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Carlos and Alexa PenaVega Talk Family, Faith + Their New Podcast

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega spoke with The Sarah Scoop Show on all things family, faith, past and present projects, and much more. They gave some insight into their marriage and home life along with some great marriage advice. The couple also reminisced on some of their old projects like Big Time Rush (Carlos) and Spy Kids (Alexa). We were also lucky enough to get the inside scoop on Carlos and Alexa’s soon to be released project, Cross Your Heart podcast, which is expected to be released this Friday, September 4!

Watch the full video interview here:

Staying True to Your Values

The PenaVegas are very passionate about their family and faith. Working in the industry that they do, keeping to their values is what seems to get them through everything. They gave some insight into what they do when challenges arise, in addition to some advice on how to manage family, faith, and a career all at the same time.

“You have to learn to be able to just step back because those emotions get heightened so quickly, and that doesn’t mean that what your feeling is wrong, but if you allow your feelings to overwhelm your faith in Jesus, then you’ve got it wrong.” -Alexa PenaVega

“You have to find what you are passionate about…We are very passionate about people, and we love the Lord, and we love giving back. So I think that is our root, and then we ask ourselves, ‘Hey. If we do this, will it work in what we are rooted in?'” -Carlos PenaVega

What is New?

With filming somewhat on a pause right now, Carlos and Alexa discuss what they have been doing to keep busy at home. They also go into details about the upcoming release of their long-awaited podcast!

“We have a ‘Cross Your Heart’ podcast coming out…We’ve recorded them already, but I think this week, episode one is dropping. I think Friday.” -Carlos PenaVega

“Episode one is just us and then I think in there we have a handful of awesome interviews.” -Carlos PenaVega

Big Time Rush + Spy Kids

Getting their acting careers started at very young ages, both Carlos and Alexa discuss what it was like. They also spend some time telling stories about their son, and his current obsession with both Big Time Rush and Spy Kids. Can you blame him?

“The fact that that was our childhood blows my mind. I reminisce with the boys from Big Time Rush sometimes and you know it’s like, ‘We did this?’…What a blessing. It’s crazy to think about.” -Carlos PenaVega

“…The greatest feeling is literally having your kid go, ‘Mom! I want to watch Spy Kids or more Big Time Rush’. Like Ocean is at an age where he’s obsessed with Big Time Rush Movie and Spy Kids.” -Alexa PenaVega

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