55 Fun and Festive Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

You’re planning a big Christmas bash, but you’re in search of the best Christmas party games for large groups.

Don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of 55 fun and festive games that’ll keep your large group entertained.

From ‘Jingle Bell Toss’ to ‘Chimney Challenge: Stocking Stuffer Game’, there’s something for everyone.

So, put on your Santa hat, grab a cup of eggnog, and dive into this treasure trove of holiday fun.

Let’s give your guests a party they’ll remember!

A group of people playing a game of christmas cards.

55 Best Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

Jingle Bell Toss Holiday Party Game

You’re sure to love the ‘Jingle Bell Toss’ game, a lively and competitive activity perfect for large Christmas gatherings.

This fun Christmas game adds a festive twist to your holiday celebrations, making it one of the best Christmas party games for large groups.

The rules are simple: toss jingle bells into different bowls to score points. It’s an engaging party game that gets everyone in the holiday spirit.

You can easily adjust the level of difficulty to suit all ages, making it an inclusive game for large groups.

Whether you’re hosting or attending Christmas parties, the ‘Jingle Bell Toss’ game promises a fun party atmosphere.

So, this holiday season, elevate your Christmas game with the ‘Jingle Bell Toss’.

This holiday game is sure to be a hit amongst your guests around Christmas!

Santa, Do You Love Me? Challenge

Following the excitement of the ‘Jingle Bell Toss’, get ready for an amusing twist on a classic game with the ‘Santa, Do You Love Me?’ challenge.

This fun Christmas party game adds a dash of holiday spirit to your party this year.

It’s one of the best Christmas games for large groups that infuses laughter and joy amongst party guests.

Here’s how it works: one person is ‘Santa’ and sits in the middle of the circle. Other players take turns asking, ‘Santa, do you love me?’ If Santa laughs or smiles, they switch places.

It’s a great Christmas party game idea that will keep everyone entertained. So, this holiday season, spice up your games to play list with this innovative and jovial party game.

Christmas Carol Pictionary Fun

A family playing a game of cards at a table.

After the infectious laughter from the ‘Santa, Do You Love Me?’ challenge, it’s time to test your caroling knowledge with the ‘Christmas Carol Pictionary’ game.

This Christmas themed fun game is one of the favorite Christmas party games to play. It’s a game that adds a musical twist to your family Christmas.

Here’s how to play:

  • Split into teams and make a list of popular Christmas carols.
  • Each team will take turns drawing a carol while others guess.
  • The team that guesses correctly first, wins.

Christmas games for large groups can be daunting, but party games for large groups like this make your Christmas party more engaging.

Remember, games are a huge part of the fun, so get ready to sing your hearts out!

Festive Trivia Night

Next up, let’s dive into a festive trivia night, where you’ll need to pull out all your Christmas knowledge for a chance to win.

One of the best Christmas party games, festive trivia night is a fun, interactive way to engage large groups.

You can tailor it to suit any crowd – be it office parties or Christmas games for kids.

The trivia subjects can be broad, including Christmas trivia and Christmas movie trivia, making it one of the most versatile Christmas party ideas.

But it’s not just for kids – it’s also one of the most popular Christmas games for adults.

So gather your friends, family, or coworkers and test your Christmas knowledge with this entertaining holiday party game.

Your festive trivia night is sure to be a hit!

Ornament Relay Race a Fun Christmas Party Game Idea

Switching gears from trivia, let’s ramp up the energy with an ornament relay race, an exciting and active game that’s perfect for your Christmas party.

This Christmas party game for kids and adults alike is among the funny Christmas party games that are great for large groups.

It’s sure to become one of your hilarious Christmas traditions.

The rules are simple, fostering fun and laughter:

  • Split the group into two teams.
  • Each person must carry an ornament using only a spoon.
  • If the ornament falls, they start again.
  • The first team to finish wins.

This ornament relay race embodies the spirit of fun party games, making it a hit at any family party. Enjoy the jolly competition this Christmas!

Gingerbread House Contest

A group of women playing a christmas card game.

Another entertaining game you’ll absolutely love is a gingerbread house contest, where every participant’s creativity can truly shine.

It’s one of the best Christmas games to play during the holiday season, bringing the entire family together in a unique Christmas spirit.

This favorite game is perfect for adults and kids alike, as it allows everyone to channel their inner Christmas character and create a festive masterpiece.

The contest can become one of your innovative party ideas that fosters a sense of friendly competition, teamwork, and holiday cheer.

