35+ Christmas Gifts For Equestrian Horse Lovers (2023)

When it comes to the world of equestrian sports, true horse enthusiasts embrace the opportunity. Here’s the scoop on Christmas gifts for Equestrian!

A woman is petting a horse in a field.

That’s where Christmas gift ideas for equestrians come into play, offering a wide range of horse-themed products suitable for any horse lover or rider in your life.

Equestrian gifts include practical items such as riding gear, stable essentials, and grooming tools, in addition to more whimsical horse toys and accessories.

With so much variety available, there’s something for every level of horse enthusiast, from casual riders to experienced competitors.

The best gifts not only show your support for their hobby but also makes their equestrian experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Best Christmas Gifts for Equestrians

When selecting the perfect equestrian Christmas gift, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the recipient’s specific interests, their level of involvement with horses, and the function of the present itself.

Options range from saddle pads and fly masks to expertly crafted english saddles or even personalized, handmade items that reflect their love for horses.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a thoughtful gift that both delights the recipient and enhances their equestrian experience.

The good news is that we have taken the time to research and test an assortment of equestrian products.

Ditch the gift card this year and discover a better gift that caters to various needs, preferences, and budgets as we jump into the next section.

Find the perfect present for the horse lover in your life with our equestrian christmas gift guide that is carefully curated.

1. Futtumy Horses Keep Me Stable Stemless Wine Glass

Futtumy Horses Keep Me Stable Stemless Wine Glass

A great christmas present for a horse rider and equestrian, combining humor and quality in one stemless wine glass.

The Futtumy Horses Keep Me Stable stemless wine glass makes for an amusing and enjoyable drinking experience.

The humorous “Horses Keep Me Stable” print and horse pattern are not only a great conversation starter but also show an appreciation for the love of horses and equestrian life.

The quality of the glass is noteworthy, and the vibrant printing does not fade even after multiple uses.

Its 15 oz capacity makes it versatile for different beverages like wine, coffee, or even cocktails.

The stemless design aids in the prevention of spills and splashes, while the broad base offers excellent stability.

Overall, the Futtumy Horses Keep Me Stable Stemless Wine Glass is an entertaining and well-crafted product.

They would make ideal equestrian Christmas gifts for wine lovers and horse enthusiasts.

2. MBMSO 2 Pairs Horse Socks

MBMSO Horse Socks

These comfy and stylish horse themed gifts are fantastic for a horse person or equestrian enthusiast.

The MBMSO 2 Pairs Horse Socks are a perfect present for horse lovers and riders because of their delightful design and comfortable materials.

The socks are made from 80% soft cotton, making them both stretchy and breathable.

They provide the right amount of compression at the arch, ensuring stability when walking, jogging, or running.

These socks are versatile enough to be worn with different types of footwear like sneakers, formal shoes, or even as part of a school uniform.

Their horse design makes them a fun and unique gift that any equestrian enthusiast would appreciate.

The pack comes with two pairs of socks, all featuring a humorous “I’d rather be riding” quote. Making them a conversation starter, no doubt.

The MBMSO 2 Pairs Horse Socks are a great gift for horse lovers for their comfort, versatility, and unique design.

3. Gevody Dog & Horse Kind Of Girl Makeup Bag

Gevody Dog & Horse Kind Of Girl Makeup Bag

A great Christmas gift for equestrian and dog lovers, offering a unique and practical cosmetic pouch for various occasions.

The Gevody Dog & Horse Kind Of Girl Makeup Bag is an ideal Christmas gift for equestrians and dog lovers alike.

The bag’s design is unique, displaying dog and horse prints alongside an engaging text that highlights your love for these animals.

Made from soft cotton-linen material, the bag feels comfortable for daily use and is easy to clean.

The size provides ample space for organizing cosmetics, beauty essentials, or even a first aid kit for on-the-go travel.

It’s unique design and practicality make it present they can use on a regular basis for many different things. 

The Gevody Dog & Horse Kind of Girl Makeup Bag is perfect for those looking for a creative and practical Christmas gift to delight equestrian and dog lovers.

The unique design and quality material make it a wonderful addition to any gift-giving event.

4. Onebttl Equestrian Water Bottle

Onebttl Horse Water Bottle

A superb gift for equestrian enthusiasts and young riders that blends eye-catching design and practical functionality.

This Onebttl Equestrian Water Bottle has an impressive horse silhouette design on the Onebttl Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

It’s the perfect conversation starter during any indoor or outdoor activity and would make a fantastic gift for a sister, daughter, or friend who adores horses.

Moreover, caring about health and the environment is a must, and Onebttl has done an impeccable job ensuring that their water bottle is both eco-friendly and non-toxic.

The 18/8 food-grade stainless steel material is leak-proof and prevents any harmful chemicals from entering your drink, so you can be confident in its safety.

