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City Loo Product Review for Pets

As a pet owner, I’m always on the lookout for innovative solutions to make my life and my furry friend’s life more comfortable and enjoyable. Then I found the City Loo, and I can’t wait to share my City Loo review with you.

The City Loo is a chic and modern indoor dog potty designed to keep our homes clean while providing our pets with a designated spot to do their business.

Here is the scoop on my City Loo review!

The City Loo

Upon receiving my City Loo, I was quite pleased with the stylish design that fits seamlessly into my home’s décor.

The unit is made of medium-density fiberboard and features clear acrylic walls, stainless steel hinges, and an interchangeable dog door entrance. The City Loo is available in both white and black, ensuring it will stylishly blend with any interior design.

The glass top with functioning hinges not only adds to its visual appeal but makes cleaning a breeze. It was also so easy and quick to assemble, taking around 15 minutes as all the necessary parts and tools were included.

Overall, my initial impressions of the City Loo have been nothing short of positive, and my dog seems to appreciate having a dedicated space for their indoor potty needs.

City Loo Overview

As a dog owner, I found the City Loo to be an innovative solution for indoor dog potty needs.

This indoor dog potty system is designed for pet owners living in urban areas where there may not be easy access to outdoor spaces for their pets to relieve themselves.

It’s perfectly blends in with modern home decor while providing a functional and convenient solution for our furry companions.

The City Loo has a stylish design that features clear plexiglass walls and a top, allowing me to monitor my dog while offering them a sense of privacy and security. This well-constructed potty is also spacious enough to accommodate my pet comfortably.

Additionally, you can it with a pet-friendly, waterproof tray at the bottom to hold urine pads or a grass pad, making the cleaning process simpler for me.

The grass pad can be either a synthetic one or a natural one, depending on personal preferences and the dog’s needs.

Features and Benefits

I really appreciate that City Loo’s design considers both the pet’s comfort and style-conscious homeowners. It doesn’t take up much space and can be placed in any corner of the house without clashing with my home’s aesthetics.

City Loo’s commitment to function and fashion sets it apart from other indoor dog potty solutions. To keep the product operating smoothly, it’s also crucial to regularly clean and maintain the unit.

The City Loo to be a practical and stylish indoor dog potty solution that offers convenience and comfort to both pet owners and their furry friends.

It delivers on its promise to provide an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean potty system that blends in seamlessly with modern home decor.

Custom-Crafted and Discreet Design

The City Loo is a unique indoor pet potty solution perfect for both style and functionality.

It’s custom-crafted from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with clear acrylic walls, stainless steel hinges, and an interchangeable dog door entrance.

This makes it a durable and attractive option. The discreet design also ensures that the pet potty doesn’t stand out as an eyesore in any room or living space.

Sanitary and Artificial Grass Surface

One of the key features of the City Loo is its sanitary and easy-to-clean design. When I set it up for my pet, I could easily add a waterproof tray in the bottom to hold urine pads and/or a grass pad.

This ensures a clean and mess-free environment for my pet while allowing me to maintain a hygienic home.

By opting for artificial grass, I spare my pet the trouble of finding a new surface to go potty on, since it resembles natural grass.

Suitable for Different Settings

What impressed me about the City Loo is its versatility – it is suitable for a variety of settings.

Whether you place it indoors in my apartment or take it outside to your deck or boat, the City Loo serves as a convenient and reliable pet potty solution.

This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for pet owners like me who want a single-potty solution that works in different environments.


The City Loo is a premium indoor pet potty solution with a sleek and functional design.

It is available for purchase at a display price that reflects its high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

If you want to try the City Loo for yourself, you can purchase it from Amazon!

Applications for Different Dogs


As a puppy parent, I understand the challenges of potty training. The City Loo provides an excellent solution to make this process easier and more convenient.

This indoor dog potty fits into any home decor style, featuring a chic and modern design. Moreover, the City Loo accommodates any standard-size grass or litter, making it a versatile option for different preferences.

Using the City Loo for puppies helps them develop good potty habits from a young age, which can make future training sessions less stressful.

The mess-free and stress-free design minimizes clean-up time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of raising your new furry family member.

Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds can benefit from using the City Loo as well. These dogs often live in apartments or urban settings, where outdoor access can be hard to find.

The City Loo provides a comfortable, clean, and stylish option for small dogs to relieve themselves indoors when needed. As a pet owner, I appreciate the City Loo’s quality materials and easy-to-clean features.

The glass top with functional hinges simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring that my pet’s personal space remains hygienic and odor-free.

Additional Products and Accessories

As I was researching the City Loo dog potty, I also came across some additional products and accessories that might interest you, as a customer.

These items can enhance the experience of both you and your pet, making the City Loo dog potty even more convenient and enjoyable.

Firstly, I found that there is a range of City Loo premium potty products that are not only functional but also fashionable.

These items keep with your pet’s comfort in mind, and they come in various colors and materials to suit your home décor. Some of these products include:

  • Indoor dog potty mats: These mats help protect your floors from any accidents that may happen while your pet is using the City Loo dog potty. They are made of absorbent materials and feature a non-slip bottom to ensure that they stay in place.
  • Replacement grass pads: Over time, the grass pad on the City Loo dog potty may need to be replaced. City Loo offers a selection of replacement pads that are easy to install and maintain, ensuring that your pet’s potty remains fresh and functional.

Leo’s Loo Too

In addition to the City Loo, I also got the Leo’s Loo Too litter box and I love it! If you get the City Loo for your dog, absolutely need Leo’s Loo Too for your cat.

This spacious litter box is an automatic self-cleaning device that saves you time and effort. It also has a UV light system to reduce bacteria.

My favorite feature is that this litter box has a companion app that notifies the user when the litter needs changed. There are so many things I love about this litter box and I know you will love it too!

Final Thoughts

I have to say, City Loo has exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and functionality. Initially, I wasn’t sure how my dogs would react to this new addition to our city, but they have taken a liking to it surprisingly well.

The design of City Loo is both modern and practical. Its sleek appearance seamlessly fits into the urban landscape, without disrupting the aesthetics of the city.

As for maintenance, I’ve noticed that keeping it clean is a hassle-free task, which is a huge plus in my book.

This shows that the designers have taken into account not only the user’s experience but also the long-term impact on our environment.

My experience with City Loo has been overwhelmingly positive. Both my dogs and I adore this product, so give it a try.

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