As each team constructs their confectionery abode, the room becomes filled with laughter and the sweet scent of gingerbread, making the contest not just a game, but a delightful Christmas experience that encapsulates the joy of the season.

Christmas Charades

After the gingerbread house contest, you’ll surely enjoy diving right into a lively game of Christmas Charades.

This festive twist on a classic Christmas game can be one of your 55 fun and festive Christmas party games for large groups at your next party.

Make Christmas all the more special by incorporating free Christmas games like Christmas Charades that both adults and kids will enjoy.

To prepare, use this Christmas themed list:

  • Santa stuck in chimney
  • Decorating a Christmas tree
  • Wrapping presents
  • Caroling

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or any type of party, this game will surely bring laughter and cheer.

So, add Christmas Charades to your list of fun games all in one and make your holiday celebration unforgettable.

Snowman Building Competition

If you thought Christmas Charades was fun, you’ll love the next game on our list – a Snowman Building Competition.

Perfect for kids’ Christmas parties, this festive activity takes the cake for one of the funniest Christmas party games for large groups.

You’ll be laughing in no time as you watch everyone scramble to build the most creative snowman in a minute to win it Christmas style.

Add a different Christmas twist by incorporating Christmas would you rather questions, such as ‘Would you rather use a carrot or a candy cane for the snowman’s nose?’.

Keep the competition light-hearted with a Christmas punch game for those waiting their turn. 

This is great for an adults or kid’s Christmas extravaganza! Trust us, this fun and festive game will be remembered as one of the best games ever.

Holiday Costume Contest

A group of people playing a game of cards in front of a christmas tree.

Following the Snowman Building Competition, you’ll want to kick off the Holiday Costume Contest, a highlight that’ll surely make your Christmas party unforgettable.

This popular Christmas game is perfect for large groups, adding a fun twist to the conventional festive Christmas party games.

To organize the contest, consider these steps:

  • Invite Creativity: Encourage your guests to bring their funny Christmas spirit to life by dressing as their favorite holiday characters.
  • Gift Exchange: Plan a Christmas gift exchange for the best costume, making it an incentive for everyone to participate.
  • White Elephant Gift Ideas: Include some funny white elephant gift ideas as awards for the most innovative or humorous costumes.
  • Voting: Let the group vote for their favorite costumes, adding an extra layer of fun and interaction to your Christmas party.

A Holiday Costume Contest elevates your Christmas party, ensuring a memorable and entertaining time for all.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

You’ll find that a Secret Santa Gift Exchange is an exciting and heartwarming game that adds a dash of mystery and generosity to your Christmas party.

Here’s a fun twist: have each participant draw a Christmas song from a Christmas stocking instead of just a name.

The task? Find a gift that creatively represents that song.

For example, if you draw 12 Days of Christmas, you might choose 12 miniature Christmas ornaments.

Or, for ‘Jingle Bells,’ maybe your gift is a set of Christmas bingo cards with bells on them.

It’s a delightful way to deepen your Christmas music knowledge and discover new favorite Christmas tunes.

Candy Cane Hunt a Fun Christmas Game for Large Groups

After enjoying the musical merriment of the Know Your Christmas Song Secret Santa, amp up the excitement with a festive Candy Cane Hunt.

Think of it as a Christmas version of the classic scavenger hunt. This game isn’t just for kids; adults can participate too.

Hide candy canes around your Christmas dinner venue and let the hunt begin.

Your list of Christmas activities won’t be complete without this game. Here’s why:

  • It brings a Christmas movie to life, providing a fun, interactive experience.
  • It encourages competition and teamwork.
  • It’s one of the few games with free, easy-to-find materials.
  • It adds a unique twist to looking for Christmas treasures, making it unforgettable.

Let your Christmas party be the talk of the town with a Christmas scavenger Hunt.

Christmas Movie Trivia Holiday Game

A group of people sitting around a table playing a christmas game.

Diving into Christmas Movie Trivia, you’re definitely in for a treat with this festive game that tests your knowledge of all-time favorite holiday films.

Imagine, the room flickering with Christmas lights as Christmas tunes set the mood.

You can use free printable Christmas trivia cards, spicing them up with a bit of creativity, maybe even adding a Christmas song emoji for each question.

The competition that groups will bring to the table is sure to make the event lively and engaging.

You can even add a twist, maybe singing the answer if it’s a movie song or acting out a scene.

The aim here is to combine the joy of the Christmas season with the fun of friendly competition. So, are you ready for some festive trivia?

Ugly Sweater Competition

Next up is the Ugly Sweater Competition, an absolute highlight of any Christmas gathering that’s sure to stir up a whirlwind of laughter and creativity.

