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25 Fun Christmas Party Games for Large Groups to Play

If you are looking for the best Christmas party games for large groups, we are here to help you have the best holiday party ever!

From Jingle Bell Toss to a Merry Christmas Quiz, we’re certain these will be a hit. So, let’s dive in, and make your party the talk of the town!

A group of friends posing for a photo at a christmas party.

Here is the scoop on the Christmas party games for large groups!

Jingle Bell Toss Game

You’re bound to have a blast with the Jingle Bell Toss Game, a festive and fun game perfect for large Christmas gatherings.

It’s one of those fun Christmas party games that will get everyone involved, from office parties to family reunions.

Team members take turns tossing jingle bells into holiday-themed cups. It sounds simple, but it’s a test of skill and strategy. The team that gets the most bells in the cups wins.

This game not only brings a jolly spirit to the holiday season but also encourages teamwork and healthy competition. It’s a festive game that’s sure to liven up any Christmas party.

Santa’s Beard Relay

Get ready to laugh out loud with Santa’s Beard Relay, an entertaining and engaging game that’s ideal for large Christmas parties.

To kick off this fun activity, divide everyone into teams. Each team gets a Santa hat, a pile of cotton balls (Santa’s beard), and a relay stick.

The first team member dips the stick into the pile, trying to get as many cotton balls stuck onto it as possible. They then rush to the finish line, attempting not to drop any cotton balls.

The next team member does the same, and this continues until everyone has had a turn.

The winning team is the one with the most cotton balls at the end.

This is one of those fun Christmas games where not only the spirit of Santa Claus is felt but also the joy of togetherness.

Christmas Carol Pictionary

After enjoying the laughter-filled Santa’s Beard Relay, it’s time to test your holiday tune knowledge with Christmas Carol Pictionary, a festive twist on the classic drawing game.

This is one of the best Christmas party games for large groups, as it’s a fun way to bring out everyone’s competitive spirit during the festive season.

Divide your group into teams and have each one draw and guess a range of Christmas carols.

Christmas party with santa claus and children.

It’s a perfect blend of holiday party games and game ideas that challenge both your artistic skills and your Christmas season song knowledge.

So grab your pencils, let your creativity loose, and be prepared for lots of laughs.

With Christmas Carol Pictionary, your holiday gathering will be the talk of the town.

Holiday Movie Trivia

If you’re a fan of holiday films, you’ll love adding Holiday Movie Trivia to your Christmas festivities. This fun holiday game is a great addition to your Christmas party planning, especially for large groups.

It’s one of the best Christmas games to test your knowledge and memory of your favorite Christmas movies.

To play, simply prepare a list of questions based on popular Christmas-themed movies. Divide your guests into teams and see which team can answer the most questions correctly.

This isn’t only a great game to ignite the competitive spirit, but also one of the favorite Christmas party games that will get everyone involved.

Ornament Guessing Game

Another game you’ll want to add to your Christmas party lineup is the Ornament Guessing Game, a festive challenge that’s just as absorbing as the Holiday Movie Trivia.

This easy game is a great way to involve large groups and keep your party guests entertained.

At Christmas time, the anticipation of guessing what’s inside the wrapped gift boxes is part of the fun.

Why not bring that same excitement to your party with this guessing game? Simply fill a large bowl with a variety of Christmas ornaments and have your guests estimate the number of ornaments in the bowl. The closest guess wins.

This guessing game not only adds a competitive edge, but also stirs up the Christmas spirit. So, for a good time, consider adding the Ornament Guessing Game to your roster of fun Christmas party games.

Candy Cane Hunt

Just as you’d guess the number of ornaments, why not amp up the excitement with a festive Candy Cane Hunt, where you’ll turn your venue into a giant candy-filled playground?

This game is a perfect twist on traditional funny Christmas party games.

A group of people holding sparklers at a party.

The idea is simple: hide candy canes throughout the venue and split your guests into small groups. The aim?

Find as many candy canes as possible while Christmas songs play in the background. This Christmas scavenger hunt is the perfect game for your next holiday party.

It’s a great time for the entire family and works well with smaller groups too.

Festive Bingo Night

Ready for a holiday-themed game-night? You’ll love Festive Bingo Night, a Christmas twist on the classic crowd-pleaser.

