How To Bring a Splash of Color Into Your Home



When it comes to home decor, neutrals are in– there’s no doubt about that. Flick through any home magazine, scroll through Pinterest or Instagram, and you’ll be greeted with thousands of images of stunning neutral rooms. Clean white walls or shades of gray, we can’t get enough of this crisp and fresh looking decor. But while this looks gorgeous, it can sometimes feel a little stark. If you’ve gone for a similar look in your own home, you might find yourself craving a bit of color. Here are some of the ways you can go about adding it, without detracting from your clean and neutral palette.


Adding a bit of greenery always helps to liven up a space. The contrast between green leaves and plain, light colored walls looks incredible. Opt for a large, tall potted plant with plenty of texture to bring interest to a boring corner. Dot around smaller plants elsewhere in the room, or even go for a terrarium or selection of cacti for a cool modern look.


Flowers are a fantastic way to add bright, vibrant color into the room without sacrificing your clean neutral theme. It’s a lovely way to bring in some interest. If you choose different blooms every time you replace them, you get a completely different look every time, and you can tailor your choices to bring in a seasonal look to your home. For example pinks and whites in the spring and summer, oranges and reds in the fall and winter. You could treat yourself to a pretty bouquet every week or fortnight from a local florist. Alternatively, you could opt for faux or silk flowers.

An Accent Chair

In a very clean, almost sterile looking neutral room, an accent chair can be a fun way to bring in some personality. When everything else is so plain, you can get away with choosing something really colorful, patterned or unusual. You could tie this in with the rest of the room by choosing one other thing in the room in the same shade. It could be a cushion, a rug or a pair of curtains. This trick is often used in Scandinavian style rooms. It adds personality and color while still keeping everything else very neutral.



Colored Metals

A good way to bring in some color into a neutral space is to choose a colored metal for your accent pieces. You could go with copper or rose gold for things like feature lamps or light fittings. You could add accessories such as clocks, candle holders or wire ornaments in the same shade for a subtle way to bring color into the room.

A Gallery Wall

A gallery wall which features pops of color is a great way to incorporate different hues into the design of your room. You could keep everything neutral and choose this one area as your fun accent wall and create a design of colorful mix of prints. Choosing frames in the same color and style helps to keep everything cohesive. It makes your gallery area look deliberate, as opposed to a random mismatch of pieces.

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