What stands out the most is the ability to keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, thanks to its double-wall vacuum insulation

Overall, the Onebttl Equestrian Water Bottles are amazing and fun gifts for equestrians and horse enthusiasts alike.

Their exceptional design, high-quality material, and outstanding temperature retention make it a worthy investment.

5. FEELMEM Horse Snaffle Bit Bracelet

FEELMEM Horse Snaffle Bit Bracelet

The FEELMEM Horse Snaffle Bit Bracelet is a charming and stylish gift choice. Offering a special addition to one’s equestrian jewelry collection.

This bracelet is an elegant accessory that horse lovers will undoubtedly appreciate.

The cubic zirconia crystal accents, combined with the rose gold plating, give the bracelet a sophisticated touch.

It makes a perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, or special occasions, thanks to the included velvet cloth jewelry pouch.

This equestrian bracelet features an easy hook clasp that simplifies putting it on and taking it off.

The bracelet is a special present to the horse lover in your life with the horse shoe reminding them of good luck or that you are thinking of them.

Overall, the FEELMEM Horse Snaffle Bit Bracelet is a heartwarming gift for any equestrian fashionista.

6. Cosictic Horse Tumbler

Horse Tumbler

The Cosictic Horse Tumbler is a fantastic Christmas gift option for equestrians to enjoy their favorite beverages on-the-go.

This tumbler is an attractive and practical gift for equestrians, featuring a stylish rose gold design with a horse-themed print.

It is the perfect gift for horse-loving friends, who appreciate its sleek appearance and cute message.

One of the main benefits of this tumbler is its great insulation, which can keep drinks cold for up to 9 hours and hot for up to 5 hours.

This is especially useful for those long days at the barn or when traveling to horse shows.

Plus, the tumbler comes with a BPA-free lid, straws, and a straw brush, making it spill-proof and easy to clean.

Overall, the Cosictic Horse Tumbler is a great gift option for equestrians who want a functional and stylish way to enjoy their beverages.

7. Horses Christmas Tree Shirt Horse Lover X-mas

Horses Christmas Tree Shirt

This Horse’s Christmas Tree Shirt makes a festive and adorable gift for horse lovers during the holiday season.

This shirt is a delightful holiday-themed shirt that features a quirky design of horses arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree.

This eye-catching pattern is sure to bring smiles to the faces of horse enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys fun holiday apparel.

Made with a blend of cotton and polyester, this shirt offers a comfortable and lightweight feel that makes it perfect for casual wear. It is also available in various sizes.

Overall, the Horses Christmas Tree Shirt Horse Lover X-mas Gift T-Shirt is a charming and amusing gift option for equestrians or anyone who appreciates unique holiday apparel.

It’s fun design and comfortable feel make it a standout choice.

8. Personalized Horse Christmas Ornament

Personalized Horse Christmas Ornament

This personalized horse ornament is a charmingly unique Christmas gift for equestrians. Capturing their passion for horses and creating lifelong memories.

The Personalized Horse Christmas Ornament is undoubtedly an endearing gift option for horse enthusiasts.

It stands out among the usual gifts for its intricate details and thoughtful personalization.

Giving this ornament to an equestrian in your life is a way to honor their passion and create a lasting impression on their Christmas tree.

One of the significant selling points of this ornament is the free personalization offered by the brand.

Their talented artists hand-write each customization using dry-safe custom paint German pens. Ensuring much thought goes into making each ornament unique and cherished.

The Personalized Horse Christmas Ornament is a delightful Christmas gift for equestrians, with its attention to detail, quality materials, and skilled customization.

They can hang their own horse ornament that is personalized on the christmas tree each year to symbolize their love for horses.

It can even potentially become a yearly decorating tradition.

9. Personalized Cowboy Ornaments 2022

Personalized Cowboy Ornaments 2022

The Holiday Traditions Personalized Cowboy Ornaments make a beautiful and durable Christmas gift for equestrian enthusiasts.

This ornament is crafted out of premium polyresin, making it highly durable and lightweight.

Designed to stand the test of time, these ornaments beautifully showcase one’s passion for equestrian sports.

The vibrant colors and intricate details of the ornament effortlessly capture the spirit of the equestrian lifestyle.

The cowboy hat and riding gear give it an equestrian feel while remaining beautiful. 

As a thoughtful touch, the ornaments come in deluxe gift wrapping consisting of a special gift box, tissue paper, a gift bag, and a gift tag.

This presentation adds a sense of occasion, making it a delightful gift for loved ones who are equestrian enthusiasts.

Overall, the Holiday Traditions Personalized Cowboy Ornaments make an excellent Christmas gift for equestrian lovers.

Its durability, customization, and festive packaging make it a present that will stand the test of time while capturing the magic of the holiday season.

