Chris Pratt Shares Exactly How He Stays Fit for Those Shirtless Scenes

Could Chris Pratt honestly be any cooler? I mean literally he’s cool. He’s got a great personality and he is H–O–TTT! Sorry, Anna I know he’s married, but a girl can dream right…;) I’m certain I’m not the only one crushin’ on this hollywood heartthrob.

On a recent press trip I attended for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which Pratt was totally ripped for, he revealed exactly how he keeps that body movie ready.

“Well,  if I’m gonna be fully authentic, I’m pretty careful about when I reveal myself to the public. So I do it in a way to make you think that I’ve kept it off the entire time, but I haven’t.” I think we can all relate, there are just certain times during the year when you really have to focus on that cardio.

Chris continued explaining he doesn’t let himself go to far off track. “Seriously, like I kinda keep tight, close to what I need to be, but I have to live my life as well. When I do a shirtless scene, or I do a magazine cover, or I do a photo shoot that I know is going to  get a lot of press, I then dial it in so that I can take a good picture. All my eating habits and diet fitness habits are, it’s very shallow of me, they’re very much based around how I’m going to be and put myself out there.”

Chris understands the struggles of trying to maintain a perfect look and offered some good advice, “Don’t be hard on yourself if people lose weight and they can’t keep it off.  That’s just really natural.  I think the best thing, the best way to think about it is not to have a weight goal. It’s not to say my goal is 225 pounds. That’s not my goal. My goal is six months. It’s like six months of consistency.”

He continued with advice that really put things into perspective.  It’s not about a quick fix, but something maintainable “Go to the gym, or do something every day for six months. See if I can do that. Make the goal, a consistency.Build up a bunch of consistency and make it more of a lifestyle.”

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