Clare Crawley And Dale Moss: Taking Things “Day By Day”

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss have one of the most dramatic relationships in Bachelor Nation. After getting engaged in the first few weeks of the show, breaking up, and reuniting again, fans can hardly keep up! From a whirlwind romance ending in a blindside breakup, Clare and Dale have been through a lot.

More recently, they have been spending more time together. So is this Bachelor Nation couple going strong or having trouble?

Thanks to an exclusive from E! News, here is the scoop on Dale Moss and Clare Crawley’s relationship!

Can Dale Moss Commit to Clare Crawley?

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

On Tuesday March 16, Clare and Dale were spotted having a romantic outing in New York. The two were holding hands and also kissing. But does this mean they are back together?

A source close to Clare exclusively tells E! News that, Clare and Dale “are not back together.”

Even so, it seems that this couple is still going to spend time together. The source also shares, “They are hanging out and having fun for now. They agreed it’s less pressure on both of them if they don’t label their relationship. Clare made plans to visit him in NYC and spend time with him there after their recent weekend in Florida.”

How Does Clare Feel About This Relationship?

Clare Crawley
(ABC/Maarten de Boer)

Clare Crawley appears to be happy with this relationship! The source also reveals that Clare, “knows it’s a dead-end road, but she’s having fun. She is in love with him and can’t deny it. She knows Dale will never commit to her at this point.”

As for Clare’s friends and their thoughts on this relationship, the insider says, “Clare’s friends are worried she will get her heart broken again.”

Another source explains that, “Dale and Clare are taking things slowly and seeing where their relationship goes day by day. They are not back together officially, but working on things.”

This source also shares the struggles Clare and Dale are facing. They mention, “They are realizing that all the attention and stress after the show only hurt their relationship. It’s hard for any new relationship to work, but then throw in all the areas that come with everyone watching you at all times.”

The source adds that, “Dale and Clare love and respect one another, they always will, and know that their relationship deserves that respect. They are working on things, enjoying spending time together and are seeing where things go.”

Clearly the future is unknown for this Bachelor Nation couple, but fans everywhere wish them both the best!

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