10. Personalized Horseback Riding Ornament

Personalized Horseback Riding Ornament

This Personalized Horseback Riding Ornament is the perfect Christmas gift for equestrians, featuring high-quality craftsmanship, customization, and a charming design.

This ornament emanates festive charm and makes gifting more intimate with its customization feature.

The attention to detail and the hand-written touch that unique customization brings makes it the perfect present.

This ornament definitely stands out in quality and puts a smile on the face of any equestrian enthusiast.

The Personalized Horseback Riding Ornament adds a loving, customized touch to the gift-giving experience for equestrian friends and family members.

11. WOWPAPERART Horse Jumping Equestrian 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

Horse Jumping Equestrian 3D Pop Up Greeting Card

This unique and high-quality 3D pop-up card is a perfect Christmas gift for equestrians who appreciate a touch of whimsy and creativity.

The WOWPAPERART Horse Jumping Equestrian 3D Pop Up Greeting Card is perfect for an equestrian enthusiast and who appreciates craftsmanship.

The intricate laser cut on the blue cover is eye-catching, and when opened, the stunning pop-up of a horse jumping is revealed.

As a handmade product, the card showcases attention to detail. The high-quality paper used in its construction assures that this card is built to last.

It’s versatile enough to use for various occasions, including Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or simply to show appreciation for a loved one.

Overall, the WOWPAPERART Horse Jumping Equestrian 3D Pop Up Greeting Card is an appropriate gift for equestrian enthusiasts who seek a unique and creative gift that leaves a lasting impression.

12. Hanamiya Na Horse Gifts Makeup Bag

Horse Makeup Bag

The Hanamiya Na Horse Gifts Makeup Bag makes a thoughtful and functional Christmas gift for the equestrian lover in your life.

This makeup bag offers a charming and practical gift for horse enthusiasts of all ages.

Its unique designs and catchy phrases make it a delightful present for moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, friends, and coworkers who have a passion for horses and equestrian pursuits.

Made from 100% flax material, the bag is soft, yet durable, and can withstand daily use as a grocery storage bag, cosmetic bag, purse bag, or tote makeup bag.

Whether keeping make-up or cash for a monetary tip on the go, they will be set.

If you’re looking for a unique and functional Christmas gift for the equestrian lover in your life, the Hanamiya Na Horse Gifts Makeup Bag is a splendid choice.

Its charming design, high-quality materials, and versatile uses make it a delightful present that will surely be appreciated by all horse enthusiasts.

13. Kamaple Barn Hair Don’t Care Hat

Kamaple Barn Hair Don't Care Hat

The Kamaple Barn Hair Don’t Care Hat is a fun and comfortable gift choice for equestrians. Suitable for both women and men who appreciate a relaxed style.

This hat features a 100% cotton construction, providing a soft and comfortable feel when worn.

The hat is adjustable in size, featuring a buckle closure on the back that allows for an ideal fit for most people.

This equestrian-inspired hat showcases a playful and unique “Barn Hair Don’t Care” design that horse enthusiasts will truly appreciate.

The practicality is a plus as a long day of riding wild horses with lots of energy can cause hair to go flying. 

The Kamaple Barn Hair Don’t Care Hat is a delightful and comfortable gift option for equestrian enthusiasts who enjoy wearing a relaxed-fit cap.

The hat’s charming design and quality cotton make it a worthwhile choice for most horse lovers.

14. DlaeKua Animal Lover Gift Bracelet

DlaeKua Animal Lover Gift Bracelet

A perfect gift choice for equestrian enthusiasts, combining style and meaning in a durable stainless steel bracelet.

The DlaeKua Animal Lover Gift Bracelet is a well-made, stylish accessory for the favorite horse lover or equestrian enthusiast in your life.

Made from durable stainless steel, the bracelet features a horse pendant, which symbolizes vitality, life, power, and running.

Making it a thoughtful gift for horse lovers during the holiday season or on any special occasion.

The materials used in the bracelet’s construction ensure that it is good quality and doesn’t tarnish or change color over time.

The classic silver look is versatile and could easily complement a variety of outfit styles. 

The DlaeKua Animal Lover Gift Bracelet is the perfect horse jewelry that is a thoughtful and stylish gift for equestrian enthusiasts that can be cherished for years to come.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this charming accessory will make horse lovers or a best friend feel connected to their passion during the holiday season.

15. Harrison Howard Socks

Harrison Howard Toddler Socks

These Harrison Howard Socks make a perfect Christmas gift for young equestrian enthusiasts, offering comfort, style, and durability.

These socks are made from a blend of soft cotton and spandex, allowing for a snug yet comfortable fit.

Perfect for both riding and everyday wear, these socks ensure that your feet remain warm and dry inside their riding boots.

With a focus on breathability, these socks are great for indoor and outdoor activities, and they don’t feel too tight around the ankles.

One of the major advantages of these socks is the reinforced heel and toe, which provide added durability.

