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Chloe Veitch From “Too Hot To Handle” Gives The Scoop on the Popular Netflix Show

Chloe from Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” gave the scoop about being on the new and popular show. She was so sweet to speak with and we are looking forward to hearing more from her in the future!

Watch the full video interview here:

Joining the Cast of “Too Hot To Handle”

With such a unique plot for a television show, the casting had to be just as creative. Chloe talks about the process of being cast, and what she knew and didn’t know when she was signed on for the show.

“The questions they were asking me I was like, is this normal?” -Chloe Veitch


The show was revolved around the cast making real connections. Chloe talks all about what that meant for her and what she wants other girls and women to know.

“My whole life I have been in relationships that have been over-controlling or people just not treating me the way I’m meant to be treated, and I’ve just allowed that to happen… I just thought you know what, I am going to show every girl out there that you deserve to be treated the right way.” -Chloe Veitch

Chloe’s YouTube

Chloe started a YouTube page with her bestie from the show, Nicole. The content includes funny insights into their time on the show together where they don’t hold anything back.

“I just want to be myself and I want to be funny and I don’t want to hold back what I’m saying…I mean it is just me.” -Chloe Veitch

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