Choosing the Latest Tech and Accessories to Match Your Personal Style

The fashion and technology industries used to be worlds apart. But where bulky, all-black devices once ruled the roost, today it’s the latest colors and styles that are flying off store shelves and into the hands of fashion- and tech-minded consumers.

Whether you’re choosing a sleek cell phone to match your modern wardrobe or a laptop bag that can take you from the office to a night out rather seamlessly, there are plenty of ways to blend your love of fashion and technology. Here are a few ways to pull it off.

Not Your Grandma’s Cell Phone

Gone are the days of the massive brick cell phones and stodgy BlackBerry smartphones, both of which provided little in the way of coordination with your favorite attire. These days, the latest cell phones have been manufactured in countless colors and designs, making it easy to find one that matches your personal style. From the sleek, streamlined design of the Galaxy S8 Edge to the range of trendy colors — gold, rose gold and even red — of the latest iPhones, the options are endless.

Even better? Upgrading your smartphone through your carrier provides the opportunity to pay off this new device on a month-to-month basis, making the decision to splurge on the latest tech and fashion trends a little easier to swallow.

More Money to Spend on Your Wardrobe

Continuing to throw money down the drain on overpriced cell phone plans will inevitably leave you with less money to spend on things you enjoy. Of course, this may very well include adding to your closet full of outfits and shoes.

But switching to a new carrier altogether may allow you to balance affordability with the same great features you’re enjoying on that overpriced plan. Ultimately, you shouldn’t ever have to choose between paying your monthly cell phone bill or adding the latest fashion trend to your closet.

Smartwatches that aren’t Boring or Bulky

With every major carrier now offering their own version of a smartwatch, competition has driven a move toward more fashionable, versatile styles. Even high-fashion brands like Kate Spade and Michael Kors are jumping on the bandwagon and releasing their own smartwatches that can be used in concert with cell phones from virtually all carriers.

Thinking of buying a smartwatch? You might consider choosing a semi-neutral color, with a solid leather or a single-tone metal band. This will make it easier to match your watch with your outfit each day.

Laptop Bags that Double as Trendy Purses

Just like smartwatches and cell phones, laptop bags have also received a trendy makeover in recent years. For the professional businesswoman, the Royce Leather RFID Saffiano bag offers plenty of storage and a sleek look that can conceal your laptop quite inconspicuously. Fashionistas will also appreciate the trendy, purse-like style of Kate Spade’s Kennedy Park Calista. Even the athleisure-super brand Lululemon designs laptop bags.

When deciding on a potential new laptop bag, choose a classic style that will complement any outfit in your closet. Or, invest in laptop bags that double as purses and briefcases, and invest in several to match your favorite accoutrements.

Headphones that Won’t Clash

Headphones have become as much a fashion accessory as your favorite necklace or scarf. With this boost in popularity comes a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes from which to purchase. Choose from big, bold, flashy throwback styles by brands like Master & Dynamic, V-Moda, Urbanears and more. Or, select a more sleek, modern Bluetooth design by LG and other tech brands for a look that will work with any outfit.

With so many tech accessories out there, there’s an option for every style — and every outfit. Ultimately, switching to a new cell phone carrier is a great way to save money. Plus, it allows you to choose from the latest devices on the market through an affordable payment plan. This way, you’ll have plenty of money left over to buy other great tech accessories to complement your personal style.

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