This is particularly important for young equestrians who may put more wear and tear on their socks as they ride and play.

The socks come in a convenient 4-pack, making it easy to always have a clean pair on hand.

16. MyMareCo Equestrian Headbands

MyMareCo Equestrian Headbands

The MyMareCo Equestrian Headbands are a versatile and stylish accessory for horseback riders that offer practicality and comfort.

These headbands are designed to be slim, comfortable, and lightweight.

This makes them easy to wear under a riding helmet or during other sports activities, such as yoga or hiking.

They have a snug fit, which helps keep the headband in place, and can be worn with different outfits at the barn, gym, or office.

Sometimes riding horses can be hard work and this headband will keep any hair, sweat, or dirt out of their face and ready to ride. 

The material used by these headbands is silky and stretchy, making them comfortable to wear all day long.

Overall, the MyMareCo Equestrian Headbands are a stylish and useful addition to an equestrian’s wardrobe.

With their comfort and versatility, they can be worn in various settings and activities. 

17. BDPWSS Dog Lover & Horse Makeup Bag

BDPWSS Dog Lover & Horse Makeup Bag

This BDPWSS makeup bag makes a thoughtful and practical gift for horse people and dog lovers alike.

Made of soft polyester, the makeup bag is a kind item with a sentimental quote that states, “I’m A Dog And Horse Kind Of Girl.”

It is great for a horse lover, dog mom, or equestrian who appreciates that personal touch.

With double-sided printing and a waterproof coating, this item is both functional and stylish.

Additionally, it is a versatile pouch that can accompany users on their daily errands or during trips across the country.

With a strong zipper and exquisite workmanship, it is made to withstand the test of time.

The BDPWSS Dog Lover & Horse Makeup Bag is a charming and useful gift for equestrians and dog lovers.

Its unique design, high-quality materials, and spacious interior make it an excellent choice for individuals who value both form and function.

18. Equestrian Coach Gifts Notebook

Equestrian Coach Gifts Notebook

A perfect gift for equestrians, this notebook offers a humorous touch and ample space for writing and planning.

This Equestrian Coach Gifts Notebook is one of the best horse books and ideal Christmas gift for the equestrian lover in your life.

Offering them 108 lined pages for notes or planning.

The sarcastic humor on the cover adds a unique touch, while the 6×9 size can easily fit in most bags.

In terms of construction, the notebook’s paper quality is lightweight.

This notebook makes an amusing and practical gift for equestrians.

Pair it with a few nice pens or other writing accessories to create a thoughtful present that shows you understand their passion this Christmas.

19. Sfodiary Horse Gift Makeup Bag

Horse Gift Makeup Bag

The Sfodiary Horse Gift Makeup Bag is an appealing and functional gift for horse lovers and equestrians, providing practical storage for daily essentials.

This makeup bag makes an excellent present for horse lovers, equestrian trainers, and horse-related workers.

Made with a high-quality cotton and linen blend, this double-sided printed bag is designed to stand up to daily use while remaining lightweight and easy to carry.

The inspirational horse print motivates and reminds the user about the freedom the horse symbolizes.

This makeup bag offers plenty of storage space for various cosmetic items like makeup brushes, mascara, lipstick, and wipes.

The Sfodiary Horse Gift Makeup Bag is not only functional but also an incredibly thoughtful gift for equestrians. Suitable as a graduation gift, birthday present, or a holiday surprise.

20. Cavertin Women’s Horse Socks

Cavertin Women's Horse Socks

These Cavertin Women’s Horse Socks are a delightful and practical gift for the equestrian enthusiast in your life.

The Cavertin Women’s Horse Socks are both comfortable and full of personality.

The fun and vibrant horse design adds an element of joy to riding gear.

These socks fit most women with US shoe sizes 6 to 12, making them a versatile choice for gift-giving. 

The Cavertin Women’s Horse Socks are an excellent addition to the wardrobe of any horse lover. Keeping their feet cozy and adding a touch of whimsy to their riding experience. 

21. Mikela Horse Lover Makeup Bag

Mikela Horse Lover Makeup Bag

A delightful makeup bag for equestrians, perfect for holding all your essentials while showcasing your love for horses.

This Mikela Horse Lover makeup bag truly speaks to the heart of any horse enthusiast.

Its double-sided print portrays a beautiful message of love for horseback riding. Making it an ideal gift for any equestrians celebrating special occasions.

The bag itself is well-crafted and spacious, allowing you to easily store day-to-day makeup items like lipsticks, brushes, and eyeshadows.

The message on the front expresses the great love and admiration you have for the horse lover in your life. 

The Mikela Horse Lover makeup bag is a heartwarming, functional choice for anyone seeking an inspiring equestrian gift. 

22. JASHIKA Horse Gifts Fairy String Lights

JASHIKA Horse Fairy String Lights

These pony-themed fairy string lights make a delightful holiday gifts for horse lovers. Adding a warm, whimsical touch to any space.

