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Books To Read This Fall, Curled Up With Your Favorite Blanket and a PSL

Summer is almost gone, which means the leaves will soon start to change color, and the smell of Autumn will fill the air. Pumpkin Spice Lattes will begin to make their comeback (though, thankfully, Starbucks has already released them this month!) and the temperature will start to cool down.

So many changes come with the season of Fall, which is why it just may be my favorite of them all.  While some transitions are easy (iced coffee for PSLs, tank tops to cozy sweaters…) others are not so simple. If you’re an avid reader, you’ve probably been making your way through some summer beach reads. A little summer romance, maybe a few drama novellas.

With the ushering in of Fall, comes the time to tuck away those sunny stories, and adorn your nightstand with something a little more autumnal. Whether you’re into [more] romance, a mystery/thriller, a comical tale, or even a personal essay, we’ve got you covered with all the books to read in Fall 2018. These novels will whisk you away to a magical world, while warming your soul with the feelings of autumn. Happy Reading!



The Simplicity of Cider by Amy E. Reichert 

With a little touch of magic, this warm and funny story follows the life of Sanna Lund, a fifth-generation cider-maker who lives on her family’s apple orchard in Wisconsin. Her simple and quiet life suddenly becomes anything but that with the arrival of a handsome man and his young son. This tale of unexpected friendship & love is the perfect companion to a cup of warm tea (or cider!) and will get you alll up in your Fall feels!

Start Without Me – Joshua Max Feldman

A story of love, choice, and hope complete with a little bit of holiday magic and an element of chance. Follow the tale of two strangers who meet on one Thanksgiving Day. Meet Adam, a recovering alcoholic/former musician, and Marissa, a flight attended in a strained marriage. The two form an unlikely bond in an airport on a special holiday and form an unlikely bond over their families, their pasts, and and their futures. This book will get you in the autumnal sprit.. For an extra bonus, save this one for your flight home for Thanksgiving!


Release – Patrick Ness

A new teenage classic about self-acceptance and living your truth. Find your courage to be yourself as you follow along with Adam Thorn and his journey through tearing down the walls he built up. Dealing with a strictly religious family, a difficult boss, and a heartbreaking break-up, Adam is going through a lot, but sometimes you learn that things fall apart so that others can fall together. And sometimes, just sometimes, you find freedom.

The Nowhere Girls – Amy Reed

The coming-of-age tale of women coming together to fight back and find justice. Three girls work together to avenge the wrongdoing to another girl who left their school due to being raped. What starts out as a move to get revenge sparks a wildfire of uproar and change in the misogynistic culture at this school. A wildly thought provoking novel that explores the questions and honesty around females and their sexuality.



When We Fall by Emily Liebert

Allison, in the wake of her husband’s death, exchanges her fast-paced city life for the suburbs of New York, returning home. Charlotte, anxious to meet the new woman in Wincourt, befriends Allison, and soon starts to see her life through someone else’s eyes. What she used to think was perfect now proves to be a facade, and secrets start to show themselves, impossible to ignore. The friendship between the two of them is exactly what each of them needs… or is it?

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

Autumn has arrived in a small town in North Carolina, and its presence is deeply felt by the Waverly women. The family’s mystical apple tree will start to stir up movements through Claire’s candle business venture, Sydney’s yearning for a child, and Sydney’s daughter, Bay’s broken heart. When a mysterious man shows up with a beat up suitcase with stories to tell, the Waverly women are confronted with choices to make. Enjoy losing yourself in the arrival of fall in this enchanting tale & anxiously awaiting the first frost of winter…


Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

In a suburb of Cleveland called Shaker Heights, everything is planned. From the colors the houses to the winding of the roads. Elena Richardson, a mother of four, was made for the town, as she loves to live by order. Then Mia Warren and her teenage daughter Pearl arrive, two women carrying some secrets and disrespect for following for the rules. A story of divide, this tale explores identity, the weight of carrying secrets, and the love between a mother and daughter. Curl up with your blanket soon, because this book is soon to be a Hulu series starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington!

Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado

A novel full of stories that explore the lines between science fiction, psychological realism, comedy and horror, etc. Full of doppelgängers, ghosts, unworldly creatures, creepy tales, and sexy antics, this is one you don’t want  to miss. The bravura novella “Especially Heinous,” reimagines stories from Law and Order SVU, making them physiologically scarier than we even knew was possible. “In these formally brilliant and emotionally charged tales, Machado gives literal shape to women’s memories and hunger and desire. I couldn’t put it down.”―Karen Russell”

We hope this list has inspired you to grab a new book off the shelf and get lost in the mesmerizing world of autumnal novels. If you like one of our suggestions, or if you have your own idea of books to read in Fall 2018, add it to our list in the comments below! Happy reading!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.