Imagine everyone’s excitement as jingle bells signal the start of the game just after Christmas dinner. Family members will be thrilled to participate in this innovative, printable game.

Forget the typical numbers; instead, gift each participant free printable Christmas bingo cards full of holiday symbols and phrases. The first one to complete a row gets to dive into the white elephant gift exchange!

These free printables are your ticket to a memorable, laughter-filled evening. So, at your next party, don’t just settle for the standard games.

Spice things up with a festive bingo night. It’s guaranteed to become a new holiday tradition.

Gift Wrapping Contest

After you’ve wrapped up your festive bingo night, why not stir up some friendly competition with a gift wrapping contest?

This classic game, perfect for your office Christmas party, is much fun and certain to involve the whole family.

Each participant gets a box of similar size, gift cards, and a roll of wrapping paper. Set a time limit and let the wrapping begin!

Add a twist to the game by including Christmas cookies as a part of the wrapping. The person who wraps the box and cookies neatly in the shortest time wins the contest.

Make this fun office holiday game more exciting by integrating it into your Secret Santa gift exchange. Trust us, this contest is good housekeeping at its finest and most fun!

Snowball Toss Challenge

In the midst of the holiday celebrations, you’ll find great joy in organizing a Snowball Toss Challenge for your party attendees. This game introduces a Christmas twist to the common throw-and-catch.

Start by designating a first player, perhaps the youngest to include younger children in the fun. They crumple a piece of paper into a ‘snowball.’

A group of people having fun at a party with confetti.

With an allotted time, the first person tosses the snowball to the next person who must catch, crumple another paper into a snowball, and throw both to the last person.

This type of party game, akin to a Christmas family feud, generates laughter and competitiveness. It’s perfect for large groups, fostering teamwork and quick thinking.

Christmas Charades

Keeping the festive spirit alive, let’s move on to another thrilling game – Christmas Charades. This game is the perfect way to stir laughter and create lasting memories.

Write popular Christmas song titles, like Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You,’ on pieces of paper. To add a festive twist, use tissue paper shaped like small Christmas trees or mini marshmallows.

Divide your guests into teams. Each team takes turns drawing a song title and acting it out. The other team must guess the song.

It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your creative mime skills or your in-depth knowledge of Christmas tunes. You can find lots of free printable cards online to help with your games.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Next up on your Christmas party agenda should be a Holiday Scavenger Hunt, a game that’s sure to bring out everyone’s competitive side.

This isn’t your ordinary scavenger hunt; it’s a festive twist on a classic game. You’ll concoct a list of holiday-themed items for teams to find. Think mistletoe, candy canes, or even Santa hats.

But here’s the innovative part: add challenges in between, like singing a Christmas carol or making a human tree. The game isn’t just about finding items; it’s about embracing the Christmas spirit.

Santa’s Sack Race

Often after a riveting Holiday Scavenger Hunt, you’ll want to keep the energy high and the laughter flowing with another classic game with a Yuletide twist: Santa’s Sack Race.

Picture this: your guests, young and old, hopping towards the finish line in oversized, Santa-themed sacks. It’s a riot, and it’s bound to have everyone in fits of laughter.

Christmas cookies on a plate with green and red decorations.

To kick it up a notch, add some Christmas-themed obstacles. Maybe a sea of wrapping paper, or a forest of candy canes to navigate through.

You could even have a designated ‘elf’ throw soft snowballs at the racers! It’s a game that’s as flexible as it’s fun.

This is a great choice of family Christmas games to make your holiday fun.

Reindeer Ring Toss

After a hilarious round of Santa’s Sack Race, you’ll want to set up for the equally exciting and festive Reindeer Ring Toss.

This game will have your party guests in stitches as they try to loop rings over the antlers of your homemade reindeer.

You’ll need some craft supplies and a little imagination to create your reindeer, but don’t let that deter you.

With a touch of creativity, you can transform simple materials into a fun-filled game.

Once your crafty reindeer is ready, mark a toss line and give each player three chances to ring those antlers.

The player with the most rings on the antlers wins!

Reindeer Ring Toss is a surefire way to ignite laughter and competition at your Christmas party. Your guests are sure to love this fun party game!

Christmas Memory Game

If you’re looking for a game that’s as fun as it’s challenging, you’ll love the Christmas Memory Game. This game is a festive twist on the classic memory card game.

