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“Bride of the Water God” Is A K-Drama Lover’s Dream

Be ready to enter into a fantasy world that every k-drama fan dreams of in Bride of the Water God! Here are our thoughts on the underrated fantasy drama!


Nam Joo Hyuk plays the handsome and narcissistic Habaek which means “Water God” in Korean. Before entering into the human world, he is given a mission to test his abilities as a God. When he literally collides with Yoon So Ah, a psychologist from Seoul, his life takes an unexpected twist. Once finding out that Yoon So Ah is his servant, he makes every effort to have her follow his commands. However, she is one to not budge even when discovering his body can compare to a real god. When realizing his mission will be more difficult without his powers, he runs into two other gods who make his plan even more complicated…



This drama provides the perfect amount of background to the characters that leave people sympathizing with them. What makes this drama unique is that they are no real antagonists present. They all seem to go through their own personal struggles. But at times, k-drama fans can easily see Moo-ra, Bi Ryum, and Shin Hoo Ye as people that are trying to prevent a happy ending.


Even with the rising popularity of Nam Joo Hyuk in the Korean drama world, Bride of the Water God is still considered to be an underrated drama. This drama is a hidden gem that every k-drama fan needs to dive into. If you find yourself drawn to Nam Joo Hyuk in Bride of the Water God, head on over to Viki to watch more!

If you’re looking for a refreshing drama filled with fantasy, comedy, and romance, make sure to add this drama to your list! For more Korean drama and movie suggestions and reviews, check out Sarah Scoop!

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