapist suggested that I use cue cards.”

Josh Hartnett in therapy chair
Cr. Daniel Escale/Netflix © 2023.

91. “Haven’t you heard? No dogs allowed.”

92. “Yeah, ’cause you’re scared of the competition.”

93. “Yeah, Mazey Day. What about her?”

94. “So, that’s your professional psychiatric opinion of the situation?”

95. “You still keep in touch with your snitch?”

96. “The first step is to recognize that you’re not in control of this.”

97. “Can you get me better?”

98. “I’m guessing you could use a coffee.”

99. “I mean you know gone for the day.”

100. “Is there a motel within crawling distance?”

crazy cheerleader

101. “Yeah, but for like rich hippie types ya know.”

102. “You want a soda or do you want Mazey Day?”

103. “I think of it as an unpaid informant.”

104. “This is legit journalism.”

105. “She must’ve been desperate to call him in.”

106. “His shots are worth a million each, Bo. A million… each.”

107. “Another satisfied victim.”

108. “That’s what you ought to call that ‘Pecan Perfection.’”

109. “Officer, Officer it’s out there Officer!”

110. “Everyone needs shoes, Nida.”

smiling man in black mirror

111. “Sure you can’t do a discount?”

112. “I did bring a Biryani in today.”

113. “He didn’t like to be disturbed. Couldn’t be further from civilization.”

114. “Right, so, as I was saying you anointed the talisman.

115. “Dost thou permit me entry? Yes or no?”

116. “I peered into your soul, and apparently, this is a physical look you find appealing, so…”

117. “Is this how clowns dress in your realm? I mean… I can work with it, but…” 

118. “To be honest, I don’t want the apocalypse to come about any more than you do.” 

119. “You’d be less lethal than a ladder.”

120. “If I talk to you, you’re real, so I’m not gonna talk to you.”

woman with white clouded eyes

121. “See? You are a good person.”

122. “Just carry on as usual so the normal don’t get spooked.”

123. “God’s gift until he loses his hair at 32.”

124. “They don’t say anything about a human companion. So, I mean, you could come with.”

125. “Jesus Christ, they’ve done it.” 

Although there are spoilers wrapped in these quotes, you will still have to watch Black Mirror to fully grasp the unique concepts in this season.

If Netflix decides to renew the series for season 7, I am sure new and returning viewers will put the series in Netflix’s top 10 once again.

What is your favorite season of Black Mirror?

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