Broadway Musicals We Missed in 2020

Mary Poppins, Courtesy of Disney
Mary Poppins, Courtesy of Disney

Every year, the new Broadway season excites and astonishes fans. These musicals represent what we’ll see at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the biggest Tony winners in the spring. Sometimes, even the most popular shows (Hamilton or Hadestown), will make their way into mainstream culture. Unfortunately, this year Broadway fans missed out on this opportunity. Sadly, the Broadway season has been pushed to 2021. However, that gives us plenty of time to read up on what we may expect in January. So, here are the musicals we missed in 2020!

New to Broadway

Girl From the North Country

Although Girl From the North Country began its career in 2017 in London, it finally premiered on Broadway this March. The show takes place in Duluth, Minnesota in 1934 and follows the trials and tribulations of a guesthouse and its inhabitants. Already, each resident holds secrets and struggles, but everything changes when new characters seek refuge from a storm. If that doesn’t pique your interest, the score is an accumulation of Bob Dylan’s songs. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether this show will be returning to Broadway.

Six: The Musical

Even before hitting Broadway, Six: The Musical received plenty of praise. It retells the tragic story of King Henry VIII’s six wives. However, this historical musical comes nowhere near being a bore. Surprisingly, the show follows a pop concert in which the six wives are a girl band. Throughout the show, they must decide which woman received the most scorn from Henry so she may be the leader of the group.


Broadway loves their bio-pic musicals and Diana is no different. Therefore, this show tells the royal story of Princess Diana of Wales. Although the show had made no prior performances besides reviews, it was set to premiere on Broadway at the end of March. The cast featured Jeanna De Waal, best known for playing Carrie in Carrie: The Musical. Again, Broadway has yet to confirm whether Diana will make a reappearance in 2021.

Flying Over Sunset

While the previous three musicals pull from solid (although exaggerated) history and previously written music, this show seems all on its own. Flying Over Sunset follows a fictional meeting between writer Aldous Huxley, politician Clare Boothe Luce, and actor Cary Grant as they experiment with LSD. Despite the show closing down before its April premiere, it has been confirmed to return in 2021.


The Music Man

Although The Music Man hasn’t seen many revivals in recent years, it is finally coming back to Broadway! The show centers on a con-man who sells instruments to people in a small town and promises to teach them how to play (even though he doesn’t play himself). However, the musical takes a turn when he finds a local librarian who sees through his act. Then, the two bond and must navigate their sticky situation to be together. Plus, the 2020 revival was set to include Hugh Jackman as the music man himself and Broadway legend Sutton Foster as the librarian.


On the other side of the spectrum, Company has seen several revivals over the years, yet audiences still anticipated it this Broadway season. Company follows a man (or woman) named Bobby who, on their 35th birthday, reevaluates love and marriage with the help of their cadre of married friends. The Broadway revival included Patti Lupone reprising her role as Joanne and Katrina Lenk as Bobbie.

West Side Story

While West Side Story is set to have a movie by 20th Century Fox coming out in the near future, Broadway also planned to show this iconic musical in 2020. The musical resembles a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet, showing the tragic love affair between Puerto Rican girl Maria and American Tony. Apparently, this Broadway revival showed the edgier and more modern side to this 1957 musical. It is unclear whether West Side Story will return in the winter.

Caroline, Or Change

Lastly, making a return to Broadway is Caroline, Or Change. This show takes place in Louisiana in 1963 and follows black maid Caroline and the Jewish family she works for. The music blends genres like blues, spirituals, Motown, and others. Additionally, this show feels especially relevant today as it tackles Civil Rights and bringing change in different ways. Caroline, Or Change will be returning to Broadway in 2021.

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Although we missed the 2020 Broadway season, we have plenty of time to catch up on the shows we love. Hopefully, we will get to visit the theater again soon and enjoy the magic of live music. Until then, take some time to get acquainted with what’s to come. And most importantly, get excited! Broadway will be back soon enough.

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