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Budget Friendly Ways To Keep Warm This Winter

We all love a little D.I.Y. Who doesn’t want to save money by doing it themselves? With winter on the way, you’re going to wanting to keep as warm as possible.


There’s no need to spend  big bucks on top-notch insulation and heating. Some simple home improvements will keep you warmer this winter.


If your house has wooden flooring, your toes may be extremely susceptible to chills. Instead of cranking the heat, rugs could be a fantastic way to heat your feet. Custom rugs can warm up the room in both feel and appearance. Your rug will be a point of conversation amongst guests, and it will help with solving your foot chill problems. It’s a win, win situation.


It’s those pesky little draughts that can drive us most crazy. There’s no need to spend money on a shop bought draught excluder when you can just as easily make your own. Putting one in front of that under door gap will make a huge difference to your temperature. After all, even a warm room can be ruined if you’re sitting in a cold patch. You can stay simple with your excluder, or go all out. Such are the joys of making your own!


Curtains are a must for keeping you warm. Making your own curtains out of thick material can be a fantastic way to save money and keep warm. The thickness of material is crucial in keeping chills at bay, so don’t hold back. Layering curtains is also a fantastic way to achieve optimum effectiveness. A pair of layered curtains can set you back a fair bit, and there’s no need for it. Making your own can be a fun project and will end up being worth the effort.


You don’t even need to make anything to achieve this step! Rooms often stay chilly when they’re not in use, so having all your doors open is a sure way to drain heat. Shutting up those empty spaces can keep the cold trapped inside, where it should be! This will also save on your heating bill. Having an empty, cold room facing onto your hallway is nearly as bad as having an open window. Don’t waste your heat when you don’t need to! Go around the house before you settle down for the evening, and keep those doors closed.

These are just some of the things you can do to keep your home warm this winter. Be innovative in thinking about D.I.Y. heat saving ideas. There are so many to choose from. Whether you’re attempting to save a little money on the heating, or are having trouble keeping warm, these ideas are sure to be useful. If you’ve done these things and are still struggling, you could try the cheapest thing of all – put a jumper on!  Or you could take a lesson from the penguins and use the cold as an excuse to huddle close to a loved one.

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