Book Club Review for October: Kill The Boy Band

Our book club started in October! Now, here is my summary of our first book:

KILL THE BOY BAND by Goldy Moldavsky


The reason as to why I picked this YA novel is because I doubted that it was actually just for young adults. I had a good feeling from the summary that it was going to be a lot more twisted than what the average teenager sees. While I understand how teens may enjoy this, it was so much darker, bolder, and more ridiculous than I ever could have imagined that it was perfect for someone like me!

Boybands are nothing new. Have you ever seen old videos of The Beatles and their gaggle of girls? I’m surprised Paul McCartney never got attacked! That’s how crazy those girls were! The same can be said about bands today even. We all know how One Direction fans were.

For those of you who might not know, this is Goldy Moldavsky’s first novel! If this was her first, I can’t even image what her next books will be like. The fact that her concept was about “accidently” kidnapping a member of a boy band (The Ruperts) is absolutely insane!

Let’s start with how we don’t even know the name of our… heroine? Should we call her that? To be fair, she in no way sounded like a younger teen to me, but I get it. Younger teens are more infatuated with celebrities and less self-aware about what they are doing. Also, when your friends go crazy when you are a teenager, does that mean that you’re crazy for hanging out with them? Or does that just mean that you are another teenager? I think that’s the underlying theme going on with this novel.

My favorite part of the novel: the dry, crazy humor.

My least favorite part: the authenticity of it. That being said, who needs to believe fiction?


If you didn’t have a chance to read this month’s book, check out our announcement in a few days on what our book for November will be! We want to build this up so we encourage all of our readers to participate if they love to read!

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