JASHIKA Horse Gifts Fairy String Lights are the perfect home decor for any house.

The delightful golden pony design draws the eyes of the whole family or any guests, bringing smiles to their faces.

The lights will amplify any warm and inviting atmosphere.

One of the best things is how easy it was to set up and control the string lights.

The option to either plug them in via a USB port or take advantage of battery power for a more portable experience is also a plus.

The remote control also makes it exceptionally easy to adjust the timer and flicker functions without interrupting a party.

Whether hanging them around a wooden sign or fire place, they will stick out and brighten up a space. 

The JASHIKA Horse Gifts Fairy String Lights are a lovely and unique gift for equestrians or horse lovers.

They are perfect for adding a touch of enchantment to any space, be it for the holidays or everyday décor. 

23. Horse Country Girl HorseBack Rider Equestrian T-Shirt

Horse Girl T-Shirt

A perfect Christmas gift for an equestrian friend that is comfortably designed, and represents a horse lover’s passion.

This Horse Girl T-Shirt is a comfortable and stylish option for those who are passionate about horseback riding.

It’s made with a mix of cotton and polyester blends, providing a soft and cozy fit for any cowgirl.

The design of this shirt is both creative and entertaining. Featuring a fun graphic that truly captures the spirit of equestrians.

Plus, it can be worn by horse owners, trail riders, jockeys, or just casual fans of horses. This makes it an excellent Christmas gift option for a wide range of people.

Overall, the Horse Girl T-Shirt is a comfortable and attractive option for any equestrian lover. It’s fun design and cozy materials make it a suitable Christmas gift.

24. Mikela Horse Gift Makeup Bag

Mikela Horse Gift Makeup Bag

This Mikela Horse Gift Makeup Bag is a creative and thoughtful gift for horse lovers, featuring ample storage space and a charming horse design.

This makeup bag is an endearing and practical gift for those who adore horses.

As a makeup bag, it is spacious enough to fit essential cosmetics, such as lipsticks, makeup brushes, and eyeshadows.

The double-sided printed design showcases a horse’s face with a loveable saying, adding a touch of personality to this versatile accessory.

Not only is this makeup bag the perfect size for storing cosmetics, but it can also function as a toiletry bag, travel case, pouch, organizer, coin purse, or even a cv case.

Its lightweight and compact design makes it an ideal travel companion. Easily fitting into a handbag or luggage without taking up excessive space.

A teenage girl who loves horses could find this to be a fun and useful gift. 

Nonetheless, the Mikela Horse Gift Makeup Bag remains a delightful and unique present for equestrians and horse enthusiasts. Combining functionality and creativity.

25. Jztco Horse Gifts Makeup Bag

Horse Gifts Makeup Bag

This makeup bag with a horse design is an ideal Christmas gift for equestrians. Thanks to its durable material, compact size, and stylish design.

The Jztco Horse Gifts Makeup Bag is an excellent gift choice for equestrian enthusiasts. As it offers a touch of personal style combined with functionality.

Its construction from durable and soft polyester material ensures that it is both comfortable to carry and long-lasting.

The horse print on the surface, along with an inspiring quote, is visually appealing and unique.

The bag’s versatile usage makes it an ideal companion for various occasions. Such as traveling, using it as a storage bag, or just for day-to-day use. 

Overall, the Jztco Horse Gifts Makeup Bag is a great Christmas gift for equestrians offering style, practicality, and a touch of personalization. 

26. OBSI Horse Throw Blanket

OBSI Horse Throw Blanket

An ideal Christmas gift for equestrians, this luxuriously soft and cozy horse throw blanket will impress any horse lover.

This OBSI Horse Throw Blanket is an incredible option for those looking for a Christmas gift for their equestrian friends and family.

Designed specifically with horse lovers in mind, it features various breeds, colors, and sizes of horses. Taking your home’s horse decor to the next level.

These could be used as the perfect stable blankets or even to snuggle up with while watching black stallion on the couch. 

The soft mink fleece printed face and plush sherpa fuzzy back make these horse blankets a warm and comfortable combo.

The materials used are absolutely luxurious, making you feel cozy as soon as you wrap yourself in this delightful blanket.

This blanket gives the gift of relaxation while keeping the equestrian design in mind.

Nonetheless, this blanket remains an excellent gift choice, sure to delight any equestrian in your life.

27. Wrangler Women’s Horse Crew Socks

Wrangler Women's Horse Crew Socks

These Wrangler Women’s Horse Crew Socks are a great buy for teen horse lovers looking for comfortable, stylish, and durable socks.

These crew socks provide ultra-spun polyester moisture-wicking material for comfortable wear during long days at the barn.

The stay-up design ensures the socks won’t slide down during activities. While the smooth toe seam adds extra comfort and prevents irritation.