This game is all about showcasing your most outrageous, festive, and hilariously hideous Christmas sweater. But it’s not just about donning the wildest sweater you can find!

To make it even more amusing, consider these twists:

  • Theme Challenge: Set a theme for the sweaters, such as ’80s Christmas’ or ‘Santa’s Workshop’.
  • DIY Sweater: Have everyone create their own ugly sweater.
  • Sweater Scavenger Hunt: Hide mini Christmas items in the sweaters and have everyone find them.
  • Sweater Fashion Show: Let everyone strut their stuff on a makeshift runway.

This competition will certainly add an innovative edge to your Christmas party!

Rudolph’s Red Nose Game for Kids

If you’re looking for fun-filled, hilarious Christmas party games to play at your Christmas party, Rudolph’s Red Nose Game is a crowd-pleaser.

To set up, you’ll need a poster of Rudolph without his signature red nose. Then, create detachable red noses with Velcro or double-sided tape.

Make sure to include a blindfold to keep it challenging.

Each player takes turns being blindfolded, spun around, and then tries to stick Rudolph’s nose in the right place.

The player who gets the nose closest to the correct spot wins the game.

This game not only sparks laughter but also ignites a competitive spirit. Inject some festive fun into your Christmas party with Rudolph’s Red Nose Game.

It’s innovative, entertaining, and perfect for large groups.

Christmas Bingo

A group of women in santa hats playing a game.

You’re sure to love the traditional yet ever-exciting game of Christmas Bingo, a simple and enjoyable activity that’s perfect for large gatherings.

Transform this classic game into a festive delight by incorporating Christmas-themed elements.

  • Create a custom bingo card: Instead of numbers, use holiday-related symbols. Think reindeer, snowflakes, Santa’s hat, and Christmas trees.
  • Festive markers: Replace traditional markers with colorful candies or even mini ornaments. It’s a fun twist that adds a holiday cheer.
  • Holiday prizes: Make the game more exciting with Christmas-themed prizes. Mini stockings filled with treats, perhaps?
  • Holiday music: Let festive tunes play in the background for added ambiance.

This game not only fosters a competitive spirit but also encourages interaction, making it an innovative, delightful addition to your holiday festivity.

Guess the Christmas Song

Another fantastic game you’ll want to include in your Christmas party is ‘Guess the Christmas Song’. This game is perfect for music lovers and Christmas enthusiasts alike.

To play, you’ll need to create a playlist of snippets from popular Christmas tunes. Play a few seconds of each song and let your guests take a shot at naming the tune.

You can increase the challenge by including lesser-known holiday songs or using instrumental versions. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.

‘Guess the Christmas Song’ not only tests your guests’ knowledge but also stirs up a nostalgic and festive atmosphere.

So, crank up the holiday tunes and let the friendly competition begin.

Merry Mistletoe Dance-off

For a high-energy game, consider hosting a ‘Merry Mistletoe Dance-off’ at your next large Christmas party.

You’ll get everyone moving, laughing, and showing off their best dance moves.

Here’s how to make it festive and fun:

  • Pick Your Tunes: Choose a range of upbeat Christmas songs that will inspire some creative dance moves.
  • Hang the Mistletoe: Place a mistletoe in the center of the dance floor. This serves as the dance-off point where participants showcase their moves.
  • Judge Panel: Designate a few party-goers as the judges to rate the dance performances.
  • Prize: Have a fun, Christmas-themed prize for the dance-off winner.

Remember the goal is to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable participating.

So go ahead, crank up those Christmas tunes, and let the dance-off begin!

A group of women playing a christmas card game.

In the spirit of festive creativity, why don’t you throw a Christmas cookie decorating contest at your next holiday gathering?

It’s a great way to bring everyone together, ignite friendly rivalry, and let everyone show off their artistic skills.

Provide a variety of cookies, icing, sprinkles, and other edible embellishments. Set a timer and let the decorating commence!

Once the time is up, everyone can vote for their favorite designs. The one with the most votes wins a festive prize.

Not only does this game offer a fun and interactive experience, it also provides a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy.

Wrap Battle: Gift Wrapping Contest

You’re sure to have a blast with a Wrap Battle, an exciting and competitive gift wrapping contest!

This game is perfect for large groups, where everyone’s wrapping skills are put to the test.

The aim is to wrap a present as quickly and neatly as possible, with creativity scoring you extra points!

