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Cancer Compatibility: Zodiac Signs Most Compatible with Cancer

Cancer is a cardinal water sign typically compatible with fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces. These signs share many common traits, such as being intuitive, sensitive, and compassionate.

Astrology lovers will find that intuitive cancer, the symbol of the crab, gets along exceptionally well with these sensitive water signs due to their similar energies, common ground, and outlooks on life. Cancer also loves a water sport like diving for a good reason as they are water signs.

The Cancer zodiac sign doesn’t get along too well with an air sign like Gemini or fixed fire signs as the star signs can’t handle their emotional needs and mood swings. But through a little bit of compromise, a Gemini and a Cancer can make their relationship work.

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Whether you’re looking for a romantic partner, a close friend, or someone to talk to about your astrological sign, Cancer is an excellent choice for anyone with watery tendencies.

So if you’re looking for passionate people or someone who understands and empathizes with your emotions, Cancer, one of the cardinal zodiac signs, maybe the perfect match for you!

Cancer season starts June 21st with the end of the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The official end date is July 22nd. It can be seen in the Southern Hemisphere in the fall.

If you think your moon sign is a Cancer, it is a good idea to look at your birth chart.

Here’s the scoop on what sign cancer gets along with!

Cancer Personality Traits

Cancer is known for being intuitive, sensitive, and compassionate. As a water sign, cancer is often in tune with their emotions and the emotions of others, making them an ideal partner for anyone who needs someone to connect with emotionally.

Their intuitive nature also makes cancer great at reading others and understanding what they need, whether it’s emotional support, advice, or someone to listen to. You can guarantee that a Cancer will take note of the small things when in a Cancer relationship.

The Cancer sign has a soft spot when it comes to family, friends, and partners. They will even go above and beyond to fix a home-cooked meal for their partner’s family members and ensure everyone has a good time.

Cancer Traits

Cancer is one of the most emotionally sensitive zodiac signs and is often the one that people seek for support in challenging situations. Here are some of their key traits:

  • Nurturing
  • Caring
  • Comforting
  • Emotional
  • Nourishing
  • Sensitive
  • Homey

Challenges for Growth

While it may be a good thing to feel a range of emotions, it can also take a toll on cancer’s physical and mental health. This sign tends to take things seriously and often falls prey to the dark side of their emotions.

Teasing and criticizing may affect cancers more than other signs. For cancers to avoid emotional turmoil, they must learn how to preserve their energy and not take things personally.

Cancers prefer to stay in their comfort zone, which may prevent them from growing professionally and personally. Similar to a Taurus, Cancers don’t like constant change, preferring stability over spontaneity. However, if the zodiac sign faces the outside world and expresses their feelings, growth is limitless.

This is why you will see cancers take on jobs that value culture and community as they tend to feel more comfortable in these types of work environments.

Cancer in Love & Sex

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When in a romantic relationship, this water sign is the type to fall head over heels and even develop a sense of confidence to show affection to that person.

Cancers tend to feel the most comfortable with their romantic partner. During lovemaking, cancers seek out a sensual, soft, and intimate touch but may be open to rough foreplay.

Cancers love security in their close relationships as it keeps them grounded. They tend to connect more with signs that have stronger personalities with the desire to understand their significant other’s background.

Cancer in Friendship

Ruled by the emotional moon, cancers look for stability in their friendships and often treat them as if they were family. If you manage to overlook cancer’s moody traits, your friendship with them will be nurturing and loving.

The only issue with cancers is they tend to hesitate and have a hard time when it comes to making new friends with the fear of judgment and betrayal.

To nurture your friendship with a Cancer, it is important to keep up with communication and express your emotions.

Cancer on Social Media

Showing their emotional side, Cancers tend to express their moody traits on social media. There might be moments where Cancers express their love language or their fiery impulses of revenge. Following a Cancer on social media is a rollercoaster of uncertainty.

