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Bringing The Spirit Of The Roaring 20s To Your Home: Art Deco Lighting

1920s style films such as The Artist and The Great Gatsby have brought art deco design straight back into the mainstream. From flapper girl dresses to art deco furniture. One of our favorite things that the 1920s have offered us is extravagant lighting. Nothing quite creates a sense of grandeur like a glistening chandelier. Here are a few tips and tricks concerning how to choose and use these fixtures. You can look out of your home, across the sea and imagine the love of Gatsby’s green light blinking in the distance.



The Chandelier exudes elegance. Originally French, the chandelier has taken center stage when it comes to lighting in regal settings. They’re large. They’re flashy. They draw attention. It’s not surprising that they’ve adorned some of the most expensive palaces of homes in Europe over the past couple of centuries. Nowadays, chandeliers are more readily available from high street retailers. However, cheaper isn’t always better. You get what you pay for.

If you want a proper, authentic looking chandelier, you need to purchase from a professional or specialist. Artisan crafted chandeliers make all of the difference. They sparkle more. They look and feel better and will cast light across the whole room. Companies such as Quoizel Lighting offer a range of these fixtures. When it comes to setting your chandelier up, it’s often best to seek help rather than taking a DIY approach. They are complex and intricate designs which need to be handled gently. Employ a registered and qualified electrician to fit it properly and safely.


A chandelier won’t look its best in any old surrounding. It will appear massively out of place in certain styles of home. However, they are also surprisingly flexible. The key to adding a chandelier to your home is to make sure that everything surrounding it is minimal. They’re a center piece. If you have too much going on around them, the room will feel cluttered and busy. With chandeliers you can take one of two main approaches.

Traditional Design

Traditional French interiors suit chandeliers down to a tee. Chaise longues, painted coving bordering the ceiling, dusky pinks or regal, deep reds. Chandeliers suit this kind of decadent, luxurious interior down to a tee. However, it’s quite an eccentric take for a modern day house. Some may feel this look is over the top or excessive. Others will revel in it.

Modern Design

Bringing chandeliers up to date and modern is surprisingly easy. They’re beautiful designs, but the crystals used to create them are often clear. This means they can fit into near enough any color scheme. They make the perfect addition to a minimalist interior. Plain walls, plain cushions, plain everything. But with a dazzling chandelier in the center, your room will gain a sense of expense and elegance.


Not feeling the chandelier but still want some kind of art deco style to your home? Not to worry. Lighting doesn’t have to take center stage. There are plenty of alternatives. Art deco print wallpapers have proven extremely popular over the past year. Subtle prints of plant pots or vases, cushions or throws can also give a hint of the roaring 20s.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.