Bling Empire Breakup: Kelly and Andrew Call It Quits

Are Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray from Netflix’s Bling Empire are over for good? Fans of the show will remember the couples passionate on-again-off-again relationship. It seems that Kelly and Andrew are off-again right now, but is it forever?

Thanks to insight from E! News, here is the scoop on Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray’s relationship!

Bling Empire Breakup

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On Tuesday March 9th, Kelly shared the news of her and Andrew’s breakup on her Instagram. She says that she and the Power Rangers Megaforce actor, “have made the difficult decision to officially separate at this point in our lives.”

Kelly also explains, “Over the past 5 and [a] half years, Andrew and I have shared some incredible times together. I have a tremendous amount of respect and love for him and will always cherish the memories we made. However, we have made the difficult decision to officially separate at this point in our lives. We are both so grateful to have experienced a relationship that allowed us to grow and learn so much.”

She also adds that, “Moving forward, Andrew and I plan to continue working on becoming the best versions of ourselves individually.”

Closing her breakup announcement Kelly writes, “We want to express our appreciation for your continued support and thank you for allowing us to share our journey. We kindly ask for you to respect our privacy during this time of transition.”

Is It Really Over?

Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

Responding to Kelly Mi Li’s announcement of the breakup, Andrew Gray posted Kelly’s same statement on his Instagram, and shared on his story that he is, “confident god has a plan for us all.” So do you think they are over for good?

Fans will remember in season 1 of Bling Empire when the pair split up. Kelly was unsure of her future, so she asked Andrew to move out. As far as fans know, that is the last time the two split. However, after filming season 1 Kelly and Andrew gave their relationship another try.

So, whether or not Kelly and Andrew are over for good, Kelly has the support of her Bling Empire family. Co-star Guy Tang commented, “We are here for you if you need anything @kellymili you’re strong” on her Instagram post.

Now, fans are curious what is next for Andrew and Kelly. What does this breakup mean for another season of Bling Empire? Will Kelly and Andrew get back together? Only time will tell.

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