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“Clark” is Gripping Perspective of a Criminal’s Life -TV Series Review

Ever wonder where certain phrases come from and what the origin behind them is?

Like “Stockholm Syndrome” for example; a phrase used to describe a victim of any violent crime or kidnapping that begins to develop feelings of affection or safety with their captor. This phrase came from the tale of Sweden’s most ruthless gangster, Clark Olofsson, a man who used his lies and deception to escape the consequences of the law for many years. 

Here is the scoop on Clark!


Gripping use of Storytelling


This six-episode limited series seems short and gripping enough to be binge-worthy. In the sixty-minute run time for each episode, the plot slowly develops in each sequence. However, the slow burn aspect of this series is definitely worth taking your time with. 

Clark is fresh in storytelling with a clear intention behind telling the story of this criminal’s life. Within the first few episodes, it is apparent the director (Jonas Akerlund) urges viewers to feel Stockholm Syndrome. Bill Skarsgard portrays a charming and charismatic side using his manipulation tactic to easily gain sympathy from others around him. 

Clark’s Perspective


The series unfolds through the eyes of Clark Olofsson with dramatic tones that are emphasized as a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode. The limited series was inspired by an autobiography released in 2015 titled “What The Hell Happened?” which also has the same disclaimer as the show. 

Clark’s upbringing is shown to be nothing short of damaging and traumatic, which in part brings in more room for viewers to sympathize and understand why Clark’s behaviors develop into a mess of criminal charges and manipulation tactics. Surrounded by alcoholics with abusive tendencies, Clark endured many beatings verbally and physically at the hands of his parents.

Feeling like he had no outlet to escape to, he chose the path of delinquency to regain some semblance of control over his very shattering childhood. With little to no experience in the world of lawbreaking and stealing, he landed himself in a correctional home for young offenders at the age of 16. Clark staying behind bars would certainly not be his last, with him escaping a total of 17 times throughout his life.

Wanted by the Police


He became a household name and a prime suspect for police after his escape. He remained incognito for a short period of time before one of his biggest heists yet, the Norrmalmstorg robbery in 1973.

Enter Jan Erik Olsson, a seasoned criminal who befriended Clark during one of his prison stays. Olsson entered a Pressbyrån store and demanded two things: three million Swedish Krona, and Clark Olofsson. The robbery lasted over five days after the police intervened safely enough to get the victims out. Stockholm syndrome was coined from this one specific robbery due to the fact that the victims vouched for Clark and Jan.

Moreover, this manipulation plays out through the series as we see people fall for Clark and his lies. This series tells a good story of a criminal’s actions and what led him to a life of a crime. With the empathy and understanding that comes with his past, viewers are certain to be hooked.

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