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Book Review: Pixar Animation Studios Artist Showcase Henri’s Hats by Mike Wu

Thank you Disney Press and Disney Publishing for sending Henri’s Hats in exchange for a review!

Pixar Animation Studios is home to amazing artists and storytellers who create for our favorite movies. But who are these animators and what are their stories? This beloved studio created an Artist Showcase series of books to show off some of the best in their ranks. The newest in the Pixar Animation Studios Artist Showcase series is Henri’s Hats by Mike Wu!

You might not know who Mike Wu is, but you’ve definitely seen his work. His art appears in Pixar favorites like Coco, the Incredibles, and the Cars films! Henri isn’t Wu’s first trek into the world of books. Wu’s Ellie picture book series takes readers into the fun world of Ellie the elephant and her talents. So when Disney Press sent me a copy of Pixar Animation Studios Artist Showcase Henri’s Hats, I couldn’t wait to check it out!

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Henri’s Hats begins with Henri visiting his quiet Grand-Papa at his home. Henri is a little older since he last saw his Grand-Papa, and he’s a little uncertain at first. The moment he meets his Grand-Papa again, George the dog takes his hat! He chases George into the attic where he finds something amazing. Follow Henri on his adventures and discover more about Henri’s Grand-Papa!

The artwork of Henri’s Hats is simple but no less beautiful. Wu illustrated a child’s imagination in a, well, imaginative way! He uses angles, colors, and fantastic two-page spreads to take you into Henri and Grand-Papa’s worlds. I found myself wrapped up in the story and enjoyed the poignant message at the end. I’d love to see Pixar give participating animators an opportunity to create a short film for each Pixar Animation Studios Artist Showcase book.


The illustrated author’s note of Henri’s Hats tells us more about Wu himself. We learn about his journey to becoming an animator and discover Wu’s hats are as varied as Henri’s! Henri’s Hats is an amazing adventure of family and creativity that reminds readers to shoot for their dreams. I’d love to thank Disney Press and Disney Publishing for sending Henri’s Hats and allowing me to explore Wu’s world!

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