The adorable horse patterns on these socks are perfect for equestrian enthusiasts, adding a touch of personal flair.

Multiple customers have praised the comfort and durability of these socks after wearing and washing them numerous times, with some even receiving them as gifts and then purchasing more themselves.

Overall, these Wrangler Women’s Horse Crew Socks are a fantastic choice for equestrians seeking comfortable, durable, and stylish socks that can withstand long days at the barn and frequent machine washes.

28. My Happy Place Horse Lover Equestrian T-Shirt

My Happy Place Horse Lover Equestrian T-Shirt

A delightful and comfortable equestrian-themed T-shirt worthy of gift consideration for horse lovers in your life.

The My Happy Place Horse Lover Equestrian T-Shirt is a fantastic gift option for those who adore horses and horseback riding.

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this shirt provides a perfect combination of softness and durability. Ensuring long-lasting comfort for the wearer.

As a casual piece of apparel, it’s suitable for various settings. Allowing the equestrian enthusiast to flaunt their passion for horses wherever they go.

The shirt’s design caters to people of different ages, including kids and adults, making it an excellent choice for horse-loving families and friends.

Overall, the My Happy Place Horse Lover Horseback Riding Equestrian T-Shirt is a thoughtful and enjoyable Christmas gift for equestrians.

Offering comfort and a stylish way to express their love for horses.

29. Sfodiary Dog Lover Makeup Bag

Sfodiary Dog Lover Makeup Bag

Ideal for equestrians and dog lovers alike, this makeup bag impresses with its thoughtful design and practicality.

The Sfodiary Dog Lover Makeup Bag is a delightful and functional gift option for equestrians.

Made of cotton and linen, it feels sturdy and reliable. Ensuring your cosmetics remain safe and secure during travel or daily use.

The bag’s appealing double-sided print adds a touch of style to any purse or luggage.

The smooth zipper and high-quality coating make it a reliable option for those frequently on-the-go.

As a thoughtful gift, this makeup bag targets pet lovers, making it a great choice for birthdays, Christmas, or other special occasions. 

The Sfodiary Dog Lover Makeup Bag is an excellent option for equestrians looking for a unique and practical gift.

With its charming design and durable materials, it’s sure to make a positive impression.

30. CMNIM Horses Girls Gifts Tote Bag

Horses Girls Gifts Tote Bag

An excellent gift choice for equestrian lovers that combines style, practicality, and inspiration.

The CMNIM Horses Girls Gifts Tote Bag is a must-have for anyone with a passion for horses.

This waterproof and durable tote bag features a gorgeous horse design on one side and an inspirational quote on the other. Making it a perfect gift for equestrian enthusiasts.

One aspect that sets this tote bag apart from others is the multifunctional design.

The spacious interior is not only great for carrying everyday items but also can be used as a make-up bag, stationery holder, or even a mail pouch.

It is also perfect for transporting things from home that are wanted in saddle bags while riding.

From fly spray to helmet bags or even a cell phone this bag will work great! You can even include things for your horses like horse treats or a brush! 

The CMNIM Horses Girls Gifts Tote Bag is a fantastic holiday gift option for equestrian lovers.

Not only does it offer practical and versatile usage but also sports a stylish design and motivational quote that would surely be appreciated by its recipient.

31. Wrangler Boot Socks 3 Pair Pack

Wrangler Women's Ladies Horse Boot Socks

These Wrangler boot socks provide excellent comfort and moisture-wicking material for equestrians, making them a great Christmas gift option.

They come in a pack of three, featuring a stay-up leg and top. The socks are knit using ultra-spun polyester, which wicks moisture away for cooler and drier comfort.

As a result, your feet will feel comfortable in tall riding boots even after a long day of riding. 

The socks have a stylish horse design, perfect for equestrians or horse enthusiasts.

And if you’re looking for a Christmas gift with a touch of patriotism, these socks are proudly made in the USA.

Overall, the Wrangler Boot Socks are a practical and comfortable Christmas gift option for equestrians.

With their moisture-wicking capabilities and stylish horse design, they should provide a perfect blend of function and fashion for the recipient.

32. FANZE Double Horse Stirrup Lariat Necklace

FANZE Double Horse Stirrup Lariat Necklace

A charming and elegant equestrian-themed necklace that makes a perfect Christmas gift for horse lovers, with a few minor disadvantages to consider.

The FANZE Double Horse Stirrup Lariat Necklace offers an attractive and eye-catching design that captures the spirit of equestrianism.

Making it an ideal Christmas gift for horse lovers.

The necklace is crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, ensuring its durability and quality, and adorned with cubic zirconia for an added sparkle.

What sets this necklace apart is its adjustable chain length.

With a 15-inch chain and an additional 1-inch extension, the necklace can be worn at various lengths, allowing for a personalized fit.