The goal is simple: flip over cards and find matching pairs of Christmas images. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this game requires a sharp mind and keen observation.

To level up the fun, you can customize the game to your group’s preferences. Use images from your favorite Christmas movies, songs, or even personal family photos.

It’s a crowd-pleaser that’s sure to get everyone involved and laughing. Not to mention, it’s a great way to test your memory skills.

You can find great printable games to use at your party!

Santa Hat Hot Potato

Next up on our list is the Santa Hat Hot Potato, a game you’re sure to love. This game combines the classic ‘Hot Potato’ with a festive twist. Grab your favorite Santa hat and get ready to move!

The rules are simple: you pass the hat around as quickly as you can, just like a hot potato. When the Christmas music stops, the person holding the hat is out.

The fun lies in the unpredictability of when the music will cease and who’ll be the unlucky one!

Three women in santa hats holding gift boxes.

It’s a delightful blend of suspense, fun, and laughter. The Santa Hat Hot Potato is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that’ll keep your party guests entertained and on their toes.

It’s innovation wrapped in tradition, making your Christmas celebration all the more memorable.

Christmas Guess Who

Keeping the merry momentum going, let’s dive into our next crowd-pleaser, Christmas Guess Who, a game that’ll test your memory and observation skills.

You’ll need a stack of cards each featuring a different Christmas-themed object or character. Participants are partnered up and one person from each pair will have a card placed on their forehead without them seeing it.

Their partner will then describe it without naming it directly. Get ready to decipher clues about everything from Rudolph to a snowflake, or candy canes to Santa’s sleigh.

It’s a hilarious, fast-paced game that’s sure to coax out some competitive spirit. So, gather your group and get ready to witness your friends’ creative clue-giving and guess-making skills in action.

Frosty the Snowman Building Contest

Grab your gloves and get ready to dive into a Frosty the Snowman Building Contest, where you’ll pit your snow sculpting skills against others in a race against the clock.

You’ll need to think creatively, work efficiently, and act quickly to construct the most impressive Frosty.

Imagine the thrill of competition as the countdown begins, and the excitement of watching your snowman take shape under your hands.

This game isn’t just about speed; it’s also about innovation. You’ll be judged not only on the completeness of your Frosty but also on the originality of your design.

So, let your imagination run wild and put an innovative twist on the classic snowman. Remember, it’s not just a snowman; it’s your Frosty masterpiece. Make it memorable!

Ready for a sweet challenge where your artistic skills can truly shine? Step into the Christmas Cookie Decorating Challenge!

This game’s not just about taste, it’s about creativity and finesse. You’ll need a batch of blank canvas cookies, a rainbow of icing colors, and an array of sprinkles and edible glitter. Each participant gets the same set of tools.

The goal? To decorate the most festive, eye-catching cookie. Remember, it’s not just about the prettiest cookie; it’s also about innovation.

Think outside the box. Maybe you’ll create a 3D Santa, or a cookie that tells a story.

You’ve got limited time, so plan your design carefully. When time’s up, everyone votes on their favorite.

Winner takes all – or at least, the most deliciously decorated cookies!

Holiday Themed Puzzles

If you’re a fan of brain teasers, you’ll love incorporating holiday-themed puzzles into your Christmas party festivities.

Set the atmosphere for an exciting challenge by choosing puzzles that reflect the holiday season.

For instance, a jigsaw puzzle featuring Santa’s workshop or a crossword filled with Christmas-themed clues will keep your guests entertained.

A group of young women holding champagne glasses at a bar.

To up the stakes and add a competitive edge, divide your group into teams and see who can solve their puzzle the fastest.

Remember, it’s not just about finishing first – creativity counts too! So, encourage your guests to think outside the box.

Whether it’s a word search, Sudoku, or a festive riddle, the key is to keep it fun and festive. Let the games begin!

Gift Exchange Game

Switching gears from puzzles, let’s dive into the excitement of a gift exchange game, a classic Christmas party activity you’ll definitely want to include.

This isn’t your ordinary gift swap; we’re talking about a whole new level of festive fun.

Picture this: each guest brings a wrapped gift, placing it in a central pile. Here’s the twist – nobody knows who their gift is from!

