Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were in Bands

Dylan Minnette on 13 Reasons Why, a celebrity in a band
Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen in “13 Reasons Why”, one celebrity who is part of a band on this list. Courtesy of Netflix.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to be talented in various fields. They may be actors, singers, dancers, comedians, or influencers. You name it, they can probably do it. However, in Hollywood, there remains a significant number of celebs that, during their off-screen time, make their own music. Not only that, but many of these stars appear in our favorite shows like Stranger Things. So, without further ado, here are 7 celebrities you might not have known were in bands.

Ross Lynch

There’s little surprise that 24-year-old Ross Lynch can sing. We first met him on the Disney Channel show, Austin and Ally, where he played a rising pop star. And later, Lynch rocked out 50’s-style in the Teen Beach Movie films. Overall, we expected this talent from him. But, don’t be fooled. Ross Lynch isn’t the same bubbly blonde that he was in our childhoods.

In his band, The Driver Era, Ross Lynch gives a more mature performance. Alongside his brother Rocky, Ross creates a fun, alternative style that will definitely have you dancing. Lynch has certainly grown into a more distinguished performer over the years, now emanating some Harry Styles vibes. Prior to The Driver Era, Ross appeared in a band called R5, which disbanded in 2018.


Dylan Minnette

In 2017, Dylan Minnette became prominent as Clay Jensen in the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. The show blew up and Minnette was launched into minor stardom (and into the hearts of many teenage girls). However, his sometimes shy demeanor on 13 Reasons Why is anything but his true self. In reality, Dylan Minnette is the lead singer of an indie band called Wallows.

Dating back to 2017, Wallows offers a variety of guitar-heavy, indie music that is exciting yet easy on the ears. The band has seen quite a bit of fame recently, especially with their song “Are You Bored Yet?” featuring Clairo. On-stage, Minette produces a completely different persona, oozing confidence, and even blue hair. Wallows’ most recent single, “OK”, was released this April.


Finn Wolfhard

Similar to Dylan Minnette, audiences first met Finn Wolfhard through his Netflix show, Stranger Things. Essentially, viewers have watched Wolfhard grow up through the first three seasons of the show (and hopefully more). But, some might be surprised to learn that Finn isn’t as childish as he appears as Mike on Stranger Things.

Although now disbanded, Wolfhard acted as lead singer in the band Calpurnia from 2017-2019. The band put out an album called Scout, which featured indie rock music that would be right at home in the back of an independent coming-of-age film. As a performer, Wolfhard sheds his vintage striped polos from Stranger Things for cool t-shirts and funky sweaters.


Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff

Nickelodeon fans might remember Nat and Alex Wolff as the iconic Naked Brothers Band, which premiered as a TV show in 2007. And that’s the band (kind of) that we’ll be discussing. Since their Nickelodeon reign, the Wolff brothers have branched into acting including Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars for Nat and Hereditary and My Friend Dahmer for Alex. But did you know they’ve been making music up until now?

Starting in 2010, Nat and Alex rebranded from the Naked Brothers Band to Nat and Alex Wolff. Simple enough, right? Since then, they’ve released a studio album and most recently, an EP titled “Public Places”. Over the years, the brothers have definitely updated their look, going from oversized flannels and fedoras to more professional suits and tamed hair.

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Joe Keery

Alongside Finn Wolfhard, fans got to know Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things. Not only that, but he became a sensation among teenage girls for his floppy hair and good nature. Apparently, his appeal also ranges to music as well. Keery acted as a guitarist in the band Post Animal since 2014 and now is a solo artist under the psuedonym, Djo.

Keery’s path to being solo came recently in 2019. He self-released two singles and a debut album titled Twenty Twenty. As opposed to the others on this list, Keery almost maintains the suave characteristics of Steve Harrington, as if he was just transported to modern times. His hair is still crazy and he exudes smooth confidence. Plus, his voice is silky and makes you just want to nod your head along.


Maya Hawke

Last but not least, we have yet another Stranger Things alum. Although, Maya Hawke’s fame doesn’t just stem from her outstanding performance as Robin Buckley. Hawke is actually the child of actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. So, it’s less of a surprise that Maya has a few talented bones in her body.

In 2019, Hawke released two singles and began her career as a musician. Her debut album, Blush, is set to be released in August, however a single off the album was released in March. As a performer, Hawke has a distinct, almost raspy voice and a fantastical way about her that can be seen in her music videos. There is definitely a well of potential for Maya Hawke that will hopefully be explored in the coming months and years.


So what did you think? Were any of these artists a surprise to you? Let us know! And check out some of their music while you’re at it.

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