4 Things To Remember When You Clean Your Make Up Bag

Just like that open carton of milk sitting in your fridge beauty products have a definite sell-by date. While we’re talking a couple of years, instead of weeks, or months it’s vital that you give your makeup bag a good clear out once in awhile and what better time to start than spring?

Ditch Anything Past PAO

PAO, or Period After Opening is a small sticker or label shaped like a tiny jar with a number inside, this number tells you when the product was manufactured, but also when it’s no longer recommended for use. Obviously, anything broken, cracked, gloopy or dried up needs to go in the bin but so does anything beyond its PAO date otherwise; you could be at risk of spots or worse an eye infection. Don’t forget that certain products are infused with vitamins and minerals, and longer lasting capsule supplements like Kyani Sunset keep your nails, skin, and hair healthy naturally which means less splashing cash on expensive skincare formulas. Not all makeup is water soluble, if you can see clear signs of condensation then it needs to go in the bin.

Fan Favorites

There’s nothing wrong with having go-to beauty products, after all, sometimes we’re in too much of a rush to spend time experimenting with ten different eyeshadow palettes! Think carefully about what you use; a telltale sign is how much product’s left in the container or palette or if you can remember the last time you bought a new foundation or blush. If you find yourself uncovering brand new eye pencils, or lipsticks that still have their plastic wrapping on you apparently haven’t used them. Don’t hold onto products gifted to you that you don’t like, if they’re still in their packaging why not pass them along to someone else?

Build Your Beauty Bag

Chances are your makeup collection’s looking pretty sorry for itself right now; you might even be able to see the bottom of the bag! Start by choosing quality products that work well with your skin tone such as a light, breathable foundation, cream based moisturizer, and a sheer concealer that works well on both warm and cool skin tones. A neutral eyeshadow palette works best, or one that contains both matte and sparkly shades that you know you’re going to wear. Don’t forget gel eyeliner, long lasting bold black mascara, cream based blushers and several lip glosses. Avoid trendy, or themed products and always carry a high SPF sun cream in your bag to protect your skin from harmful rays.

Tooling Around

It’s a somewhat rookie error to continuously apply makeup with fingers as it’s not always the most hygienic option. Take care of your tools by washing them regularly with either gentle foaming soap and water or by using a makeup remover serum. Realistically, your bag will only have space for a couple of extra bits, and pieces so make sure they count. Advanced makeup formulas mean we’re relying on brushes less and less, but it’s still a good idea to have a semi-firm bristle brush for foundation and a softer, fluffier Kabuki brush for blush and powder.

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  1. The makeup bag is like a reflection of who you are hence it’s supposed to be tidy all the time. I always have with me a small pouch with all the essentials I need.

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