Career and Money

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The Cancer sign will flourish in any type of career as long as they are hardworking and diligent. A career in a non-profit is where cancers thrive as they love providing support and emotional security to others.

However, they can equally do well in corporate work with their focus on advancing. Due to their hard work and perseverance, they are able to enjoy all amenities of life.

Here are some careers that cancers will usually involve themselves in:

  • Nursing
  • Childcare
  • Human Resources
  • Writers
  • Composers
  • Programmer
  • Art Director

Compatible Signs

Cancer’s fellow water signs (Scorpio and Pisces) are the best matches with earth signs being the second best matches (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) out of the rest of the signs of the zodiac.

The cardinal signs, Scorpio and Pisces are able to understand the emotional language of a Cancer while the earth signs have similar space-holding energy.

Why Compatible Signs Are Drawn to Cancerians

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On the Cancer compatibility chart, earth signs Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, and water signs are the best signs that will easily fulfill a Cancer’s need on an emotional level with common interests.


Taurus is one of the most compatible signs for Cancer and is an earth sign drawn to loyalty in both romantic and other relationships. Cancers love loyalty and stability in their relationships, which makes a Taurus drawn to them. They are also both caring and love staying in their homes instead of going out the majority of the time.


Scorpio finds the cancer sign to be a mystery worth solving, often providing the strong personality that Cancer needs to stay grounded. Both signs make a good match for a reason as they are compassionate about family and value their privacy.


Capricorn is another earth sign that balances out Cancer with its masculine aspects. Even though they are polar opposites of each other, these opposite signs make a great couple.

The Capricorn is usually attracted to the soft nature of cancer including their emotional and creative side. These two signs are perfect when it comes to teamwork and becoming great friends. These two love giving each other mutual support despite Capricorn’s intense work ethic.


Pisces and Cancer are water elements and twin water signs with a romantic and caring side to them. Their soft nature blends well with each other giving them an unbreakable bond in romantic relationships and friendships.

A Cancer man is sure to find true love with a Pisces man or woman with a strong emotional bond. Not everyone can handle the emotions of a typical Cancer.


Virgo and Cancer are a love match in heaven with their relationship having the potential to improve over the years. The mutable earth sign shares a deep connection with a Cancer, which can be an ideal match for a long lasting relationship.

Both Virgo and Cancer share the same trait of being goal-oriented and devoted to their professional and personal relationships. This pairing usually means that they’re in it for the long run. A Virgo can help a Cancer find new ways of spending their downtime.


A Leo is an interesting pair with a Cancer and can take a while for the relationship to thrive. This fixed fire sign and water sign is a magical pair that are both capable of giving each other what they need in terms of emotion.

Incompatible Signs

Fire signs and air signs are the least compatible signs with the cardinal water sign as they tend to have a difficult time dealing with Cancer’s emotions.

Gemini in particular shares ambitions with the Cancer sign but they both tend to go in two different directions, oftentimes having opposing viewpoints on the smallest things.

Other incompatible signs like Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Libra will most likely clash when in a relationship with a Cancer as these signs value different things and handle situations in different ways.

Cancer Zodiac Compatibility Guide

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When meeting Cancer men and women, be prepared for a long-lasting relationship with a strong bond and everlasting love. The fourth sign of the Zodiac and associated with the element of water, Cancer will allow you to lean on them for support and often enjoy deep conversation and emotional connection.

This celestial crab sign and the fourth astrological sign is a great listener and will cherish the little things when it comes to their family members, closest friends, or romantic relationships.

The wrong way to connect with the emotional sign, Cancer is to make small talk as they prefer complex and meaningful conversations with emotional depth.

If you ever develop a relationship with Cancer, it is important to make a lot of effort to communicate and express your inner feelings.

The good news is that a relationship with a Cancer will be so fulfilling. The best way to read more about the sun sign and astrology is by reading Lisa Stardust articles.

That’s the scoop on what sign Cancer gets along with!

what sign does cancer get along with

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