To spice things up, consider the following:

  • Add a twist by using unconventional materials, like newspaper or fabric.
  • Implement time constraints to increase the challenge.
  • Have a variety of oddly shaped items to wrap, making it more difficult.
  • Reward the most creative, neat, and speedy wrappers with festive prizes.

This game is sure to bring laughter and cheer, making your Christmas party an unforgettable event!

Santa’s Sack: Balloon Pop Game

Moving on from the energetic Wrap Battle, imagine diving into Santa’s Sack, a thrilling balloon pop game that’s bound to keep everyone on their toes.

Here’s how it works: you’ll fill a sack with as many Christmas balloons as possible, each one containing a small, wrapped gift.

Then, guests take turns reaching in, grabbing a balloon, and trying to pop it using only their bodies. No sharp objects allowed!

The popping itself creates a hilarious spectacle, but the real excitement lies in the mystery gift that tumbles out.

It’s a game of chance, agility, and pure fun. So, if you’re looking for a game that’s a surefire hit and a crowd-pleaser, Santa’s Sack is your go-to.

Let the popping begin!

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

A group of people playing a chess game in front of a christmas tree.

Next on the list, you’ll dive into a festive Holiday Scavenger Hunt, a game that’s all about speed, wit, and a keen eye for detail.

This game transforms the mundane into the magical, making everyday items the sought-after treasures of your holiday party.

  • The List: Create a list of holiday-themed items or clues leading to them. They could be as simple as a candy cane or as tricky as a specific line from a Christmas carol.
  • Teams: Divide your guests into teams. The more, the merrier!
  • The Rule: The first team to find all items or solve all clues wins.
  • The Twist: For extra fun, you could add challenges or riddles to solve at each item location.

Tree Decorating Race

How about adding some excitement to your festivities with a Tree Decorating Race? This game is a surefire way to inject some friendly competition into your Christmas gathering.

Split your guests into teams, providing each with the same set of ornaments. The challenge? Be the first team to decorate a Christmas tree from top to bottom.

To add an innovative twist, why not use unique and unconventional ornaments?

Think outside the box with items like colorful feather boas, popcorn strings, or even homemade decorations.

You could also incorporate a theme; maybe everything on the tree has to be gold, or all ornaments must be edible.

The Tree Decorating Race not only tests speed but also creativity, making your Christmas party one to remember!

Snowball Toss Competition

After wrapping up the Tree Decorating Race, you’re sure to love the Snowball Toss Competition. This chilly challenge will test your precision, strength, and teamwork skills.

You’ll need to form teams, create snowballs, and toss them into targets for points. It’s a high-energy game that’s bound to get everyone laughing and competing.

To set up, you’ll need:

  • Plenty of space outdoors
  • Snow (real or artificial, as long as you can form it into balls)
  • Targets, like buckets or hula hoops
  • Scorecards to keep track of points

Christmas Card Making Station

A group of people playing a game of christmas cards.

Once the Snowball Toss Competition wraps up, it’s time to head indoors and warm up with a festive, creative activity at your Christmas Card Making Station.

This station should be overflowing with colorful cardstock, shiny glitters, festive stickers, and a variety of markers for attendees to create their personalized Christmas cards.

Encourage everyone to get their creative juices flowing and craft heartfelt messages for their loved ones.

It’s an innovative way to foster a sense of community and spread holiday cheer.

You could even hold a friendly competition for the most creative card.

Not only will this activity warm everyone up, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories and tangible keepsakes from your Christmas party.

Chimney Challenge: Stocking Stuffer Game

With your creative energies already sparked from the Christmas Card Making Station, it’s time to dive into the next fun game: the Chimney Challenge: Stocking Stuffer Game.

This game will have you and your guests feeling like Santa Claus himself, delivering joy to every corner of your Christmas party.

Here’s how to play:

  • Create a makeshift chimney using large boxes or cardboard.
  • Each player must stuff a stocking with small wrapped gifts, using only one hand.
  • The player who fills their stocking the fastest and delivers it to the chimney is the winner.
  • To add another layer of complexity, blindfold the players.

This game not only brings laughter and competition, but also a sense of the magic that makes Christmas so special.

A group of people standing around a table with christmas cards.

Choosing the Best Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

So there you have it! With these 55 engaging Christmas party games, your large group is guaranteed to have a jolly good Christmas time. From ‘Jingle Bell Toss’ to ‘Chimney Challenge’, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t forget to set up a Christmas Card Making Station for a creative breather! These games aren’t just festive and fun, these games are great for bringing people together this holiday season.

So why wait? Start planning your ultimate Christmas party today!

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