Draw numbers to determine the order of picking. The first person selects a gift and unwraps it.

The next can either choose a new gift or ‘steal’ an unwrapped one. This continues until everyone has a gift.

It’s unpredictable, hilarious, and a surefire way to spark laughter and friendly competition at your Christmas party.

It’s a game-changer, literally!

Name That Christmas Tune

In the midst of the seasonal festivities, you’ll surely enjoy ‘Name That Christmas Tune,’ a game that’s perfect for testing your knowledge of holiday music.

Picture this: your party guests huddled, ears pricked, as snippets of Yuletide melodies fill the room.

It’s not just about identifying the song though; to spice things up, award extra points for naming the artist or the year of release.

A table with candles and flowers on it.

Can’t recall if Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ came out in ’94 or ’96? You’re about to find out!

This game, thrilling and fast-paced, will have your guests on their toes, their minds racing through decades of holiday hits.

This is a great option for fun office holiday games.

Christmas Story Pass-Along

After the exhilarating music challenge, you’re ready for a change of pace with the Christmas Story Pass-Along, a game that’ll test your imagination and storytelling skills.

Here’s how it works – one person starts by writing a sentence about Christmas on a piece of paper.

Then, you pass the paper to the next person who adds their sentence, continuing the story. The catch? They can only read the sentence before theirs.

Watch as the plot twists and turns, with cheeky elves, flying reindeer, and perhaps even a snowball fight at Santa’s workshop! You’ll be in stitches as the unpredictable story unfolds.

It’s an inventive way to bond, laugh, and get into the Christmas spirit. So, grab your pens, it’s time to craft a hilarious holiday saga!

Elf Costume Contest

While you’re still laughing from the absurd twists of the Christmas Story Pass-Along, why not kick up the fun a notch with an Elf Costume Contest?

Encourage your guests to come dressed in their most creative elf outfits.

You’ll be amazed at the variety of costumes, from traditional Santa’s helpers, to the famous elves from pop culture, or even a quirky twist on the theme that only true innovators can concoct.

A group of people in santa hats celebrating christmas with confetti.

Set up a runway, and let each participant strut their stuff while the others cheer them on. The best costume, decided by a vote or perhaps a panel of ‘Santa judges’, wins a prize.

Remember, it’s all in good fun, so the sillier the costume, the better! This game is sure to add a festive, hilarious touch to your Christmas party.

This is sure to be one of your favorite Christmas-themed games!

Gingerbread House Making Competition

Hosting a Gingerbread House Making Competition is a surefire way to crank up the holiday spirit at your Christmas party.

Imagine the room buzzing with creativity and laughter as teams huddle together, strategizing on how to construct the most impressive gingerbread mansion.

With a table full of colorful candies, icing tubes, and gingerbread panels, it’s a feast for both the eyes and the imagination.

You’re not just building houses; you’re building memories. The challenge isn’t only in the construction but also in the creative decoration. This game engages everyone, from the most competitive to the least crafty.

Merry Christmas Quiz

Once you’ve finished the lively gingerbread house competition, it’s time to test your Christmas knowledge with a Merry Christmas Quiz.

Designed to challenge and entertain, it’s a game that’s sure to add a spark of intellectual fun to your festive gathering.

Imagine, while you’re sipping on your hot chocolate, you’re also racking your brain for the name of Santa’s ninth reindeer or the type of tree that’s commonly used for Christmas.

From Christmas movie trivia to questions about Christmas traditions around the world, the quiz is a rollercoaster of fun facts and holiday cheer.

It’s not just about winning, it’s about learning and sharing the joy of Christmas. So, ready your teams, and may the most Christmassy of you all win the Merry Christmas Quiz!

Final Thoughts

A group of people in santa hats posing for a photo.

So, there you have it – a great selection of fun-filled festive games to jazz up your Christmas party.

From the whimsical Jingle Bell Toss to the challenging Holiday Movie Trivia, there’s something for everyone.

No matter if you are having a school party or an office party, there are lots of holiday-themed activities

Don’t forget the Elf Costume Contest or the Gingerbread House Competition to stoke that friendly rivalry.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large bash, these games will surely keep your guests entertained and create unforgettable memories.

Let the merrymaking begin!

25 fun christmas party games for large groups to play.

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