This quality makes it suitable for a wide range of neck sizes and preferences.

The FANZE Double Horse Stirrup Lariat Necklace is an excellent Christmas gift choice that can become a favourite thing for equestrians and horse enthusiasts alike.

The necklace is a great way to make horse lovers and equestrians feel appreciated and loved this holiday season.

Its unique design, high-quality materials, and adjustable length make for a thoughtful and versatile gift.

33. Wowcugi Horse Can Cooler

Wowcugi Horse Can Cooler

The Wowcugi Horse Can Cooler is a versatile and stylish choice for equestrians and horse lovers looking for a practical gift.

This cooler is an excellent accessory for those who enjoy spending time outdoors or attending social gatherings.

With its 16-ounce capacity and compatibility with 12-ounce slim, standard cans, and glass bottles, this cooler offers a versatile and convenient drinking experience.

Made from durable stainless steel, this can cooler ensures that your beverages stay hot or cold for approximately four hours.

It also comes with two different lids catered to either a bottle or tumbler, making this 4-in-1 cooler a great space-saver for your outdoor adventures, BBQ parties, or at-home gatherings.

One of the standout features of this product is its eye-catching horse design. Which showcases equestrian love in a fun and attractive way.

The Wowcugi Horse Can Cooler is a thoughtful and practical gift that would make a great addition to any equestrian’s collection.

Its versatility, stylish design, and ability to keep drinks hot or cold for extended periods make it a useful accessory for various events.

34. Antisocial But Willing To Discuss Horses Journal

Antisocial but willing to discuss horses

An enjoyable and unique gift for equestrian enthusiasts, ideal for journaling or note-taking.

The “Antisocial but willing to discuss horses” journal is an amusing and thoughtful gift for horse lovers.

The design is eye-catching and the title, a perfect conversation starter.

The portable 6″ x 9″ size makes it easy to carry it in a bag on the way to the stables.

The blank-lined layout lends itself well to different uses, whether as a journal for personal thoughts or a notebook to jot down horse-related information.

The paper quality is suitable for various writing instruments.

The “Antisocial but willing to discuss horses” journal is a charming and entertaining gift for equestrian enthusiasts who enjoy putting thoughts to paper.

Its engaging design, size, and versatility make it a delightful item.

35. LUCKYBUNNY Truly a Friend Guardian Angel Statues

LUCKYBUNNY Truly a Friend Guardian Angel Statues

A heartwarming and sentimental gift for horse lovers that beautifully showcases the bond between a girl and her horse.

This LUCKYBUNNY Truly a Friend Guardian Angel Statue is a wonderfully crafted piece that perfectly captures the bond between a girl and her horse.

Made from a durable resin material and hand-painted with great attention to detail, this figurine is not only visually appealing but also of premium quality.

The emotion the statue conveys is both heartwarming and sentimental.

With the words “Truly a Friend, Always Together with Me” written on an enclosure card, it transcends beyond a mere decorative piece and becomes a cherished representation of the special connection between horse and horse lovers.

As a versatile decor item, this angel statue can be placed in various locations. Such as on a table, dresser, mantel, or shelf, making it a fitting addition to a horse collection.

Moreover, it serves as a heartfelt souvenir to commemorate the countless memories one has with their beloved equine companion.

The LUCKYBUNNY Truly a Friend Guardian Angel Statue is a thoughtful and moving gift for equestrians.

Serving as a constant reminder of the unique bond they share with their horses.

Its stunning design, combined with the heartfelt message it conveys, makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to make their horse-loving friends or family feel loved and appreciated.

36. E-Clover Fashion Scarf for Women

E-Clover Scarf

The E-Clover Fashion Scarf is a versatile and stylish choice for equestrians, making it a thoughtful Christmas gift.

This lovely scarf from E-Clover is a fantastic choice for equestrians. Featuring a beautiful horse pattern that immediately catches the eye.

Made with 100% viscose material, it provides a gentle touch to the skin and offers a comfortable wearing experience.

The scarf is lightweight and breathable, making it suitable for various events like parties, beach outings, or just a casual day out.

It can be worn as a headscarf, neckerchief, belt scarf, or even a shawl. This versatility adds value to the product, showing that it’s more than just an ordinary scarf. 

The E-Clover scarf still makes a great gift for horse lovers during the holiday season.

The charming design and high-quality material make it a delightful accessory while also offering practical usage. 

37. JustKidding Personalized Equestrian Ornament

Personalized Equestrian Ornament

A great gift for horse enthusiasts to add a personal touch to their holiday decorations with quality.

This JustKidding Personalized Equestrian Ornament is a unique Christmas gift for horse lovers, offering a lasting keepsake that can be enjoyed year after year.

The vibrant colors and details in the image set this ornament apart.

The sublimation printing technique delivers a high-quality and long-lasting print, making it perfect for displaying on the tree.

