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“Chloe” is a Riveting Obsession With Social Media and Schemes- TV Series Review

In the six-episode psychological thriller, Chloe, Becky finds herself in utter shock at the news of her friend’s death. In order to find the truth behind Chloe’s sudden death, she embeds herself into the lives of people who were close to Chloe. Her obsessive behavior leads her to abandon her identity and her mother who has dementia.

Featuring Erin Doherty, Brandon Hall, Billy Howle, and Pippa Warner, the upcoming Amazon series, Chloe dives deep into the complexities of relationships and friendships in the midst of death.

Here’s the scoop on the tv series Chloe!

Infatuation with Chloe

Chloe tv series poster image
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A mirage of clips is shown throughout the series to display Becky’s close bond with Chloe. Becky’s memories of their close-knit relationship become the catalyst that places her in detective mode. Becky, at first, tries to cope with the loss of her friend’s apparent suicide by stalking her social media account. However, she soon discovers that there may be more to the story with Chloe’s last post. Her first attempt at peeking into Chloe’s life begins when she attends a dinner party to gather information.

Although it is understandable to go through a period of denial when handed the news of the sudden loss of a friend, Becky clings to Chloe until she manages to suffocate everyone around her. Becky’s infatuation seems rather normal on the surface, but her obsession eventually takes over every part of her to the point where she even desires to be Chloe.

Identity Crisis

Becky Green
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Becky goes back and forth like a pendulum as Josh starts to uncover her dark secrets. Erin’s character goes through several fake names to find out more about Chloe’s life and why she died. When she loses her temporary job, she manages to take hold of a job in the art world to discover the truth behind Chloe’s death. However, she is unable to keep her lies going for long. All the effort she places into her plan breaks with a single push. The show carries her detailed plan until the last few episodes, leaving viewers to question the reason why she had to hide her identity in the first place.

Haunting Thoughts

Becky and a photo of Chloe
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In the process of figuring out the reason behind Chloe’s death, Becky finds her thoughts of Chloe fully taking over her daily life. She recalls certain moments in the past for some kind of understanding and closure. But her hallucinations and panic attacks send her trapped in a corner. When she thought she knew everything about Chloe, only to find dark secrets hiding under the surface. These thoughts begin to spread in the first episode and don’t seem to die down until the last episode when she realizes her thoughts were controlled by grief and regret.

Final Thoughts

Chloe tv series
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Chloe is a thriller and mystery focused on memories and the psychological effects people can have when losing a loved one. It’s not a mystery that keeps you guessing who is going to die, but rather a mystery that tugs at the strings of loss, love, family, and friendships. This thriller featuring Erin Doherty might leave us wanting more.

Watch the tv series Chloe exclusively on Amazon Prime on June 24th!

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