Cardio Cardio Cardio! It’s WorkOut Wednesday Time!

Ok, so I know no one really loves to run or do cardio, but the key is to make it fun! I want to share some of the steps I used to find my favorite type of cardio or what I do when I do get bored of my cardio routine!

Cardio Time!!

1. When I say switch it up I mean run outside if you normally run inside, switch up your location of your run. For example if you just run out your front door to get in your cardio, maybe go to the park instead! Maybe even feed the ducks while you are at the park! 🙂 It will give you something else to look at which is always good too!

2. No matter where you are running try running in intervals! By this I mean warm up for 5 minutes doing a fast walk, then jog/run for 2 minutes and then power walk 3 minutes and repeat! Intervals will ensure you don’t tire yourself out within the first five minutes of running and give your body enough time to catch a breath in between high-intensity intervals. This also works best if you’re just starting out with running, seeing as you won’t be able to run for miles on end without taking a break in between if you’ve only taken up running recently. Have a look at Westonfit for some of the best cardio machines available to give you the ultimate running experience, and remember those intervals! Not only does this make you work harder, but makes time go faster! And we all know thats an awesome feeling if time flies!

3. Pacing yourself is a big factor in becoming a strong runner! Right when it gets warm out I start running outside instead of the gym, I find it a lot easier to pace myself when I control the speed verses running a treadmill.

4. When doing cardio you don’t have to use only the treadmill! Try the elliptical (one of my favs!!), the bike, stair climber (awesome butt and thigh workout!), or even try a cardio class! The classes can be a lot of fun and a great way to meet people! Especially if you are going to a new gym or living in a new city!

5. Don’t make yourself feel like you need to workout, make it to were you want to workout! Wanting to workout doesn’t make it seem like a chore, no one wants to do chores! For me I love to workout, it my “me time” and relaxation time! I have found my happy place with working out!

What do you love to do for your cardio time!? I am always looking for something new and fun!! 🙂

Also with summer here maybe get some friends together and go hiking!!! That’s always a blast!

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