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Brad Smith Talks About His Role As Cinematographer on Netflix’s “Outer Banks”, Cast Group Chat + Inside Scoop On Fan Favorite Scenes

J.B. Smith, who goes by Brad to people around him, is an incredibly gifted cinematographer with an eye for capturing gorgeous visuals on film. He’s been practicing his craft since he was little, enlisting his neighbors and friends to act in his home videos.

Brad’s resume is ridiculously impressive. Recently he worked on the streaming service phenomenon that (no pun intended) took the world by storm. Outer Banks is an adventurous young adult drama that follows a group of friends living in the coastal Carolina region. It’s a visually stunning show, and contains influences from 80’s film and documentary-style filmmaking.

Check out his interview on The Sarah Scoop Show:

How He Got Involved/His Role

Brad Smith explains that one of the shows’ creators, Jonas Pate, is a long time friend. Jonas discussed the project with him years before the show even began production. He commends the gifted cast and crew who came together to make this beloved tv show and speaks fondly of the time spent filming together. He explains some of the behind-the-scenes magic that happens on set and in pre-production! The show feels like it takes place entirely during golden hour and that is thanks to the talent of its cinematographer.

Inside Scoop

Brad Smith gave us the inside scoop on working with our new favorite actors and explained funny stories that happened on set while filming! For example, when Madison Bailey’s character throws the net in the water in order to stop that bad guys during a boat chase, the second boat’s motor actually stalled. That’s right, it really works! That’s some good writing. And good to know if you ever find yourself as the John B of your own Outer Banks treasure-hunting story.

Additionally (get ready to freak out), the scene when John B and Sarah admit their feelings for each other and share that oh-so-romantic kiss in the rain was improvised. It was originally supposed to be sunny that day! When Brad Smith and the director saw the forecast, they were afraid that the rain would ruin this scene. Now, however, it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the whole show. Rain makes everything better.

Season 2

Brad Smith is undeniably gifted at his job. He was such a lovely guest to have on the show! We loved learning more about what happens behind the camera and putting a face to the talent that brought us our new favorite Netflix original. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for season 2! If you haven’t watched Outer Banks yet, you’re really missing out!

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