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Exclusive Interview: Jasmine Goode From The Bachelor

Jasmine Goode, former Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant, gives us the scoop on her life during and after the shows. Do you want to find out what Jasmine us been up to after the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise? How she got onto both shows? Did they help her found love? Did you know […]

Exclusive Interview: Lace Morris from the Bachelor

We caught up with Lace Morris from the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, for the Sarah Scoop Show. Lace appeared on Ben Higgins season on the Bachelor. She also left Bachelor in Paradise engaged, but unfortunately they called it off and now she is a realtor in Denver and dog mom with her new boyfriend. […]

Top 10 Romantic Movies that Need a Sequel

Every romantic movie doesn’t end in a happily ever after, and even the ones that do can leave us wanting more. Sequels can be a touchy subject, especially when it comes to cult classics, but that doesn’t stop us fans from wanting to see our favorite lovebirds on the screen, together again, any less. Check […]

Long Live “The Lion King” – Movie Review

The Lion King is the third live-action remake of an animated classic to be released by Disney this year. Actually, let me rephrase. Not just this year. The third live-action remake of an animated classic to be released in the last 4 months. This one, of course, boasts the most impressive cast of these remakes […]

Top 10 MTV ‘The Challenge’ Contestants We Want to Return

In 1998, MTV pitted two of their most popular shows against one another to create a new kind of reality TV – The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. The show has become a soap opera, of sorts. Contestants return season after season, forming relationships, friendships and rivalries that play out over the course of many years. […]

Biggest Loser is Back and Casting In Kansas City This Saturday

USA Network is bringing back the hit weight-loss series The Biggest Loser with an all-new format and holistic approach. I am so excited because I love a good reality TV show, but even more my favorites are the feel-good ones. I have always been a fan of the Biggest Loser, so I am more excited than ever that is back […]

Top 10 Big Brother Bromances

Bromance can be defined as the love between two guy friends. Here are the top 10 bromances from the hit show Big Brother and their never ending love for one another. 1. Mike “Boogie” Malin and Dr. Will Kirby These two are arguably the most loved Big Brother bromance duo since the show’s beginning. They […]

Top 10 Big Brother Showmances

When it comes to Big Brother, you can always count on two things, floaters and showmances. Showmances have been apart of this hit CBS show since season 2! While some of the love remains after the show ends, others go down in flames and there are some things we will never know. Here are the […]