Catherine Lowe Shares Worries About The Golden Bachelorette

Catherine Lowe, who married husband Sean Lowe after meeting and falling in love on season 17 of The Bachelor, has lots to say about The Golden Bachelor.

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Thanks to an E!News exclusive, here is the scoop on why Catherine Lowe is worried about The Golden Bachelorette!

Catherine Lowe Speaks Out

When it comes to The Golden Bachelor, Catherine Lowe is in love. She shares, “It’s just such a sweet, wholesome, lovely little show.” Catherine adds, “I’m so glad that they did that.” 

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Lowe reflects on the origin of the senior show commenting, “I remember them doing promos, like, sign up if you want to be in this season, if you’re a senior.” She adds, “You just don’t know what to expect.” 

Catherine also compliments the contestants vying for Gerry’s heart, “I mean, I’m jealous of some of those women” she continues, “They’re stunning.” 

The Golden Bachelorette

When it comes to the possibility of the franchise expanding more and creating The Golden Bachelorette, Catherine says “I want to see it” but she also has some concerns.

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Lowe asks, “What about casting for men? Are there a lot of older men that are the same caliber? Because those women are good looking.”

Catherine also worries that production for The Golden Bachelorette “might be, like, four years down the road.”

So, what do you think? Would you watch The Golden Bachelorette?

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