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“Bride of the Century” K-drama Review

An underrated throwback that all k-dramas fans should watch, Bride of the Century. This k-drama is not one to be missed, especially for fans of romance and melodrama! Here is our review of the 2014 k-drama!

Summary of “Bride of the Century”

Lee Hong-gi from the Korean band, FT ISLAND, plays the role of a wealthy son from the Choi family. As the heir of the largest conglomerate in Korea, Taeyang Group, Choi Kang-joo has a lot on his shoulders. His family plans to have Kang-joo marry Jang Yi-kyung to help collaboration run smoothly between companies. But the wedding is suddenly halted when Yi-kyung runs away and is replaced by another girl that looks just like her. The imposter, Na Doo-rim, is caring and sweet, which causes Choi Kang-joo to eventually fall in love with her. But what happens when Kang-joo discovers that he has a family curse targeting the life of his future wife? Will Kang-joo except for Na Doo-rim for herself even is she’s not rich?


If you’ve been watching k-dramas for a while now, you know that many of them consist of wealthy families and handsome heirs but that is the charm that makes up the k-drama world in which we all fall in love. Bride of the Century has some unique aspects to the show that makes it hard to forget. This k-drama has a good balance of a modern and traditional world with a drop of supernatural elements. We can’t forget to mention the popular Korean idol, Lee Hong-gi as he takes the stage to play the gorgeous heir of a wealthy company in Korea. A fairytale with a dark twist, Bride of the Century will move you to feel all kinds of emotions! The drama consists of the genres: comedy, supernatural, romance, and melodrama and does a fantastic job when providing the perfect scenes to tie the drama together.

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