The ornament itself is made from a sturdy MDF material with a high-gloss finish, ensuring it stays looking great for many holiday seasons to come.

With a range of shapes—including circle, oval, heart, and star—there’s likely a design to suit everyone’s tastes.

It’s also versatile enough for other occasions, such as housewarming parties, New Year’s celebrations, or anniversaries.

Overall, the JustKidding Personalized Equestrian Ornament is an engaging and thoughtful gift for equestrians or horse enthusiasts, who would surely appreciate the personal touch in their holiday decorations.

The ornament’s high-quality materials and vibrant print leave a lasting impression, and it adds a touch of charm to any Christmas tree.

38. Winorax Horse Tumbler

Winorax Horse Tumbler

Versatile and appealing, this Winorax Horse Tumbler makes a perfect Christmas gift for equestrian enthusiasts.

The Winorax Horse Tumbler has a charming and vibrant horse design that is sure to surprise and delight equestrian aficionados.

Made entirely of stainless steel, it ensures durability and long-lasting use. Its 20 oz capacity makes it an ideal everyday companion for hot or cold drinks, whether at home or on the go.

One of the key features of this tumbler is its double-wall vacuum insulation technology.

This means that, regardless of the weather, your drink will stay at your desired temperature for an extended time.

With the added convenience of a spill-proof lid, you can travel confidently knowing your beverage will stay put.

The Winorax Horse Tumbler is an excellent Christmas gift option for those who love horses and value a combination of form and function. 

39. Wassmin Horse Tumbler

Wassmin Horse Tumbler

The Wassmin Horse Tumbler is a stylish and practical gift for equestrians, offering durable construction and excellent insulation.

This is a popular Christmas gift option for equestrians due to its distinctive, fashionable design that appeals to people of various ages, genders, and hobbies.

It looks great while being useful, fulfilling the dual purpose of looking amazing and serving as a functional drinking cup.

Available in both 20 oz and 30 oz sizes, the tumbler’s shape is designed to fit snugly into cup holders, making it easy to bring with you wherever you go, such as the office, gym, or even while riding.

The state-of-the-art Vacuum Insulation Technology employed in this tumbler ensures that the temperature of your drink is maintained, thanks to its double-walled feature that insulates the contents from outside elements.

The Wassmin Horse Tumbler makes a great Christmas gift for equestrians, providing a stylish and practical drinking solution for those on the go.

With its insulation technology and durable construction, it’s a gift that will last and be appreciated for years to come.

Buying Guide

When searching for Christmas gifts for an equestrian enthusiast, there are several factors to consider in order to find the perfect present.

Equestrians need a variety of equipment and accessories for both themselves and their horses.

Whether it be a new horse tack or pair of comfy socks.

When choosing a gift, consider the recipient’s preference and needs, as well as the quality, durability, and functionality of the gift.

Here’s the scoop on the key features and aspects to look for when selecting equestrian gifts.

Comfort and Fit

Ensure the gift provides comfort and convenience for the rider or the horse.

Look for high-quality materials, padding, and proper sizes, so it fits the individual or horse comfortably.

Safety Features

As horse riding involves some risks, prioritize gifts with built-in safety features. For riders, think about accessories like helmets, gloves, and western boots they will enjoy.

For horses, consider a leather halter and saddle cover designed for their safety and comfort.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Look for products that serve their purpose effectively and can be easily used and maintained.

Consider the ease of cleaning, assembling, or adjusting any potential gifts.

Suitable for the Riding Discipline

Equestrians practice various disciplines, such as dressage, show jumping, and trail riding. Choose gifts that align with the recipient’s preferred riding style.

You will want to make sure the gift is perfect for an all a round horse lover.

Budget and Quality

Set a reasonable budget and find a gift with the best price that still offers good quality.

High quality products will often be more durable and comfortable, but be conscious of your spending limits.

There are a range of presents in different price ranges, so look out for a great deal and be sure to look for sale items.

If you are still not sure what to get, gift certificates from the dover saddlery are also a safe and great option. 

Remember, the ideal equestrian gift should demonstrate thoughtfulness and complement the recipient’s passion for horses.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and find a gift that any equestrian would appreciate.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selecting the perfect way to delight a horse lover during the festive season, the options are truly endless.

Whether you’re considering a hobby horse that harkens back to cherished memories, riding socks with side pockets for convenient storage, or a machine washable hand towel for post-ride comfort, each gift holds the potential to become an essential piece of their equestrian journey.

Leveraging the convenience of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program ensures not only a diverse selection but also the benefit of free shipping, enhancing the joy of giving even further.

The ability to find a meaningful gift that resonates with the recipient’s passion for horses is the favorite part of gift-giving, and looking back to last year’s thoughtful gesture, one can truly appreciate the significance of these gestures in strengthening the bond between friends, family, and fellow horse enthusiasts.

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