Charity Lawson Shares DWTS Experience and Support from Her Fiancé

The Bachelorette fans are enjoying watching Charity Lawson on Dancing with the Stars. With the rigorous rehearsal schedule, Charity shares just how much her fiancé Dotun Olubeko is supporting her.

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Thanks to an E!News exclusive, here is the scoop on Charity Lawson’s Dancing with the Stars journey!

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Staying Strong to Dance

The former Bachelorette shares that thanks to her fiancé Dotun, she stays fueled with protein shakes for her DWTS rehearsals.

Charity says, “My fiancé Dotun put me on this banana flavor. I used to hate protein shakes, and I was dreading coming into this.”

She continues, “I was like, ‘I’m gonna have to just chug them and close my eyes.’ But there’s a banana flavor one that is so good. It’s like ice cream to me. So, that’s fun.” 

Campaigning for Votes

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In addition to helping Charity keep her strength up, Dotun Olubeko is supporting his bride-to-be by calling on fans to vote.

The integrative medicine specialist took to his Instagram story to ask fans to vote to keep Charity on Dancing with the Stars. Dotun wrote, “I’ve been witnessing this woman work well beyond what’s required for the show which has turned her into arguably the best dancers.”

He continued, “But it’s a bit of a popularity contest so please vote for our girl not just because we adore her but because she genuinely deserves it!”

The Real Little Mermaid

Charity and her partner Artem Chigvintsev danced to “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid (1989 and 2023). The couple performed a waltz to the iconic song to celebrate the 100th year of Disney.

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Earning a score of 24 out of 30, Charity shares, “This song is extra special to me now because I get to see a character who I grew up loving look like me.” She concluded, “So this representation does truly matter.”

Fans are excited to continue watching Charity’s dancing journey in the competition, so don’t forget to catch Dancing with the Stars!

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Charity lawson shares dwts experience and support from her fiance.

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